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•iiTiiMs sfST scmie Mkuhni m m mm 

IfiUE M0.85 OCTOBER 1992 £2.SO 






■ ■■■!<■ 







op world 
- the full 

ic on the Cf>C 


•/■ • xm'- 

Learn the art of OTI> with 
this si»ecial_tMtorial series 

Help for 

4r arai^ 

AI.I- the passwords, a cheat 
to jump levels s^ndt some 

handy hints... 





■ 3k-i:4J i-,;;iV i ;iF,A',ig 3q; 

T\ ftachnlcal 

rwlwws «n«l tip*. Includ** foil 
it«r<J*a«. U»ntl*iMl>l«I 

Hold thi 
front Bi 

wl««is up his 
short ETTf* s««-l«« wttfi m loolc 

wt pr^Miuc^lon — pritrting 
w«rsus pfa'a>tM>c4>py I n^ — Brtil 
dlstrlhutliHI th* final nuHi 


tmtm*t Its MM fi rowii th« 

public ctonmaln •£«••*, plu* * 

— Including a- anini Mfalk- 
thro«ifih of ■ p «y l>*fn|p m<Hf« 


JKfttlY Cl-CMWIIICirT prw 
f«t4r i«*«tf pr<»0r«tm» t« typ* In 
ya«ir»«lf, i*I.US his r*«|utar 
BASIC tu«ttrt*l 

this bucfgtet 
game from Zepp«lln 
flatten WWFT ADAM 
PETERS gr<a|>ples 
witK the verdict 


tho floni) 

WlU» VtfBST SaVMKHHI Is *ln>os^ 
flnlsh*€l. ADAIVI C>ETERS hKs 
L.«Amlnfrton to r<»un«l off our 
g»nB* <l*v«l4'p«n««il sorios 

A fijbsh of 0«Mius or Ju«t plailn 
«|»ffir? Hcrw con yow ploy f ocrt- 
b»tl on « plnhotl tohls? ROt> 
|_AVirrOIII puts on his Pin boll 
Wisord LP o«h1 stro^glos to 
got Ills boarlnips... (thero's o 
|alc« Irt there s<»rn«wher«) 

I i I I liiiWM^Hi^i— 


Tho flottd with o foco llk^ 
fostorfng fisbcoks guidos 

onco motro tfiroufph Vttm 
twilight scHto of odwontu 

fcjpi Poifiror up 

knw'down on oil 
poiii ss tostod this month - 
plus tii« top 20 fHun«s ctutrts 

A dro0on who's o disc J«»ckoy, 
o glont whslk titot lounclnos 
mtnos... ROD LAWTOM ontOvS 
o rothor odd iittle world 

ADAIM PBIBKS ciiocks owt 

onothar bot^h *Ȥ bicdgot 
ro>r*i«os«s. Cr«ot voiuo, or 
post tbolir soil-by dotoT 


A ccHHpivtw solution to Huosom 
tf Awnc, io»it«. of l,-iriMiMiiu«s t*«l|», 
tO«W« of IVIt«itiif9C« |*o|c«» att«i 
off Icoyprotts «l*«ats 



full lOMT-dointn on tfais 
■nontfi'* cov*rt«ii|»« profps, 
lt»ClU«SI**|i ln*Cruct]ans, ptaytnfi 
0t«i<l*s «*n«l ntora 


Doiiir AmstrjBti Action^ why 
not lot ROD LAW-rOlU «lo CfM 
lottors |»»0*«T W* ml»« this 



off B DIV ei2e PJu» topo- 
iaodfng conv«r»|.0*t, plHs S««ll 
PD'K iobol print**- nnd ttioroj 
hot ffrom tffio AA n«wvit«l««lc... 

Who'* dolitg twfutt on tit* 
Amstrsdl «coi»o - provlouvs, 
Intorvf ibwvs, com*«l*i*t - an<l 
th« Amstrod Action sovontfi 
birthday colobrotlonsi 

S«3nci by ft>r some s^9ffilciil|9 CI'C software 
— this motitta's covertaipHe Eioasts all thes« 
drootscnne jprofps: 

F Oil -the Run 

Somothln^'s fpono hor- 
y wrong In » ctiomicol 
rfforo ojcptirfniAnt, and 
— ^^^^_i howa AK^ctly «>ncF houf In 

fftiicM* bofor* i^^jf hoconto 
'octiw*', (V»o probletiff £KC«i»t 

Wtiat Kr* you wotting -for? 

Sul»««:irlb* todoy ond pot o 
fiTA^ gIftT Andj of coursor AA 
daltv«r«d diroct to ytmr door 
-for ttiMB nojct twoiwo mckntb**,. 

^>^ Liiwc i» lilc« tho 9a mo 
CowwHcrr'^ — Axcopt thot m» 
S€>an o« ono pisyor got* o 
roww off four counters, thoso 
counters dts Appear and tlMt 
gonto go«« on. Tit* oKtra 
gam«pliiy contos f rotn *wf*i>t 
hMp|*e*t« vwt««n co«j*«t«rfl» drop 
d^^vifn into th* »pac«s l«ft l>y 
tH« conrpl«t«d wowm^ Vory 
tricky stuff.,. 

This month wwe've got ch««its 
for ;all the foflOM^Ing^ top 

A, ^irvfvKEH demo and 
Amtarchv (AA80 covArtape), 











a 1 











lU- --, 



-V W«»rl€to|» 

-^"^ Ever fancied a VUlfVIP 

front end. like those sported 
by f l»«hy le-blt rtif&ehiFies? 
itichitrd F^4»lrii««r»f » «ii(c«ll«nt 
lnt«irrae« doos It oil ^ It 
looks St hundred timos l»«t-> 
ter than Ai¥isd4»s, and ff S 
hundred tintes more usofut! 

:, itttre's a little question 
yOu« D(» jfOu kn^w which 
ks your files ore on? Yes? 
in you're a smarmy geek. 

t Dlslc Orga«»iser. 

for ail the details * <» 


Loading: On the Run is the first 

CTHL + €NTER to load the mi 
Malce sure efs the program hlg 
\i0if^6, then hit die Enter key ^ 
load ft. 

CSnyou fMwwdt si 

lemical coclct^ail before they becoiii« 
active'? Tilings Have already got a bit 
nasty, mint!, i/urhat iivitK these deadly 
f ntutant plants all over the place... 

We've got 3 problem. " 

wave got several pro , 

Tho hrtt n that we live in . . 

a world where gov 

ments indulge L. 

cKemtcal warfare evpeif^ 

merrtf. The second problem is that 

t^odc Id charge of this eKperiment I 

dropp«d a bit of a cUnser, and cont 

nated the area with iteadly substances. The 

WKat does 

tng up c«rt«ljl 

Thb tMnsthJrt 
Ia*b4 ltlc« wi 

This It twiw 
many fluits 

gat l#is thMm 
■fi tHiirr l«ft! 
TlftM w uiiyl i 


lutty, dofCt llMirr 

p^-hr^tifd gimp «f a 

I, taesC H. If It a4VHi't< collect H- 

' ' probtem it that there are also six 
liatkt bcate<f somewhere within thi« area, 
afid in one hour's time they're going to do 
something unmerAJonabty horrit>le (well, the 
bistructions didn't mention it and we 
atwrne if s ttofrit>le), 

Jitrt three problems, then? No, not 
,„. problem four is (hat this 'area" is in 
f9Ct a vast maze made up of some 300 
■Toem. Probtem five is ttiat ifs inhabited 
' afl sorts of mutant plants which *Aiin 
MOund trying to do you h. FrotHem six. of 
C04Jr»e, it that its bU down to yov to find 
"^ f flasks... 

To be honest, you're mote lihely to peg It 

fifou^ contact wrth iho indigenous wiicJIrte 

(contact taps your p/otcciive su^s energy. 

you M4} ttian run out 4f tlmt. Your Ham 

Nmrt is a whole 6i€ minutes, whkh is a long 
time to spend fighting off biofumtnescent 
cabbagei with wing». 

The controls are pretty easy'peaiy. 
Joystick left and right to conti'ol direction 
and up and down to move, er, up and dowA. 
Pressing Fire shoots the naslies. Tho main 
optk>ns screen lets you dehne keys. 

On the Run controls 
Keyboard or Joysticit control 

X ,....„, 


, (comma] „ 




.„,Centre tcreen 

I I F 



►♦4HK • 




Jk. ^ ^ 

lUever mind all this childish arc«ide-style 
nonsense What we want Is m fait tvff yer 
actual intellectual challenge^ lilce. VVhich Is 
ntfhat you get with this excellent twO'player 
puzzler.. « 

^1, Ldading: Link \i the second pfogram 
,^-^' on Side 1 of the laps. You load it 
'^ direct horn the mam menu. 

Ever played Connect 4? H yow have, you 
don't need to be told iho rules {untess you're 
a che^rDg: gimp Jjke Adam ^ ed}. 

You start off wrth an empty grid 7 slots 
MTJdd ^Ftd 6 slot«i high. Each player in turn 
dropj a courrt^r diwn one of the sJots, 
Hfftere It elthcf drops to the bottom or jits 
on top of ?ny counters already dropped 
down that stot. 

The aim Js to form a line of four coun- 
ters. TMfi line can bi> horizorn^l, vertical or 
diagonal. Now in Connect 4 you've won tho 
game when you do this. In Unk. though, as 
soon a« someone gtt$> a linie, the j?ounters 
in die IJne disappear, Tctrfs-style, and Hie 
counters above dropdown one. 

This mak«ft thinga a who}^ heap more 
complicated. You might get a Ime, only to 
have your opponem tcore one at a result, 
bec^us^ of the counters dropping down. Or 
you might leave them m a pJu*n positbrt »o 
tliat your «Rejny can tcor« with theif next 



go. V/h&(& more, once you've scored a row 
over your opponent, they've got more coun- 
toriB in the playing area,., 

l^iTt - it all gets very tacdcal. 
Particularly since the winner is the first per- 
son to get nine rows rather than just the one 
{you can ^et other numbers than nine), tn 
practice, though, the winning margin is sel- 
dom more than one row, since the person 
wfio'« trailing has at least four more coun- 
ters on the screen. 

By the way, Link is from New Zealander 
Jeroen Erken^^ the man who brought ub tfie 
rather exceilent Baltdozer on the M70 

Littk controls 
Keyboard contfoJ 

Q ., Player 1 Left 

W .., Play erl Right 

Z , PJayef IDfop 

Player 2 Left 

P Player 2 Right 

. (fwll^top) Player 2 Drop 

Esc „,., Return to menutcrtsftn 

►^4-^4-MHH |: 

e«y km» m pta<i- Smlliiy spots 

■oMMf itiifti riiw i wg ta« iii*tni 

Homr 'to load 
Y^*^^^ covertsip^ 

J(Bt pop ttw tap« into yew ntadwi*, iit^linK v^^ 
if s r«w(HHxl to tfw ftart of Sid« 1 . smf )f>&n pre^t 
CTRL + EffTER (or typ* HUM"!, ^leo pr«* any 
k^ $t>d th« t9p« ipnil start lo«Sng. 

VMiin a fe« mtHneitte you £«4 a (riW*> 
%ejf6%n. CfwMe tiie pro^r^m you wacA ut^ the 
SpA^tj^fp toefl Nt tlw Return key, 

On the RtM and linh are on SM« 1 0$ the 
Up«. to^ffthvr with th« £aiTM pohM. Waiiitc^ and 
HiiH Or^af^iif in on SUe 2. 
fl Note thit llw taaw pokes. WdrictOf^ and DM 
Crjitf>it«r ars net lioacteff d(rac11y from th* menu. 
Irtlitea<j, yo^ h9ve to quit back to BASIC and us« 
tltt Rtffr(M«ianwr comnand. 

• WDrtctop and C^ Orianiwr m« f«r disk 
UMTS ortty. TNy camt N run fTO<n ta^, and 
nw$t b* tramfefr«d to dtth before. 

• If yw htv« a didt driv« «Mh«r buW kMo y^otir 
m>ctiin4 or ptygj(«d nt, yAu wit firtt h«M to (yp* 
hapr^ to iwitch th« c«frvpuTef to tai?e loading You 
eet the I charKter by presiii^ SHIFTS. Than 
jiFSt procMd »* nOfmat. 

Disic oinrners! 

Tfie covArttip* coAtaint Mt otm t*p«-diU( c^pykig 
pr^ani. To transfer the pfO«ram$ to tape, linv 
[rify Miect tAe t)f>e to 6ttk tranri^r option on the 
mertti Add foHm ti» irtstniclKMK pfovkkd. 

• 464 ownsrt with oxton>al S'inch drrv«i wfl 
b»v* iw probkm*, M ^I?? onwoer* *t)l need a 
catietEig pUyer with a REM socket, Stoppins and 
starting the tape manual H i^tifnAH. 

Thare nuy be tftuatiofit wher« tMt worTr t>e 
po«)M*. ihM^. 6^28 Ptus o*nert cannot load 
tonware frofn tape [unSta tfiew nttdwe' liH 
been modifved. »nd ofdtna/y 6128 own«r« may 
not hav^ (a) a reKAbte CAiietle player wfdi a REM 
SP^ket or ^) caiHtte loadtng l««to. 

You can, however, order a dttfc vtnlof) of the 
ee«i«riap« hotn ow 4uplicingn, Ablex. To order 
a ^k vAf iiofi^ tnip off the coupon on the comer 
of thit page and *mi it wMh a cfwqutyPO for 
£2.00 to ttlex Audio Vkteo. Harcoiitt, Hsied^d 
14, T«irord, ShrocAAir« m 4^. 

Duff *Sl|p«? 
Wi go te great lenctfit to maiie we that nr 
corertepM twrt pf«p«r(y. However, tf you ttM 
hew diffictitty. Cry th(t^ 

• Loading at teverai different votume tenwlf if 
yw/re using ao exremal tape recorder . 

• CttafiifiK thfl upe htads- TN* can be done 
with any ccwnmcrcially jivailsble dcanlnt kit 

• AdltHOng 934 cassette recordef'f head aUglf' 
nwm l^e $ii^n>»frt «r*w i? kx^atful |Wt to the 
l«^ of the tap* head, and ft mualy accett&ile 
iftroiigh a vnai hole. Turn it a fraction at a tiriM 
with a jewellert jCfe'wiJriveT Wi«n the CfHpesr 
¥wind ii l3*»rd. ttte »(^£nmrvent it spot on, 

• Tapi^fvg dw cattMte genrtly against a table 
edge - diie WMi% mtv be sticluitg or jMnm^L 

If jTM Mi c«ff1 get the tape to load tiien und 
tb* tape, Jiont witfi a brW detcHpIlM df the 
problein and an SA£ to: 

#M1A5 Covarteep* Rvtums, 
Abl*K Auiilff lfl4l««i Ltd. 

14,, X«lfoe^, ^T ^ f 

Shrctc»«filli'* ^ 

TFT •<Mn> ^^^^"^^ 


\ V 


you go gr««n wim «nwy wnen you 
the VtfllVIR front encis on ^G-blt niachines? 

Well now yotM needn't go green any iirior«! 
(Unless you've go a green screen^! 

^-^ Loadine: Worttop can onJy be run 

fg^lf trcKTi dwk. Etthw tranffer all the 

"^ eovfUrtapi pfQ^afK t<t drtk, or order 

,3 ctjsf( version frofn Ablex, To lodd Worlktop, 

or, that* s never atr Amstrad, is rt?" 
"It certainly is, my pathetic iitth friend." 
'Bbjt h^ng ofi, Ainstrad's only have a one- 
Ime interfaceT 
•Until now." 

•Yeah, but it looks like a proper computer 
i|»ow. dunnit, like the ST or Ainiga!" 
"The Amstrad always has been a proper 
coffiputer you repulsive tick. And here's a 
&niacJt round the ear to prove it." (Spotty 
gimp staggers off clutching ear and wailing] . 

If s true, readers. There's nothine that the 
Amiga or £T can do that the CPC can't (in Its 
own time, adrriittedly}. The CPC too can dis- 
play arv extfcmely polished WIMP (Windowfi, 
Icons, Menus, Pointers} interface H you can't 
get on with the rather ctanky Amsdos ver- 
sion. At least it carv now. 

The ftrsi WIMP front end we saw was 
from ace coder David Witd up i 
Humberside. However, AA'& very own techie 
flew recruit Richard Fairhurst has polished 
up the prif^clple to produce this stunning 
version that will have 16-fett owners eoggtirtg 

anid drooling (Hiey drool anyway, but the 
goggling bif » new|. 

There's no space to go Into M the things 
it does here, partjy hecaute we've wibbled 
on tJ7o king and partly because it comes 
w4th its own DOC file which is over 2Qk long. 
We'd have bad to write pretty small to fit 
tiiat in... as it is, to read it, Just load it imo 
arty old text editor. 

WoHictop controls 
Keyboard control 

Cursor keys , ..Move pomter 

Copy key „, Activate menu/optiofl 

i.ti »« bit 

















i i 



Cor, tlial n)ti«t b* ■ MjKlntosti then. Ma? Ofi, 
er, »n ST? ¥Vh«t. an AtRftrjid? V« , ft imist 
c«rt»htl]r is. 

Just innaglirte — your agent calls you up and 
says "Spielberg wants you to do your 
screenplay, ean you send ano^iter copy?" 
ttut you can't rememlitti^niliicli disk H^s. 

^.^ Loading; Drsfc Organfser is die sec- 
it ^ V ond and last program on Side 2 of 
•^ Urn tape. It needs to be transferred 
to disk to run. Then type RUN"ORCANISE". 

Why did riiobody ever think of rt before? \ 

store alt the lifenames tn a database. Xi 
ever need to hnd a file again, all you have .. 
ilo then is carry out a search of this data- 
^se and hnd the name of life disk tfi^ 
stored ont Only 6K of code, but stupidly use- 
ful if you've get load* of disks. 

October 1992 

Iltr^t C?« MM UV. UpII if¥i\ m li^j] 

'r:-**! *«» % 

K-'K 51< i'A. 

JIl CfitlLfc-iil 


Itkn i 4«jf5?(« {;s»:jJi| 

Bust <»|>en 'tlt<c»s«' gain** 

tift* ■«*!« ifwHit «h**« 
clev«r, lt»y-l»n«y llttf* 

cc»<l« -'feiitrealcl ng 

# Loading: TTte pokes are the last 
things on Side 1 of the tape and 
must all be run from BASIC. To 
load them, type RLIN"(p<)kename)". 
Here's tfve list: 

r-.f^-r^^ ":'% Indite %im for Ike Siryker vtd 
itw Crypti tut frogao 6mm Md Ainrc^ <m lh* 
AASO covenape. 

iwiut.-riviiX4,ics Lots fli E<wd^ fc «* 
lb* tamn in dm juicy Ktte bue^ ennpMfoe. 
Now yw'viB got np vxcvt*. 

iPUf^F^.CS Ever nth ]rou had rtiore energy 
«f|«r tct^fitig a leg d LanA? W«M no* you havt! 
{I>oot vrony ~ it n^vkn t*r»i« il yoUVt pl«y«d 
P!/4fy» Sifs..,j 

SfJpaitSaV.GS Mr PMatofiud (!.#. 
SfjfHwt pta Is Hw for tvw {i.«. c«U iitAnita 
hei J in Ehte super game (J.», £ti{p«r Soymeur). 

Me4 'q«fl* ■ ■ p a r a w o mi h to b*«t Sup*p 
S b j j i w w ^? Try ovfr kwidy C9y»rtip« pafca< 

vuoniBCft.c^ By tpedtl r«qu««, a pohr 
to ghn InlMl* Bvai in tfw tape vsrtion «f 

CoiwB,f%T.i»if Tkn* ruwing «it «n you fti 
Combat Sdioofi* IMi pok* hrt>m ynttrymr aiowi 

lh« tkfwr - itMfui for «l {hot* gaming ofd^elmtr* 

ROBOCOR^Rtf taedMr F*qu*«t ^ tMt 
one's fw ffo6o«i|p, and « fB»» ysur *r»f g/ from 
going down. How can ywj run ouc of anairer Mtwn 
yoU'ra a retet? 

FT-rvt^8.fMV^ On* of dw t»4iwf elastic 
thQflt-«n»i9S. It'1>p»w» aiio a M tMg^,.. uiri^ 
Mau Wonf produced thi* poke. It Nftt yM ihtnnt 
nfJkmititlty. vifnm cre<liU or MmAt ttvt*. 
MaytM Rod can gat off Leval Oi»t iKW... 

? ; "' r •' ' : •'. • • Th« Up* venion of SOmbArtJon 
geU ^ Andy Price trutinent iHf* - th« ftnt fOyr 
Jev«l£ va /ed^Wiad, and you get tnftnite Rvot. 

rnApjr< r^r- Anotf)«r rMriM«t»(f poi(«, thb 
time for Frankanst«#i Juiwor. )t t»k«f out aU the 
ghofti, wfKh mtkw lifv a b4 «Mi*rf 

(Including FREE MS800 and 10 free disks) 


• mm pcT disk when usc<l wtlh MS800 (supplied FREE), RAAfDOS, ROMDOS, 

or RODOS. 
'k DUAL MODE; Mode 1 . — ^The Mega Drive is a complete ahemailve B drive, 

M<xJe 2, — The Mega Drive will also format up to SOOK per disk 

SIDE SWITCH switches the disk between side A and side B of your 3 5" disk. 

EXTERNAL PSL'. the pcjwcr supply is externa), and should the need ever arise 

is easily replaceable, 

MULTI -COMPATIBLE The Mega Drive is compatible with almost all other 

computers, s<; that if you change computers you can transfer your MegaDn\x.- 

Only a different lead and connector required. 

COMPACT SIZE Tl>e xMega Drive measures only 7" x 4" x V. 

RELIABLE llie Mega Drive uses the most reliable TEAC mechanism, and 
nssiire^ you of trouble free operation. Full 12 month RTT^ guarantee, 

FOl Disk Drive „,„ JE79-95 



Overseas Orders Welcome 

MS800 ■ iht jnANDARD lii aOOK Marmffr --£9-9^ 

s-f SJ-itM) enaNes ihe OuaJ - Mode dhk dnw u> stewe up to 
WWK per disk. Since it wis ininxlLfttxJ in \99l it ha* 
bftcniKr ihe NfUtest Mrliiiii? software of its kind, by far S<J 
much ,«j tliat many petiptc have coflivenc<i ihtij eariief 3-5' 
xiyi ^.25' drives nxiuaJ mock^ cstpabiljiy. arid sniifhed to 


360K, 40OK, Of la I$OK pw skJc OstipaiMc ■^Tih all CPCs 
iOd CPC+'s aVM+, MFl 1 , Stop Pftsj*; and aU *j(ber *<i«t 
ware. 64 w 1 28 dtrettorj- entnc^; verify dUk; disk cop>'; fil* 
2nd batch ijopy. L'nl^ mosi -jkettmivt'i each di^k inJtuJis- 
es (he computer for fts ow-n fomBit wiihout using up any of 
tlie itomge sp^^ Onoe a disfe hiati^ iittxn fomatved. MS8C0 
ftsdf ib not needed. 

Formaning up to 400K e»cli side needs a SIDE SWrTOl on 
ihc drive, Vt- can '^ppty a sidtr swUch and simple rming 
irkSUU<.tkKV^, !Aiiu}}kL' for 5 5* or 525' disk drives 
Skie Switch with i]>tJrtitictk»M ,.« . ^5.00 


so X IS" Disks i Disk Sox 

.'// £29.95 II! 

Ml ■ net.. , 

Cn (44xk,Hadi<VAtami. 

MP5&eTI ,.., ,„ 

h]£H kOM,„ ..._ 





Diilt t'nixrk AVAIIABIA Hm TUli CPC 
M\XlT)OSt*fuafC0tl' 'll1tA)i11X><t, A>&IXM.*fldO>M 

ayFY IUa/4tekK VERIFY didu; RESUIUtECT ert««d fiSrtvFAST POC> 
^U.T ARH4cM/Ilte(iido»/R«)idWi JTtCnrV JurmiH; CAT flin ^tndud- 
mtt cnwd (MA) Upliotui wmut/addKM/iiin0b/eK . MTFS tucf 
writ MAKE/ITNMAKE «r*?m « fr*d Wlir. MSPlAY of PHINTT lil« 
,ir«l MVCU MOMf. BEST s«<iof <(k» KVm Um the a*C All lUi). 
dj,'d n^rurqt fafiUuo, njJS r^ tdMMAg H^ ktcva or pnrtet. anna 
tSicp l*> w:p (irivcinem dNWab a »fc, «rln« *nd byie SEAFCJt 
ihtOMgh ft^ o^J^l^t. P ILE AUCHIVCT la<to Bp iiiik* *o tape. WM*te 
bHid MO. snXD up Ttw diila! L'fllqw opttnriw. n^untmi* your 
cKfk^ed d^ttA, tmH^tj/i ihein k^ up to 50^ faHcr 

Troc/e Enauiries Welcome 


.pow kkciude^ [he fKjN// K - FM£1 The ftlf^ «mpn.- 

henin>T i;ipc to (Ink utiJii^ _ 1 od duk tvjih a' hi^gie' dtiiir^'^ 

BONZO BinZ .„ .J&13.95 

r.tludcs fMJNiars [XJODAil and 4 advtntare (pmn. i 
Tx|K.- CO d^ irjtntfen. Deab «iih all forau of SfKlTDi/JCK 'i ^^^ 
on all CFC» artd prqduon 4txnd akire traflafirni Mugt l]J!l:2^>'J-4' ' <( 


FAST. FLEXrtMLt ddtafjaf Supcrh f 

u*er ffKAdij^ menvHy i^ving ^OJifcN it m'kj 1 1 JJL.ML.N :.r; 

BONZD FLASHPACK ...„^ .-£9 95 

•Ttie besi jii rognd BASJC cwensioo pngiajn* WACa HJi^ • 
BASfC adds afouod 70 cdnxiKfy uteftil KSX't io tj3e m iiAMt ; >- 
jSrarcH. TTie resukfiig pfO^ *«■ rufl M> any tompvJc* vk'iibfxii ^h* 
[tre^flKe c^ HASH BASIC tiidudet a ditihas^ Mid «hef e^u til. r:; 

ABBA Swifth (61 28/664) ....£1 2.95 

3rd drive switch (61 i«/664),,,-.,„„,„„.„„ Jtl2,95 

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/ft < ht'upfr than bmximg a IMJl t. ftamfHich & ttOif 


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Phone 0772 701248 


ROD LAW-roni opens all «fie 
tHis moifth, as Adainra vworics on 
hi't single ff€>r 'this month's music 
(tieair«n help uis!|. Send your 
Reaction, Amstrad Ac:tlon, 
30 IVIonmouth Street^ Bath, Airon 

BA1 2BW.. 

How abOEit putting the adventure CofUrmi the 
Bar&aric on tfie covertape? I mean, if Voor 
Stnctair can do ft, surety AA can too? 

And yes. I know what yw/'re thinkir^ even as 
you read this: 1oo»( at the cokwr of the paper he 
uses, what 3 sJ5Sy, eft?" 

I am not a siisy, never was and never will be, 
Tm Iris^ and tt>is was the onjy paiper ^ ootid find 
at ttie tim^ so now you're we€ ^nd truly s«ck&)«d! 
Damien Kirwan 

QiMe frankfy, D^nen, whafs good enough for 

for us... 

Myvrsy, we didn't think you were 3 ass/ at 
sM, Arxr for yout infofmsUofi, wi were $icHene<t 
rigtfl fFom the start Ithe coheir 0( the paper, yov 
seel Oh, Slid iof 3ay readers wortdermg what 
cotovf it is, rCs a sort 0^ cross t>etween feaflana 
cuitard and tsrtare sauce, M, 



o'thers follow I 

You mjy recall that a short timt a£A 1 
wwi tti9 £25 voucher in Hm "Crtp Piofm 
of Eti« MoflttiT conipttitlon In f^MCtlOf)'. 
A^art frotn owning an Anntrad t 
alfo own a S*t^ Moc* Drfvt, and la: 
muk t WMt filling Oiretiah iN p*^s 
%* Pm, whm iirtM iM 1 And? 
^X4et ropf»C4 of my po«fn, 
tftit. from a f«w iMi/rit wtttcft h4d 
be4fi di'angtd fro«n 'Amstrad* to 

' 't- _-.,; 

print tfib Itttef u DM if 
>^«fMa rtip«ailUfl [nwnienini 
rno nanwil k r«a4hig h» vMi know 
Tttkai a cheat and copyi<t( tittfl 

Tom Afh 

» like fiitt.., 

I redd wth great interest the tetter ffom Mr, 
BracSey in AA83 and - wPj even greater interest 
- yotif answer. 

I am quite r>ew to the computer scene ar»d 
what you said ttiat we shoiAJr^'t do in your 
answer sounded like fwn. How does one Inter- 
fere' with cCKte? And whaf s Tiacking'' aad how 
do I do it? Ajyj win I gel paid if you prim this? 
Must do it more oftef>. 

P,S< Great magazime, great tapes - ttiank you 
for both - and t didn't ptnch this paper out of my 
school exerctse booh, rm too otd for th^t - I 
Pfoched it Pert of my son's. 

PatAine, yot/re the second person this morjtfi to 
seem sensitive about the^ ttotep^Kr. QtMe 
rigtrtty too, in tWs cdse. You fcrww you real^ 
stoddn'f ste^ from yotur chidden. 

Md fieiO^f should you fmbow ^fty thoughts 
of fearnkig to hxk. Ves, it may sound Wee ft*n, 
but many things in Me that are 'hirf are afso 

Wo, yoi/fe not going to get any ir^oney, no 
matter how many btnes you mite. 

* n^ v^. 


*? **j 




^Bmt wt wont mandim 
HDMctapl^ Pmitnat of 
EdMMfff^i nam*, ttsfttr. or 
thM hQ r«cJk4nf Jic vovid toojk 
&M( kt a S«g« rVo T-thift faccofdinv 

'« tt 




I am writing to say "welt done' for 
prodcfcirtg such a briiant maga- 
ime. AH together now.,. 3, 2, 1.,, 
■y/eS doner There is such a tot in 
AA: reviews, cheats, PO. an adven- 
ture column, tips, tetters like tftis 
or»eJ, words, sentences, paper, 
snk... the Nst never ends (my impres- 
sion exactly - erh, does it? J find Afl 
/ery humorous and enjoy^ile. Keep it 
up (please) because rm swe every- 
ixie woUd fke to see It prosiier ¥^ 
grow (or is A grow and pfOSper?J 
These ^e nny favounte M st^ 
i. Adam Peters 

2, l^od Lawton 

3, Er.,. are there any more? 
Joseph 'Raving Nutter' Taytor 

Ves, there are U>ad more, xUfSSy. lam Tsng iart 
editor). Tracy OVomeSi (production cofrtro/ter/. 

Jacfcie GarloTit fad mamger}, Coin Cartpbetf 
{piMsher) and iosKis of other peeps wfio he^P get 
the mag together, month after month. 

8y the way, despite such efft/swe and no 
dbubt heartfelt praise, yos/re not going to win a 
bean, f recicon your letter was a cyntcat phy to 
try to vm a tenner. Besides, yoo pof Adam at the 
top of your chart and not me.,. 

I think your magazine is ace and I love your 
covertapes - l^eep up the good work. 

My friend h^s got a ^leccy and gets Speccy 
mags iVovf Sinciaiti. but his tapes have got 
rrtdch better games on {v^h we play on aH the 
time). These games are: Chaos, Feud, Crackout, 
Software House, five on a Treasure isiand. Ant 
Attack. Rebel Samurai, ChuMy Gfis^, 
Defenders of the Ear^ and Bampage. 
Simoo Box 

Or, Smton, dorft yoo sadly yo^ ^ properiy? 
We've akedd^ gMrr you five on a Treasure 
jTsiaind and Defenders of the Ear^ As for ^ 
rest, h0 ol them have never come out cm the 
Amsfrad. and (he osftef hatf are no great sh^^es 
as games. 

Type-itis l»acl€lasli 

As a regutar sybscrifeer to Amsfr^ Action, I wish 
to fbrmaNy complain and protest about the 
August 1992 issue m respect of pages 51, 52, 
53 and &4 - Type^s and the BASIC Tutorial 

These pages were simply a repeat of the 
same pages printed in the July 1992 issue and 
therefore the August 1992 issue »s of a tesser 
v*fue for money. 

To correct matters, are you: 

AlVtSTItAD ACTION October 1 992 


s) Going to tssue a swiJfement of the fow 
page^ to cisver the content pf€UKtutfy nttefKled 
for the Autgust issue, or 

b) Goms to do(rf)le tip th& cement in tfie 
September 1^2 i^^^ to 8 pagti covenng two 
lots of Type*)S and two parts of the tutoriafl 
series wfthoiit any d«<k*ctJ«fis ol other pigH? 

Smpty tq apctcgrse amJ coflteiue cm w# not 
be Quite good enough, rm afrsKJ, yow owe ws 4 
mtssJng pages! 

rm sffaid dfx^smg and cdnyifig imi$3tm 
cm do, The way rmga^tes are prtnted and 
bound means it is {ngte tmpossMf to simgfy ddtf 
toist pages to an issta st wiV. Besides, the kxr 
fmes are not rnssmg, YouwHiini them m sub 
sequ^fff jssue, Mnvttedy, four p^es in the 
Aujiust issue Miere 'wasted' - we cjinl do an^ 
(Mrtg ^ibcKif that now -tjvtyou woa't mr$$ ^tn^ o^ 
the BAS*C twtofii/, or arr^ of the fypenns we wefe 

...But hok. bang on s miwte. Vbt/v@ got 
every right to tie amoyed atxwt {fte Typ^s sec- 
tion ttmng repeMed. turf I think yot/re tdtdng us 
tp tasfc a 6rt too vigorousJy, Seteve rf orrtof, we 
do try very hard mfeed to produce the (jest rruig- 
$nne we possit^ c«i ior CPC owrws, We coUd 
iust %^ back, work 9 to S arid turn otit a iMl, fe^^^ 
aWe Qtodi^t. we (isn't ihiftk fi^fs good enough, 
thoifgh, so we mafce a cons^deraWe effort, every 
fnonOr, to produce ti^ best CPC mag you can^ 
buy. Oc£as*on^. misfaAes are made - this was 
OTK of ttiem. 

We don't thirA etMor^ quaity and content is 
easy to quantify stttipty as 'nurrtbers of pages'. 
OK, itiii time foor pages were 'wasted' - t)vf a 
whcie magazine ftSed i«th easyio^ite, essy^o- 
produce, ea^ytoforget features wowtf b€ a 
w3sie of an enbre msgi&ie, (not fust one sec- 

"Vype-lns badclash 2 

Vou kit war.: v~. b>,\ j^^i <iL\ together, ( was very 
annoyed to fi>d that the Type^s for AA$J are 
the same as A^2. Op you k>t check the mag 
before yog f eJeate it? If you do, pJea&e open yow 
eyes, Tftaniks And does rt n^an that two copies 
of tt» covertape typfrift wil be the same? 
Duncan Kawt(es (we think) 

Now then, Duncjr;, how many isiwes oiWmstrad 
flctw have there been? 84 - correct, ^xf how 
many of ffwm have contained reptated pages? 
Lefs count throijgh, shafl we,., ond Yes. 
Duncan, we do ctieck the pages. We ctmked 
tttese pages. However (hey subseouefitfy had to 
be reprinted due to a s^ght smpertettion, and tf^ 
wrong ftfe was pfmted. Next tifne welt e/wc>r 
pages as Dbe fe^ve the tmddmg (arid tmytte ^s 
Aey arrive at the cw^er*, artd maytw ofjce the 
pr^esses are set up. and mayt>e as the pages 
ener£e.,J, ft was a freak /nsfiap, CNiocan, and 
■e^ as annoyed as yov are. 

Nff, the/e won't to duphcsted lypems oi^ (he 
C0v«rtape. 7hf5 issw w^e're repfecmg (hem wrth 
^ exira orogfafft. 

Don't i|o to 
Warrington. . . 

L I thmh Mn i^, btJi Tm afraid ifs my 
pamfu) duty to mform you of a plot so dastarfdty 
that yoiiM want to fkish jwr head down the loo, 
A ploi so treacherous that anyorve with a nervous 
difposihort shoiid stop readr^ now, A plot so 
dtsioytf ,,. Cam I horing you yet?) (tenig ago - edi 

It al began a few months ago when my friend 
[wfto shai be cal^ Mr. X for legai reasons} was 
cont&nplatir^ purctii»sinf a Nintendo Game 6cy 
{hold on a nwute while I just go and wash my 
mouth out wtth $oap and water), However, I nwiK 
aged to i>ersiiaide him not to, and to irse his 
money to t»y the g/eatest mag tor toe CPC. 
Unlortuuiefy, the newsageftt d>dfi1 have ACU in 
stodt, so he plurnped for M instead fonty jok- 
ing^. (That was it, was it? The (taig 55,000 
rea<*ers and i were wdHtjng tor? You osdess 

2. 1 wtsh to comptain abotut Reaction (what, 
the p*t^ stwidard of some of the Setters? - edt. 
The only reason th« reader* write in ts to get 
their grubby hands on a £25 voucher. VAsy can't 
you gn/e away £10 vouchers mstead? Ther^ more 
readers woukt get a voucher. 

tncidentalty, I woukj be ddigMed, nay, tion- 
our^, (f you wo(A) pf esertt me with the w^ery Jast 
£25 wucfwr 

3. 1 k«?w you showWnt mock the afflicled. bfA 
ariother friend, SkMy, has a Commodore 128 
(s<yry, nxle word!) ha fta! 

4. CcuU you also tel Mr. X to shave Otf Ns 
sfly moustache? Ut looks Mie a sk«9 Keep up the 

J. IMiat a (oad of okf nonsense. Ycv shouM £ie 
or» Itorti Cme's crap j<^ show, 

2. Considier yonrseft neither dek^ted nor 
honoured, £r. thait means you stand as much 
chatKe of wnrwig £25 as crossing the ch^tneJ 
on a hiQ«te. And no, don't try it. . 

1 PKifrf oW relic. (The machine, thai is - fve 
never met Biddy.) The or^ machine in the world 
M^ a ^isk drtvB shwer than taoe loading, 

4. you rmst have some fuwiy sfogs round 
your way. 

PS, ' doff't (hinit joikes d6out moustaches are 
fbmy. fheyVe aliTiost as nor^funny as jokes 
abotjt beards. 



—-—„ IM •• •»"•• '•"' ""*"■ 


fiutle and 

•xtraertHiary chM you coiM 
mtntor et yov taan to &• i« rwta and 
MMMnt Ut MM of your {uytot anteewt ti^ 
lirlninf Mm «n WtOt for «xpr»uiiif a piM «l 
ikni on 0w prttMe« of trad languafi* In « 

Af* y^v f» itn «< )wv dirciitfl«n ^{urM 
ttut ytw can aftprow, Mt nify Mmn F^Miff 
riiNf hytt4fk;*i *rtd rUvM dvftne* of b«tf 
lanfuaffl in fh i9ftf to Mr. SraAay IM «>f M« 
plan |« h^ m tdkfi CvrrtipoiHkM ^f A* 
yaar ewnpaifltgn? iN«i I WMid Iumw (twufN. 
aa Itftial way is anonrate cofrcspandancfi 
Araffi jrour rodan. Nor. I fut^tcL ■■ M iki 
mutt* ta pqrutitfa mora matun nadmt Wt* 
inyutfto MMlnut uMMKiibktz to yow nai>> 

to ntr Kiev. ««a in« af bad lanfnasa «n 
<?KMt conind* MIcMiaa lad «ii<l maturfr)r. km 
MCaiffttSM «r ImttHi vocatwlvy wd f ntxid 
Jttt M9f^ Pirt9tt t« f4ri«v«iy «<»nfi^ a<wf» 
ih« raa) kAot hari. 

tf b* r*«artft ttit i«o«ir at anotiw 
4m» for Ml cmtdHD cotif^tmvi I ch4M 
ffrowl t« itand alon^iMfa Mr. Bradtey. 
R(»bart WaHaco 

i) nitrocpccF Jt mf unkM re caiff Mr. Ot, 
m MM Wr wwrt b* Aatw« «ri 
Cii>irr*t|3«i!tair cdovMHrn. t fern ptopt* lav* 
marft imiiir ramarlii ce yMin, wd aw ft** 
botuNf IB ttf« Mta «f tNnr 

Baywfd Out J «dli M«ft Aljuit *n«ra^. 
Mte« jHu rv4d - proprrfy - Mr. BnAv/t^ Jet- 
tor and Jtdam'i r^J|y7^ Mr 9r*dtey 9k^>^$ tg 

te rmtw^ B*nrM^- j tj tt m any c> tnt 
etftakOy mn *n a c<»nipu(ai- t*tn». 

I am otHraMittt, ttommmt. by mttst h» ^^mt 
nnt M* h»cki Mo Aa f am« cedf utlnc a 
V«M ^fipfrairwninf tOUIfy antf 0<*9«t't* (« 
■Aar ha And* ihara, ttfupifa Iht fact tiiat A* 
lafiffiuifa MAtf wU Mtwr bi vHAi« 
If Urn progfmm it in^d at lf» 
M9Ad»^ - 41 a 4»>rr^pti|«r evn*. It 
rufff iivrdt iitf» 0»« W-iciM^ taM#, yMiV fM 
i^Kte wwd* bact j«r^p«e at AaL 

Mr 9nKBtf* ^bieeOott i$ tanfanMatf to 
f<grM«n» cMmb^ a ftap'ladkter (» loolr «wr a 
na^thtwwir'i htt\c« and than oli^«ctdnx «> tha 
cracvKf* 0r pu&Sc daeancj' wfitttt (fMy dl$e«v*r 
Aay t{«e«tr)0 ar Aa itwta^ frvik>^. mtat pra- 
fTWTlman ptA In iNi (tfiiiM^ of lAclr eodlt it 
oobodff bvmn* but th*it owj, 

Ttt» CMrtparhofi »tth BAStC Suki^ H 
tbtutti, LhOntf «v Outipva ta b« tfianrinMr 
aArf undcTftiwtf a* aadny at p&t*3)i6 
Commar^ial gamtt ar* in^td wtth qvtt 
thfl {!f?p0«itv In m^ndf Ihe paufwmmim g « 
ierrn Jaof^ (a tfop tfia piMc txtMlnhg 

Homercf. (hty c*n1 b<t #fl<*^ f 'cviMtHf 
fr«in doiat $9, *t Mr, Br9dM)r«f^rr;«fj;(/-«te«. 

finaiy, Mr. Waiac#. n» ftatf ym conMtr 
yeiira^tt moft 'nMai*\ N^nfAatoK H #ai«m< 
tp nw y«uV<a jtftt ipent most of )tw f*Cl*r 
dftlfV (9 AdAm wM Aden dM Co Mr ^adSay. 


wttAft A^^ 
! »A'Kr9a^r 



October 1992 AWIS-pflAO 


Are you 'the 

player in the 

Mort wtn on th» Hsiontt CamiMt G«iMt 
ChwnfHnihipt iHinc h«(d at the FAv* 

HVM dMrMt MMMM - tfi« MiMMfo SMS 
«i« t«fk Ifefa Dirttrt Md tfi* jhnftA Wtut t» 

WM'l foiflf to h«v« jfi t^jvibigt b««ui« 
nui'f* gfl^ to iuv« to pUiy on dl tlWMf 

Tb* g»tmt tMinf (Htyw] Jn Qit tmM ■• b« 
Zm4 on tri* finnit*. AqtmOci on (h» Mifa 
OrtH wd ttobocifp 1 on rtw SNE$. 

AMnmh tfi« Aniti «« bvtaf Md tf «it 
flhflw, iMra «« b« ngloMi bMi» «wsii0ic«r 
dw ti«M^«i dw MtoNtafdiiM: 

^^h «Hh ^^1^ -mh -L^_a 

OMfflw Urnhm StTMt HcfMlpn 

flicMt Gamn Cm^tn 
Ekt KlHsfld* G«Mt C«nK« 

19tli, 20tii, 21«t, 22»4 Qdatar 

Stocltport G«<n* C«ii«r« 
Mi<Kiwiter Mni ii w 

2««k, X7tk, 2Stli. 2»di OttoWr 

BromlAjr {;«iD« C«fltr« 

0iiilf«r4 GafTMi Ctmrt 

Iford Gama Canlrt 


Undeii Gum Caii^, 1{K> Otiord S»*«t 


OrttiMad Gana C«*v 

R*0a<ul ftnal* •« te Iwid on At fftday ef 
aacji «*•(( in « local M«t«ttor*. «fl4 A* atr)- 
nan of Mia rtfMiil HnaH ■« fo to tha grand 
inii in EarH C«irt M NMwnNr 7ih and W»i 

Jmi m f«c«(i M Ohm liirtuii* pmn. ttt 
EiOOOO fv 0M wlmar m £4^000 tef A* 
runiw iici - and al nadenal ^ '^ - 
Ainifa SICS and M tijW wa pM tmrnnt tod 
ai you hM* \o4oU «rtv I* tvtn vp at oa» of 
tha tterH in Una HI 4*«f* «n til* dMM iiMii- 

«Mi Bad tnAiimK««, Vsrtihlra TVt torthmii* 
irg comvutar E*nwt ihow, and Virifn Ratal 

Amstrad Actxm has fu^ been nt^ied of )b new 
AaC (AuOt Bureau ol OcUMKmJ Affurei, » ' 
the ottcMl MH « ihat H«) a Mfure of 3$^^ 
«"» srtng mort ttian li^ yeari 

Of course. tf» is a M confusng rf jfOi/re 
k>olcng ^ [he Lait tssue ancf reading i» Agtre 
^37,12tr n ihe contanls pafe But lo gef a true 
cofTipanson d sales you have lo bear n nintf 
^^ the year « spW nto tw hatves, The lifwe 
for the JijtfOKjmtm pcnod t% t^tntfi t^m 
l^tan th^t for the Jaruary-June pendd, $<» lO' id i 
tnit idea of how yoi/re dorig, you have to look 
al your sales lor Vie sante period la^ year. 

The bottom bne IS mat ffi Ihe trst hair of ttn 
year our Dircul3ition mvs 35.298 people, mMe n 
{he fesi half of J991 < *as 35,159- OK, rs not 
a big fttPQ. The amazi^ thng, though, is that it 
Slipiid go up at d - the CPC (and Amstrad 
Atbortf IS afive and Midung* 

^IM^ mfy' VI^Qf l# vp* 

<'^ Q'-Eiia'^ 


s 3i 


^'^ ^^ ' m0i^M0v§f 

I Jl^l Colovr Print fits fJaa 





IVIore ROIVI for • Scull PD label 

your money 

BrLnwg Software is addrg a new, kmantA 
ROM modife to US ineHj)} (see the special revmt 
idst momti}. The new ROM w4 sel lor just £46, 
Out has al tte f«ft#es of anmord £J28 ' pto, 
of coiese, 41 $m speed mi rmmory advaniaeies 
of <s ROM itstaMnn. The ROM ncludes KOS 
ROMDOS and Brunrw^s rew^btnnary A$ You 
Type spclctMClMr. Mufs more, our suits M us 
that k^hiv within the new ROM. are the 
Brunnord £lte pmtrg systeri> and the irtfosctpi 
reMnnal datatuse. These mt present tut not 
'tmkM - bi4 we wotidnl be too surpnsed i an 
'upgrade ur appeared soon. . . 


Alan Sculy hss produced a new tabd design pro- 
gram to coAipete «4h Goldmarti &ystem^ 
UMMMer. ScuTs UtdOe^i supports 3- 
ndh, 3.$«ich antf 5.2Sinch laf>eJ sizes and is 
bei« sold for ofliy £2.50 (plus S^nch disk mti 
sUmped SAa You get 21 drffererK fonts 10 
clioose from arid you c^ also irnporl dp-aii 
Ard saice UttetOestgn sMts bbets n standard 
17K fomiit €i eompatttle wMh rnost CPC «t 

For mort nformation, write to: Atart 
Sculy. 1)9 Laurel t>rtvft. £«ft KHhritfe, 
Gl»i0W C75 ftJG 

Cheap 6128 tape 

il you .t got i it\2ij> K*j, >vwib ^^^iM^nj :*.-v <4> 
at not txMnfi able 1Q (oad twt teflMre - ncM)^ 
mg the AA eovertape! 

Up ifiti now. tie only solubon has been to 
send yotf fnadwic olf lo tie 'conw rt i tf . MW 
reader Chrts iohnson has sussed out how to do 
me modfbution Iwtach ts very easy if |0u can 
hande a sokJaring iron} and il offenng a dttgram 
and hi Astruchons for the pnce of just £5! The 
maieriii$ you need wrrw to l«^ than £5, so you 
can do 0w wlofe ioCi f or a teme'. Be wwnedl 
though - ifwe's no faoMy for a flEM socket so 
yot/l stihaut to stop ard start the tape player 

He afso has a lip lor Ftjs owners «»ho\« had 
'^r machines conweiied and are sU havihg 
^odtM sdvng covertape programs to dtsk- He 
reckons that if you select the TransKer to Oisf^ 

loading upgradi 

the start or Sia^ MTld 

f you wart DTf nstructions for the corwar- 
iMin. send £§ and an 5A£ to C Johniorv, 99 
CartabroelMa Clos*, Langiwy. EettlKHjme, 
EMt Suuei BH22 BEQ 

October 1992 


Bite ROm module £125 

iMi is the uMl'inale addition 1o a€!28 ccmputef. 
Word processor, sp«ltlrvg ch*>ck*'r, 33,00C wwd 
dictionary, relatton^i dat^b^i^, 9 pffi pr'ini 
e^ihancflr, ?4 pin 'type ^fitting' routines and 10 
superb iQnIs, sU programmed inro one high 
c^fracitv ROM (2S&K byl*^), Massive memory, 
small sU* ard irtcludes Our tale&l innovaiiHpns, th« 
A5 Vou T^fpe spellirhg checker and our System 2 
simplilie'd printflf contral. 

We fit \hs ROM Into a sm^ll ROM boar{J and 
give i\ a thick coat oi protective resin, making a 
fieal moduie w^lich plugs direcMy onto the 
«x^an$Fon iock«i of the CPC6129 or 6128 Plu^. 
The price tfKtudes chjt 8 bit printer status porj. 

Great Poujer 

Plug on the module, swi<tc)i or, type 16 W and the 
mhoiv $y^t«m ii in^fnedt^ta^^ re^ lor use. Type 
into the word processor, M \he computer beeps, 
press <I3> and ask for befp, trari<ster Itw correct 
spelling an<f resurne lypirtg. U$e the d4tab»se to 
prtnl labels, search fgr an «ddre^S, IrBrtsfer it to 
tl^e word processor and prlrnt it out, ali without a 
jingle disc operation to slow yoo down. 

Exciiing Features 

The Elite ROM has a host ol esciting features 
including S h\qU quality high speed screen dumps 
for 9 pin $rvd ^4 pin printer^. Thes€ ve Special 
ro^utinei using the @ bit printer status port and 
Ihey print jncredtblv tasi compared lo desl^ top 
publishers. Every dot of ink on this page, 
including the drawing, Ihe large 'BrunWord*, olt 
name S address, credit card symbols and Teddy, 
was printed in one operaticn using the BrunWord 
Elite ROM module and an Epson IQ\07Q printer 
(wide carriage LO570K 

For simpie layouts. System 2 can be ^t to 
Auto -formatting which enables micro spaced 
printing to be used without any fayout instructions 
e^on when using proportional fonts, 

Rny PrSnter ? 

All ftOM modules work with any Ep-*on compatible 
printer. All 24 pin printers can make full tjse of 
BrunWord Elile. Older designs of ? pi'n printers 
(Amstrad 0MP2I60 etc J are iimited to whole 
space Justification but modern 9 pin printers 
(Star LC10 etc) can use micro ^lilicalion. 

Free ROtllDOS 

If you have a secortd 3.5 Inth disc drive then you 
need KDS ROMOOS, We can supply thili 
programmed into your ROM at no extra cost. (Not 
6126 Plus), BrunWord ROM solves the frustration 
of disc drive contu&»on by always using whichever 
drive h^ the disc in it* Using a 3.5 inch dilsc drive 
with BrunWord ROM is simpllcEty itself and the 
HOU manual now covers our 'undocumented' 
command which enables a 3.5 inch tiiK to import 
and exporl Icixt to 9 PC. 

BrunUJord B12B £30 

Complete word processing oactcage (di^c) with 
word processor. speJIIng checker, 30,000 word 
dictionary and card filing progranvrw. Type PUli 
'QRUNWOnO' to load the word processor, 
spelling cheekier and ttie dictionary. BrunWord 
6128 out performs til other word processors for 
the €128. A tast screen respor^se, eixtensive 
edi'tor commands and the 4000 words per mintjie 
spelling checker, maine it a joy to use. On the 
disc is a tutor file which takes even a compiete 
beginner slraight Into word processing and 
dtmonslratef the powerful editing artd tormaftJng 
features of BrunWord. The 40 page manual 
includes step by step instrutttotis to ptatkice ^nd 
print a simple letter. 

B128 ROm module f 46 

The same as BrunWord et2d. without the card 
filing programme^ but supplied as a ROM modute, 
with tree R0MD05 (nol Plus) and ov fabulous As 
You Type spelUng checker. (6t2fl Plus - add i\2K 
Don't forget,,,, no ROM box to buy! 

Inio-Script ROm £79 

The tnto-Script ROM module i$ a complete data 
processing package, including all the features Ol 
the 6128 ROM. Even with tOOO names and 
addresses loaded into memory lor instant 
reference, yog can type a 10 p»ge document in 
the word processor and your spelling will still be 
checked while you are typing. Stop *vytlme, use 
the database to search lor a reference (typically 
taking 1 second for the search) and return to 
your typing, Vo-u could^ It you wish, leave a 
marker in your text and transfer the data. Each 
programme remains /ust as you left 
it, with instar^t access. Can be 
upgraded to th« tuii Elite ^OM. 


W« hiv* Uftttd arunWord ei2e tni 
PfOlfict with tht HFTt* filt or 33M W«rdl. 

Tit* Ijrtt ttil irii ta compari tli* 
i<r«llitif lpt*d of Ihi gcrttn, uilng Hnt 
ty lint fcrollin^. This it i t\it\ 
pti f«f m*i^c* titt M th« CPC6T^ liiHt lg 
^4 naturally iIqm tt Ihii ltf>. BrwiWcrd 
S<roil«'d 101 tiitM- ttw* FValfxt, 

PfqUxl. wat tht lad* lit to [uitify b^it 
ui«d i timpit' fifOrttst Ihil t<ljt*d sp*iti 
it thf ttnUi of tith lin», 9<ving tht 
ffl)MI* o1 th« ttxt • bulging ipptytntt. It 

did not di$pUy aii it WFfit ^Icn^ «n4 39 

nttdtd I fi«j)arit« 0{p fixation lo i«t tlia 
raftult. BiTunWof d <fi$pliy*d »i il )uil)fi«4 
mitt pro^it^ M t)ti«ncfd wptarance. 

6uf simul'tted lyptn$ 1«il K'uptvwd ?n 
■t^rdt p«r minutt, S«th BrunWord ind 
^otfK'l h*d no tr0ukl« it thi« &p«*d. 

Tht (ptillAj ttil thvchvd III 33SS 
w^rdt. BrufiSptll te»k 52 stcondi md 
na*d*d na ditc ^hin^it, Pro«pt-il look. 
6 rnin H itc and rtttdad B dice chan^v 

Tha find afld r^plati Iti prott ^t It 
cortfuatd ty wordi ttirlinig with i capital 
l«tttr 10 it alpiyi r*i)ulrii two ta|«'*tt 
oparAtiont. aruriMrard it mart 
»0phlti»(«t4d and aL>t<imi|i<ally tiandf^t 
both hrariationt m or* op«rall«n. 


'TTw <Um GiH' 
I>«li;}KtM tea AnnAnt by Qwit (folhtro. Cart Scinntd by agrHntatit. 

Vf 's totsifr brilfiani...... carries ott the exfreme 

tiStr iri^tTdlmess of Bruftning Products to a vtry 
high stati^afi},,.,. t hBvf one of thtsa lit tie gt/r^ 

plugged into the back of my CPC rigM now 

Thi BfviiWord ROM h^s p»fiorm*4 In an 

txernpfsty fashion on sif tronis, ' 

Chris Kni^t (ACU Editor} - ACU August 199t. 

',^,J8rttriWofii) tft its*ft is fluff f ufKompficattd 
am/ tssr (o ust. That's ffv beaufy of tfw snt^m 
~ you £att Jost sit dow/t and start typing.,... tha 
fastest most *ifitipnt spttt checker afry#r#re..... 
info-Script is a formisisbte piwc^ of spftw^t 
engineering. Tfie tact tttat it's instanfiy avaiiabfa 
front BrufiWofd tnakts you rtatisa just flow 
powerttjt this mhoff p^kag^ !$,„„ The Sn^tWofd 
ROM is a tffjfy txcetivnt product. ' 
Bod Lawlofi (AA Editor) - AA September 1992 ' 

'Two weffAs affo toaay i rectived mr copy of 
BrunWord SJ?S and would likf to say how 
d0tighted I am wiitt it. Alifyough i am a gualHitd i 
touch typist, I exptcte^ to tika ag&i to get mtd 
to my first professional word procviior Mtid 
could not believe that only after a fern sftort 
hours, I was u$ing BrtfiWord as if I had had it for 
years, it is so well ttKoght out and user friendly, f 
often tiave vary diftlcutt docunwnts to type, lots 
of centring, underlining, indentations and 
numbered paragraptts. Four days after receiving 
Bru/iWord I typed efevert fetters, an agenda and a 
set of canpiicated minutes in just two ever^rtgs.' 
Mtss Veronica Petter (Bristol) 20th Aug mi. 

Send chaque/PO/Accem,i VI aa^ Comwct number toi- 

Bmnning Sof twave 

138 The Street, 

Uttic Oacturt^ Essex, CQ16 9LS. 

Telephone <Q255) S6Z308 

BrunWord 6129 witti Brun5pell <on 3in disc). , £30.00 

ervtWord 6l^ ROM (Module with BrtJiiS^^ell £46,00 

444 ROM Module, Bri^Spell i disc corvvctor. , £59. OC 
Info-Scrtpt ROM Wodule, QrunWord & BrufiSpeil, £79.00 
Elite ROM Module, Brun9peM & into-scrlpt. . £12S.OO 
*•# You mvst state 'Ordinanr' or 'Plus' »** 
464 ROM canrwt t>e sup^Fied wrth Plus connector 
All prices are irKiusive tor UK, Oversees orders sent 
insured air mail - Europe add £2.50 i flett add f T.SO 



■M ptaHty •# . 

HWI H« 9C 1 — ■!. H rM kpMW , 

■SHpt' BVV^f i^BBVtB 5SV|pW'WHHi IWlS Nvf OlV 

Mft— •*««• la ■ JIW wi il tnn v city 

fiurtit ■aiftnr* 

: tm DUDf St (JfMI 

THirt'i «ff«t 4 hiMKlr«d CfC f«nwi an Hm EDOS 
•l*ctrofK dtf^icdlfeMi tyilMn, piun mi ixtr* Chr«« 

. ry nm tjiop CPC 

. (HiiH ant r' 

. rfiHvn (%nt It DHi ndif vf im ibop m wh n 

toMi of pmM. Tlw G«iw Hat* tito mIH pact 

afM i^nm ih« Fun Sctwoi Mluc«liQii twtM. pk» 

I odwr pMc^i o4 tMue^iwiii ftii«lww« (Ml mtf ttwy 

Mf «lt CPC A^imuei T«|M fiNd /Ucnnc M loot 

I _ . . 

77, tlw DIH. BH««B« 

J faim but a sf ttwni 

I 4n TToni 0*atflnl Tim 
' fra racwM Wt-prKin 
tAdAMH Family Snuiri rv. ttct luff i dona 
Mro|ii*fc'"i and a larf* wiKrttoii of ttemt «r«m 
Oc««n'i iMdiM r»4*«*«l« Nhim. Htt Souad 


"talk hard 

frfs "the la-test Ins'talmen't In our n«w 5«rl«s 
titfitere VOM. the r^atiersr get "to asic people 
In tKe 'biz' tricky questions ftfirrite to Taljc 
Hard at the usual address)- This month, it's 
our mate Spotty in the hot seat... 

"How do you produce those big 
scro^n shots whh labels? None 
of the screens are that big.' 
MatOiem Tra¥H, Maidstone 

Aha. tiwse are done usmg Studm 8, 
my favourite computer program hi 
the whole worW. We 'grab' loads o) aoam 
screens from the game using our "** ■ 

CPCtoAppfe Mac grftt>bng system, and we can 
then cut acid paste the screens on the Mac $ys- 
lefn, Ail we do IS cut the screens out one at a 
time aixJ place ttvem tn positKXi^ on a large 'can- 
was' (wort area), fittjng the cfitferent pieces 
together lite a iigsaw. So the large screen shots 
are actuaUv bad$ cf small screens stuch 
together, that's why the hero spfrte appe^s on 
the fnaps' (or whatever) toads of tones, because 
if s m sach of the screens that we put together to 
make the big ptc. 

You can do loads of other wonderful things 
with the program, such as mo«mg sprites 
around If you want to make your performance kn 
the game look more impfessft^, you can use the 

cut and paste facility to dKrease 
your score or youf energy level or 
whatewr. How attout moving yotw 
sprite w it looks like youVe killing 
the baddie thaf s trywiig to kiH yotj? 
tts all so easy. Er... but of course 
I would never 'doctor* the pics like 
that- Oh no, not me, rt just isn't eth- 
(cally right, and besides I'm such a 
br^kant games player that I don't need to do any- 
thing like that anyhow. Ahem, 

"Why are you to nasty m yoiur tetter 
rspfiof r Sarah Howeiis, Devon 

Nasty? Me? Wial dto you mean, Sarah? Tm only 
(fiasiy to pompous oafs; peopte who write m to 
complain about swearing they encountered wt^en 
hdckng into a covertape pfogram, or people 
writing into say that oof magazine ts cc ap. order- 
ing us to cut out alt the games coverage (ff 
people reaHy hate (he magaime that fnych, 
maybe they shouldn't t>e tHiymg it?). 

Oh yes. and Tm nasty to peopte who are nasty 

Phil Howard f AA's Cheat ( 


Philad«l|)hi« Howard [bat r«u thwchl it wji mm I 
h«rt t triaaki mtm thiA b*0ni wMi F Iwt tfMr* art 
Mly two pAopla in ths nntira woffd WtfOfl&nata 
•flauih ta b» ctvck irMi it. tinftt ni« and my coidiii 
Mi, i Bliyt not ttmf mm mMht m e (Mdrau 

• Pricrtabi* atckMMvs 

My kldt can ma dad. my wife eakf ma datk. and my 
doc caii ma wt»f . 

I hcva MI pandtant lor aM boar... hi tha computar 
flaw howtvir, Spiaca Harriar, Gryiar and XOR war* 

w Fav^WT«a ptaca n ^ba wann 

&otnaartiaff wtrtli of hwa. d*t **i i* ihMnf oo a 

pwM, By dia pool thara b a labia and a dadi dwr 
On thatabit b a cold iMtHa «f ftuy ptoak. Who car«» 

My big tittar Kalhryn. than I could Hoc Intinuta ittH 
riai of iMr cbMhowi {Hta At diy iha got Muck up a 
paar traa - mgt^i t<* <^ Siat^iya far vaat amnintt 
or each. 

• Wlka hvbM ywt n<Kt lik* t* ~ 

How ifeaiit Alan Sugar (or baiiit hicIi an aflkiant 
buainasi man lliailia dtehtd lh« CJK; n toon «* it 
■toppad bainf a batt aa«ar. 

• FavwwMa diaai 

I M a raafy r«ai ehaat for XOR (M33!, but iw^om 
hat avar i«ti the s^maf Satifywe#i(#thaldrfi 
for tm c«¥ail*p*. Rod. 

AcrriOM October t992 



to oQier people: all those idiots wtio write m 
tttftatenng violence against earlier correspon- 
<ieits, JKISI b€C30se they disagree with what the 
Olhef person said. And i'm sometimes nasty to 
piQple wtTO talk nonsense, But apart from that... 
Oh ye*, Tm also nasty to people who consider 
th«TKefwes the wotce of authority, And peopte 
*iiiho can't sped- And people horr the UidLsnds, 
But apart from that, fm nice to evefyone. So get 
lost Sarah, you twerp. 

Readers' broom 

BUmajr, Bn wv talking cutting »dg6 here or 
wlut? Wfftewne to (he Wirt (rf an BKcktriE nsw 
f*rj*t of fpodlghti on readen' cupbo>rdi-urid«r- 
tha-st&irt. first up ii cin« Mchaftt 
TsflEuy from 
Attu$-IA«n$ In 
sunny Franca, 
wrtvou twoom 
cuptooard ti 
featurad ixrt. 
Wclu*! trt*t 10 
pau II «4f t« Nt 
room', but •* 
tuw* a broom 
cupbodrd iriHn 
w« *« ona find 
wa'ra loohinK ai 
one rtgtn ncrtt). 
Macluci uyi h* 
tp«fid« mott of Ml 
tpar* |irn« titttn£ 
bn Iha cupboard i tuMW only to« *aM wlufi thaft 
liit« Wka, bill at kait you'v* B^ * (Mnputtr In 
thva, I v*>y had a pttea of chafe In min*. wMch I 
utad ts marlt off th« paiuriE tfayi 

Rtadart. w*'6 Ukt lo i*t your brootn cup- 
boards. At* thty ai fab at MkhaaTi? Mayb* 
you'vt S9t a nwclaar procnwiK pUm or a family 
of ot9ich#t ky youn. Taka a k>«k. tak* a p^ and 
twtd H 10 lit. Mfcat wofi Mmf«« £10 ki frog 
fitofvty for thit piccf* Wou<4 you Ik* A* tanw 
[onjy riot in hc^g nwney)? S4od your pletum Id 
Rsadari' Srooni Cufibaanli at iti* uiual addnati. 

Happy birt 

If* ow party a#td w«'ff cry if wa want to, Crymf 'i fpr 
eirH twufh, M wtH |Mit on itfy hall ■ml' bitan 
lAa tMnm MMftid. Mfa'ra Mwn. you aaa. Not no 
partonaiy. fou undartwid^ dia nufazirMi, ■• 
nwin~ ITt Ati lannfli btrftitiy Mi RHtmli Bfemay 
li s4anH '11114 QPKjf hmpM momH aiiio oiac W9 W9t9 
etitbrmk^ Our flzi^ towttMay. P<mm1 tMi* fty iriwi 
you rtt puttfni tof cOiar Briiaki'i nwiit acBHi-pactcad 

W* ttiouitrt wa'il haw a b^ pany la Cfliabrate 
and ptenwl lo btvM alonf tome of Ow M oltfaa 
(riMMl of nAiam tttl nodi for futui* hiMWiiqcl 
Than «t raalcKl that anyon* who cama alonf 
would want a iitc« of cakg M «« carid jrfford w*i 
i Hny eaiit in lf» ihap« ef a catnrpiMir. am! «• 
■ramad all of itiai tea oMftataH 

For tttM rtMon Kw itiTH o( ui hald a »*crBt 
party nhm awryona eite had $ont henw, noabad 
u(» M flMtccy eaiia. tt»a« aooia ttraamart, pi< en 
toma (ily tiiti and loaitMl icwan y«in of lanrnig 
Iha CPt ewnmunty 5«tt(« bJKb « WW tit fORH of 
Iha f actt and flfjrM Irem dta ftnt aawaii yaart of 
Amttrad Acdofli clonoiit and grMmy MttMy 

Tf** feilttNvVt •41 

tf lm mmn (W%| 


fhrtais •« *«nte (99%) 

WmW Ck^ Cwvimi lOS] 
Swrta't nmm Caniaw |C%I 
Mt-Nflrtaa (11%| 
PimH Uto d iii f Sl«iulaf»r (IS\) 
f ■ lK> S«cc«f < I 7',i 

-riia fwtJil «> f 

i 1.421 
^■■■■-„ ■■>■,! 

Kartlwa dJ(f« «tC: I 

■«b WMt*: Do«nct«ri 
Mmm Cwvvt fXaxt door 

Pan IHcOwhM: Anaia fOtttM 
ltk*JWrii W>w«l a ta: Ba mimt im eS i 
TratttM W«l*j Tha pub 

Ummtki Iht pub 

W arfcun Godfawt 

Wa couKint na«a com* OW far tmaat ym, you 
lowaly mdati you. So bat^a yowvalr a loMiy. 
B Mi mt m i eifec and eetebrata irth ua Dont ftsrg at 
to Hnd la a piaca thoi^ Oh yw% and tMd Mt 
•oma b**r too (And lama jally «iid b* ntc* J 

Sand aH bfrtfiday catda and praaanli to Iha 
atumi »ditr«tt H*ra I to Ow naxt 

la a awMTT tha^^ (Iw'a ■*» tlw cakal). 

aapraM i m . mtt Hm4. Iwl 
a a Mt, cr, tfawi 

• H«w MMV faartif mmtt a imm tnK d oawi? 
OK Adam,.. «hat do« ittfi mean,.,? ft r* aboui 
nwtic, rm a Poga** fan. If ITi about TV Mwn I ■(* 
Tha Munroa Shctw, If Mf* about politict than I vota tor 
tfta patfwi i«fth iha iWatt nam (uuu«y Ubaral}, 
otiMfwita lh* antwar h Moarin' In tfta whtd, 

• Th* i<*«*t •Mftfiffl tfiia§ ateM IMns in 
K Wap pirtar is... 

Apart from that ift wher* Cyril Smith leaml to hang- 
flide. there't a place you car get vldaot for 50p a 
niflit (The bett or^ lately it Tho Na/d W^ - and i 
thought It would be rubMah). 

y^fttf 'f^A^tA If FiPttdtfy Kni094P 

■■ Om Strwal) tia*ckad frw yow 

„„ lata Ml ■tfh t Aad aslM4 ta b o fJ* «*r » 

I would be abtolutaly horrffiad,., I afwaya thought he 

wWcfc GK #aiiiaa aVMiM yMi i*««T 
I ruiy dMka foelbal gantet (In fact I reaUy dJilUie 
toothafl)- So (afi not wait bum ai die Emfyn 
Nughtf', Gana Unaltar't and Brian C^wghi Inlanu' 
banal urarM cup mpar locctt fortuna champfon 
nunafar giiiM*. hart Md fto«H 

• rt fwi barf a p>«t HrikkbaMt, wriiat wvolrf 


Wa haw ■ dot tailed 'ihfi dog*, m bird balled ttw 
bUrd', a rabUt caUed Iha r«|?bir. a guinea ^g caUad 
Tht gubwa pIT, and a gohtfiih cilM lh* fbh*. IT 
HO had a wttdabaott I would cM H Doraan 

Soma Unw afo {about wh(4i itte picture wat tiltan}, I 
managad to b* ikk *i:i down my tutura fatftar-iri' 
law't back. Thara ara juCt no wordi at aB far 
imnHiA wa thafa, 

• FawaMrfta 1U^ afcapt tha CPC 
ir« th« bt»t, but dw latt, of tha hobiyitt ntacMnai - 
no avaraga lorry drhw wtil rw laam to much abnft 
eoinpuiart agatnl 

• itova if*m awar mam m nlH«Cf 

No, and I dont raaHy axp*ct ts (Stm and Moon In 
Caprkom!). t Ikad Iha fim vartton though. 

• Wo«fM fOM «w«r tdia yowr NtuMfAC* mWh 

r^o, Cail ma ol4 fathfpna^, but a Muitifaca'i pbce t» 
In lh* home. 

m^mt PM itoaa w rf inallawlng Mrt, circa 
1973. (DrattlMf (Ik* tltha wa* qiiMa aii iiaal 
bacic iJbaeifl'lin aaaairaa aa#f 

H«Kt fwowtii: Ask Alax lM«t AbH wan 
rawa^* aM bi Prfvata ft rn ■tidaairtai 

October 1992 

_D McmoM 


Im feefene the pnch WH Smith 
add 6Mts both dropped the format evfjf n the 
yeaf , and ttw past few nmontts has seen tie sup- 
ply of Jtjipfice games dfymg up. thou^ Ihere 
are qwte a (ew planned for Cftfistmas release, 
Wiat IS the truth about the CPC mwket? Why are 
the softies and shops cutting bach on tfie 
maclime? M reveals al: 


a format erf our 
n volition" 


L*st stfnmer 55 CTC gannes were released 
ini t« mactme was responsible tor 6.8% of the 
the total cofTvtiitVf games marl^. ThH surrvner 
rs 32 games and a 4,2% ntarkef share. Do Che 
rrtalhs and yo(/l see that saies o( ftAwduai 
games hawe aciuaiy nsenf 

CPCT T1i«a »t*fl rlfftrt u^,,. 

$o<ties care? Amstrad toorfs crcu- 
laitton has rts«n from what it was last 
year. fSyng m tf*e face of a supposed 
'ctecine' n the niarfcet- But (Jo ttie soft- 
ies care? Of Ihose Anr^ad owners tfiat 
do txjy Sega x¥i H/tetMio maclmes, 
tf« mauorrty are hanging on to tfier CF*Cs 
too, i>ec3us« yoy tan get games for £4 
rathe* than X40. and you car^ do Ms of 
ftor»^ames thmgs *nooss**e on a key 
boardtess console. But do the sofhes c^e? 

No. What ifwy care about - inderstand- 
abfy realy. fi these reces»onary times - is 
money, and there's far more of thit ip be 
made from the console ntarfcet. Fo*' a start 
cartridges are imposs4}<e (or at ieast very hard) 
to oirate Then there's the fact that Uiey seem to 
t>e able to get away with chargmg wfut they hhe 
for the games. Streefflg/iter it on the Super NES, 
yoi^s for only £70 (offK:;4al UK released Kmj of 
gwes the fce to fliat oW software iKbstry dan* 
tfiat games are so eKpensrve because of piracy, 
cfoesnl 4. when an ifvpvaiable product pops up 
at Urn sey0% qwc} mark? Sega and ftnterMJo 
carlndges cost atsoul £6 to manufacture, no- 
dentily, a mere £5 more than the cost of 
producing a g^irie or> two 15' disks. 

tN«fy 'died 

^_ our Why? Marty just 

because the ^ comparMes are keeri 

to buid tjpon and nflate the onsotes lad to cre^ 

ate a praq^ee ma^s^ofit games market 

But vi(^ of Ihe tubMet The soltes are keen«^ 
try and create a PC ^rr^es marfcet. srce the PC 
s the on^ macfme iitefy lo survive tfte ptrge. 
fTtiey cant hi off PCs as the machines are so 



Whist the reduced choice rnay be party 
responst<e for this rise fltss games to choose 
from means you're more ikefy to buy a cesrta*! 
game), if s clear tfiat the big software houses 
hwe 'ditcfie<r the machf« fir too earty. M 
Matthew Tims of Oomark admitted - when guesr 
tioned ower hs compan/s decrson to stop 
produc«t| games for the ST - 'we do lend to kM 
oft fonr^ts of our own vtMxm' 

So ts the CPC dytig? Of cotf se not. !>« m* 
ket tsdf ts perf ectty heaRfty, iTs just the lack of 
games and the reduced nunber of stockist that 
IS causfig the problem. CPC softMrare ts, accord 
Ing to offtcial industry figures, currentJy 
out-seing PC software and Super NES software 
combfied. despite ber% so cbffioJt (o 
get hofd of. But do 
t h e 

ire h 


Jling litfKy are many 
ignoring the macttlne? 

There's a !M less morwy w\ a market mtiere 
j>eople have grown used to not payvig more than 
ten or fifteen qunI for a game (the lower the 
price, the lower ttie profit mark-upK and many 
wait for games to appear on the £4 rerelease 
shekAS wft&f. There are otfier problems vwlfi 
producing CPC games now, not least itie fact 
that many decent Z80 programmers are mov«% 
from tfie C^ and Spectrum to the Gameboy - it 
uses the same tim, and the pay ts better* 

Al home computers are tjider aoack. Lots of 

btg SOftws (Palace, Storm, Oomark. jlkjdiogoic) 

have stopped producing games for the 

Commodore 64; Domark and landscape 

recently announced they were rw* go«« 

to produce any more games for the ST: 

Atko, Che people behmd ifie Kick Off 

"^s, have jusl amomced the^ vvith- 

.<val from tfie Vnga market. 

rs wfdeiy accepted that wttfm twt6 

;r years al horne convulers wi have effec- 


0]cfer# StPHt to m 

wel estabfcshed *i bu3«ess use. arKJ rrs PCs tfiai 
are used to program games tor other machnes, 
nckjttng Sega and Nrttendo consoles.) j 

Mirfe adults mi^ buy and use PCs. hrw 
rrtany youngstvs (m^ lorm the m^ionty of the 
gamng poputabonj can afford a f^ or the gam^s 
tor It (wtich are just as opeiswe as console 
games)? A laN decent PC fer games use fw*h 
sound card) wpuU set you back about £1 .000^ 

fni here's the realy grwn b*t: Vriualy al the 
cvrent proj^ammers (across the romuits) kst 
got nto programming through messvig aroind 
wtth tite comftuters they owned as you^sters: 
th^s ifce the CPC. Spectnm or BBC. Whai of 
Ihe neict generation of prc^ammers? The kids 
that grow up today, knowing only consoles, haw 
no ocportuity to play around wm srvie BASIC 
and machne code. 

So wf^ere are the programmers of the fubjre 
gOiig to come from? If they dortt sbow. Mihere 
wl tie games of the future come from? Wt com- 
pufer gam«s go dcnwi n hi^ory as (he ridustry 
mal kiied itseM? And do the sofbes care? 

I^ibe Ihey soon wi 

lARur mmi 

MHial WWiMiTnM'JB 



Good otd Mgel, ^MtiA a fine world chamoion he 
5, yes mdeedy, Nm and his car, I guess Grem*n 
txxis are rubbtng theif hands m a partKulaily 
gleeful mareief owef Mge's success, as it's sur^ 
bprnpeu up potential sates of 9k. game fio end. 

M^e/ Mansers Watid CtamfnofKhp sets you 
at (tie vntieel of Mansefs famous WAams car as 
you race through Ihe 1992 (kand Prix season, 
tachlng bads of cprcuts, racirtg toads of o1^er 
'J'fvei's and toads of other cars, (PresomatJly the 
>? number of cars as thers are drivers.) 
^e IS a whote range of sJya (eveis ("from 

^ .«el clearver to woiid t>eater^, a neat learner 
track, and ful world cltamfjionshfi points system. 

Of course, vtf^d makes the Amstrad versior^ 
of Nigel Mansers WC even more of a game to 
get ejucited about rs the fact that it was YOU. 

dear readers^ th^ made it happen. Gremlin were 
set to pull out of the CPC nwltei They carrje to 
AA and asfced us \o fnd out how many of oiir 
readers wanted a CK^ version of the game. 
Hundreds wrote in to say *yeah. we want iiT. 

Gremlm were ovenwhelmed by the response, 
rea^sed the Amstrad marltet was very much aEive 
and kiclung, and 9te ganne hits your k>cal soft 
ware shops *t a coupte of nr>onth's t^ne. Hurr a^f 

Software house: Gremlim 

Release date: December 1<^2 

Price: £10.99 cas&ette. £15,99 di«lc 

Rrtt impressions: Gremlin are old hands at 

the drive-em-up etn^e, arKf NMWC loolts 

ii;« being of the same h<i^ class we have 

come to expect from the Shefhekj softi«. 


mi* iKfHJld giw* yott Ml W*« «f Hriurt Hi^<tt 
Mam*!^* Hk*. Uka m i 

And tkmrm'B twum U in it, 

"Bum up the highways of tfie USA at ttie wheel of 
your Lamborghini f)tablo m the Crazy wortd erf tfe^ 
gaJ Saturday fight Races* OK.-. 

(Three weeks later.. .} 

Crikey, those Arrtericans and their iBegal 
Saturday niglff racesJ There were loads of (fiffer- 
efrt routes and yOu had to try and ram your 
opponents off the road! Ttten diere weie the 
roadwor1«s yiou had to avo*c8 And the c<^, of 
course! Everyone was bettmg oa ttie outcome of 
the races, to try and earn money to entw more 
races and twy fancy attachrrteftis for the car* 

There were four dfwSMns of racers and you 
cou*d fit your car with radar detectors, night 
MSion. and dl sorts of hi^ech stuff. It was wild, 
nan, and very, very dangerous. I survived but niy 

TW flrrl A«Mtr*d ic r **i n hrt to wrtag Hs 
tM». A r«dKl wM un sn K. Hkhm... 

Ur^ibor^iin is much the worse for wear, with a 
coupte Off b(ts messing and a couple of extra bits 
f p*eces of mountain embedded sn the rooft. 

Er. actuafy if s not my Lamborg;hni at ai, ifs 
our publisher Coin's. I kind of, er. borrowred it. 
Better go and tefi him... 

fThirty nwRjtes later. ,4 

Erm. Cf3ZY Cars M from Trtus is out m a cou- 
pte of months. Tel your Spectrum md 064 
owrwig friends how fab ifs goir^ to be. Then tel 
Hian that ifs onlfy conur^ out on Anuga. ST, PC 
and Amstrad CPC. Ho hoi 

And rerriember. don't try the thmgs you don 
compirtfif games m reaf We, ifs not good. R^ghl, 
excuse me for a whde. Sn hurled, he said: 

I most not drive other peopte's cars widwut 

I must not drive otfier people's cars without 

Software house: ritut 

Release date: Hov6ttth«r 1992 

Price: £li3.93 cass«tte. £15.99 disk 

Firft impressions: Crazy CAn SI was a mAt- 

sive improvefnem on Crazy Gal's. If Crazy 

Cars Hi follow$ the sam>e pattern, it couW be 

a real »ma«heroonie> 

n boxAc csvnt, HMTV Popcyit CAM ofi fiionvHfV mi 
CfMlqr CMte to <te ««dNit for M» teariHrbMWnf 

AHdvvtatf WW - C3.99 ' 

tfw (■fBoiH choO'^liH in a Idnd of IMZzzlt EMM 

nw Mund arcad* atfiMflur* ttamnt Mwytedyf 
f murlM liinftai Smpsc«2«fortlMlM«»(Miii. 

Buhtyii tan* ah«y! TlMf«< m q uwB tM W is It* 
aai Mt ud lWf*. HM Ml «l ijart* to b« torom. 


Pi^ i fy DMrt loH ttm k«ft i» iw «». to Pn mm 

ipHn «C)n omtnic m t-^km^ ra^B^ AnHn. 

» ca.f»» 

A nrntf i^a9M»w •« J ••ry •rftM iw to 
K flnraMig ii««««d btodu}. 

mylMcat nwdhnl IstiHunietf ^mOHr cdied ftaMn 

B««*d on Ow NES («ne Mpro MacMoM. «pd r«m»- 
i»ic«< of S49«rcjrs Sheuki te a tcetttm 

lyrpe M ffftoiMi. MattdUnd Otzty. Cam Pynanw 
phia QMiM Sut tfw Skig and CJ in Ifw USA. 

CtAZY CIAS 3 (Itas • £i0.99/£t§.i9| 
C^STM. HmSOm tmt (CnMltitwf * is 991 
FOCFTBALL MMMGDl 3 (AdAoiM • £10 99/<IS 99) 
SUPtR SmWTS €»IAU£MG£ [(Mmnm* ■ 112 Ml 
SUPER STAR SYliOUft (CodaMMaM • f IZ m 

Aim i THE OWMJIICS (MmnOw • £1.M1 

(P«aii*i • £10 99/tliM) 
STRtETFICHTEft Z (IIS CeU • £10 S9/£l 5 99) 

OclobWf 199/ 



Free inrKen you siibscrl 

iw i i af i you subscrlfaNft 
(or r««isb«c:ril»el| 


€»f your f avcturlte 
magaxivte, ev«ry month 

Free dub 

All siibscrtb^rs 
ntrtotnatieally get a 
m«>n'thly Subs Club 


RROXEC-riOni for a 

y«or AND y<»u 

missltifi a copy o<f 
Ams'traci AkC^ion? 

D«i»fM** S«ftwar4''» «KC*Q*«t ^ucafl^ajkl 

progrsMi can now b* yown FREE iMli*fi you 
■■ hi cri b* to AA. Cfc aa n frOM «(t« «l 

€Mi*&tt* Omtjt 

frotn top Fr*-»ch i«ftw«r* botisc LofictaJ. 

BitUcl*fiiilHl, SkWMVfc, 

Miui Bu«|sy. 

Yes! Please enter/renew my subscription to Amstrad Action at the all inclusive price of i 


; UK £».»5. [ EUROPE £47.25 REST OF WORLD ffiS.IO 

Te *ti*uf» you rwcwii* your m«c«zfew jnrf ttp« i^iKJdly jnd undjnufcd, «f wwrv**f i4«b«cnPG'd<n wi *«nf Ar iW 

iffV CHOICE OF GIFT IS tamooa FUN SOMXH. 3 under-Ss 5-7b ovM'-7s LES STARS 

If you sr« an axiitint tubtcTibtr pl«at« quoie your Hibscription r«fflr«fica fiumtor |i»r« - you wM And tfH( on your »d<Jmf Lab«l 




^LULJ flPsLJULD D CHKUI U4txp*/;t^6arj(tjffPMitii^LU/ 






mroui fdisaiPTioN wiu it ptoasu»yMMiumT iut piease ulow 2i qats e» ike deuviat of rous coo». tmonkmh v«i»ttitm }]tT ocrout mi ju/JUG/iml 



Complete the 

coupon and return tt 

today. Alternatively, call 

our Credit Card Hotline on 

0458 74^011 


VtHi can 

•Kb*crl|vtio« art any Urn* In 

pwfiund y4>u In full for all 

unntaiiacl i«sutt«. 

Vow |w»« C«n'« lc»9« »wt1 

— 'die magazine tiiart brings you 



RmcIcwI wftfi 

fpt'JMntt JHMI 

InclMditig ca«npl«rtw 

Wm don't Just 9iv« you an ofvlnlovt, wa ^Iva you 
filiij nrnafM, annotatad ftlaoraniB, tl|>« and nkora Info 
than yoMi'll (fot an 

> 'ji y ftjPi F^l^f-»-,>-j.7^jg^ '^^Tjuj J :=;ii ^5ti'!^"^S^ 

Mamy ^op gjin*«s Ar« 

VWa rnako «uro you 

at budgot 
't ■ii lg» iMty off ilvoml 

Stuck In a yaiii*? £i#«ry n*ontli tfi#a |»rlnt 

hlnta, Nalp, cttaats^ passwv€»rd9« nia|>s and solutlcms 

In by CMir 

O '-T^rJjjjJ^^jIi JJ-=?IIjl; 

r«vl«inHt of all tho latost 

T9 ^^^Sf^& ^^B^S^^Os^^^S 

half*, tips and Inffo for 

|u*t play Santas... l>iJlfS full 
w product 

if av t 'And 

l-«?am h€iw tio us« yo«*r- ■TU»cHln«'s li«illt-ln progiaiiHniivg 
system to wrfta ^otMr oiAm pro^ran^ AND s ao Kiiliot 
re<acf«rr» can do In our foor-p a ge 'Typo'l'** 

music, d«9lctop publishing, 
all the badcground you nead to 
ffi'0 «n your 

tiiev^e's tnudi, much nM»rel 

October 1992 

Mega meg (3-), very big, 100% Sega 
Mega Drive, comin' at ya on Thursday 
17 September (that's soon). Magazine 
designed for all serious Sega games- 
players, aka: the mag with the most, 
The guide to Mega Drive and 
beyond... Slogan: Got a SNES? That's 
you stuffed then. Philosophy: to be the 
best. From the makers of Amstrad 
Action comes the ultimate guide to 1 6- 
bit Sega gamesplaying: essential news, 
in-depth reviews, gamesplaying guides 
and dirty cheats. Be part of it. 



J H 


Another f iv« pages of technical s1tii#f 
-for you -this month, wi^h a PowerPace 
tutoriol, a review of IVIicroOesiciu and! 
more. Write to: TECHIUICAI. FORUIVt, 
Amstrad Action, 30 IVI on mouth S'tree^, 

I am having con&icfefabfe protilems 
with two orograrns from recent cover- 

■ taoes. First Dt all PowerPage, wtiich J 
have transferred to disk as directed. I type 
RUN'OISC and after selecting from the menu, all I 
can get is the message "Drive A; disc missing", I 
have even sent to ^les; for a copy of the cover- 
tape on disc and the result is ttie samie. 

SecontSy GPaini on the May coverta^, I caiv 
not get the program to print on my LC 20. Wlyen 
I select the appropriate icor^ and choose either 
normal or reverse printing, the screen goes red 
and the number 47619 appears in (he top left- 
hand corner. I'm getting desperate; please help. 
Philip Powell 

Wo pro&fem* Fifst of dtt. PowerPage: this 
program speeds up the dtsk drive so 

■ |ha( ioading f^fces Jiess fJmg. Abcu/f iO% 
of drives cant cope wifh t/iis speed, and tt 
sounds like yours is one ot ttem. Simply press 
*S" on the orange tiiSe screen to keep the disk 
drrve af pfs nofmal speed. GPamt is fess easjJy 
so/ved: red faces afl rwnd, i'rr] afraid, because 
somewhere In the process the printifig routine 
got corrupted causmg it to crash spectacularSy. 
To rnske amends, the corrected fites are on Uvs 
monf/is coveft^e. 

Alu Eorroit 


I f awe written to you on 10 previous 
■ ccasions and none of nry letters have 
H been p<iiblished: however this letter is 
zf ^vr^^e imporlance as its outcome may well 
Tea- re 'rfe or death of a fanzme-to-tje, Impact. ! 
iTsss -^-rz that a DTP package can take abo\ii 
lef 3C fojf to print Oiit one tulJ A4 page. As I'm 
X3C ic< w get access to a photocopier or a 
arwcng ^r^ss, * nneans that I will have to prmt 
Dir id -?« -3%e&, so I would like to know if this is 


Soffy, it's Quite true, Tfie exact frnie 
varies according to how much blank 
H space there t$ on your page and ho^ 
yotsr pnmer operates, but 30 minutes is a fair 
esipmafe. To be ftonest, printing out every single 
<Dage on your" prinifef is a Cra^y idea: you'H wear 
out expensuve ritibons tike ifiere's no torrKwrow, 
and ii you're untucky your printer iiead could gfW 
out (cosfwig op to £80 to rep^irl Do the sensiWe 
(hung: go ttown to your newsagents and buy a 
copy at Exchange & t^rt, which has plenty ot 
adverts for cheap maikirder photocopying ser 
vices. Vou know if makes sense. 


1030 PRINT s$ 

You might want fo put m extra tines to pause 
it a key is pressed etc. 

I'm hoping you vM answer my ques- 
tions because i am trying to start a 
■ disk fanzine, 

1 . Is there any way to use drawings done on 
Advanced Art Studio in BASIC? 

2. Which PD librairy ShOuW I write to for 
SuperSonic, the music program? 

3. Is thEfe any shorter way to make text ftfes 
than having to use the PWiT command all the 

I will send you a copy of the ftrst issue o1 my 
d»sk fanzine when if s finished. 
Patrick Morrissey 

lis good to see that M's Is^zme series 
IS encouraging people to start their own 

B fanzirtesfjA/iyway, fheanswers: 

i, Uncompressed prctijres can be loaded by 
LOAD ■fitename'.&COOO. You'ii have to set the 
iniiS up yourself. 

2, SuperSom was on M's August covertape 
fissue 83i. it you don't have a copy, order a back 
tssue for £2.50 

3. Well, to create a tent fife fhe best way is to 
itse a wordprocessor which can creaJe ASCtl 
Jites fPf otext is your tiesf betk You c&n Ihen view 
ft from a BASIC program as tallows: 

1020 UNE INPUT »9.a$ 

1. My b&d uses BASIC 1.1 so does it 
^SOrttain the 6l2S's ^0025 chip? If <t 
H does, then why doesn't CP/M Plus run 

on my machine? 

2. How many pefipherafs can f have hanging 
off the back of my CPC? fm thinking ol buying a 
3,5" disc drive, ROM-box and Multiface 3. 

3. Do Slop Press and X Press, use all three ol 
the AMX nwuse's biiUons, as my present mouse 
only seems to use its left button? 

4. Is there any way from BASIC of accessing 
the exva Mk of the memory pack without using 
the suoplied bamk switching software? 

5. Finalfy. how do yoy load compressed Art 
StEidio files m BASIC or machine code? 

Eddie Ballinger 

J , The €64 ROM is siightiy different to 
&\e 40025- There are fvifO itiings (ripping 
H CP/M PUiS up; one is a shght d^ereace 
in (fie keytfoard scanning routines, and anoHief is 
tfie fact Iftaf Ifte iirsf ihmg CP/M Pfus does is 
check for a 61 28 ROM. If anything else « found, 
an error message is displayed However, your 
dkTronics memory expansion mauua! confains 
details on how to adapt CP/Vf Plus (pages 323 
to 3r25h 

2. Voirr above shopping list y/iil work qmie 
happiiy on yoLrr 664 ■ my own 664 sefup mcfudes 
afl the above and works perlectly v^eH. 

3. Stop Press uses all three mouse buttons. 

4. Wot easity. If ymt enter MEMOflY &3FFF, 
then you can switch in any Of the extra tour 
bar^s ot I6k into the memory range behvcen 
UOOO and &7FFF by OUT &7FOO,&C4 ikr the 
first timk). OUT &7FO0.&C5 (tor the secondJ, 
efc. OUT &7fO0,&C0 restores fhe normal setup. 
But if you want to do anything except PEEK and 
POKE, you'll have to use the supplied software. 

Ociobe-r 1 9^^ AHtS'TftAD ACTIOM 


! 464 ind k bMAt dMcMm vmef A 
e» ivrh, i4t«r Ht* fioi a wng pra^jnit aid Hiwi 
nu¥e tfwm to t bachop of iia oflginal. 

$idt a:^ Lo4(> up tfH profram 'PROTVPf ' ant 
ri^r ICHtMtY MMEH^ In IM tro 1» ICMOftY 
HiBi' . to 1M» 220 ID 240, «« BMW •»«« 
iFCWfT.V.^fMt rum*' l« net pMiiM* nd «o i 
vM hM* to b* mm i» MiMWiif mm 

fgMfti*^: fHMiunwSr^foM milt'': 

[fOWT.#<<inlS. »faH i Mn »S 

£idf A (hir y»* with pT«t«xt}; Und TCOWMT 
■nd dalM Ah 120. Tiwn nrwrt -OH Bfl&W 


-CONR&Mr . twiM* in* 10 trtii: iO iS.lliP' 
VUUjU'J'MNIUI.^aS . Whan run, t Aidd mm 
(Old up ttw f enti and jmtorm m ipadAid bi Ow 

M: TlUdlu • lot: I can pArtonalfj' vouch 
ttitt P4H#f httir wa« prifiFted uritfi Pvotype 
and looht very titwrtf 

on my 612> Pfea. and n«r rvt Mlwd Sw prab' 

erf lipt/Ad iTjnster mi nwMvd 012ft 
. FbSdw flit l>vttnjLwnt In flw trvww pf ^ 
fr,am, btii mnjaibw «■ Pte mm** liawt 4 
mamtk 9SMifm mWI, I*, 4 tnfV (Ad «W Mftf 
ptMt PtAV itft*A tny li«r to ttfrt tnd iHi«n flit 
tlflMl nap* vltar wdi btoeh, pftu PAUSE on 
flw tap* daeii and count le 11) b«ba*«n tach 
dck (HI ttt* dilt drtw {MpMCbSy tnOi 
fewarPaft)* Good bck, lM» worli* ICXJ^ for m*. 


Son* Morattmt CALL* f of yow rtadirt: 

CALL WOO; fMl hd gf hvcton Iwy MW- 


CAU tlK«E: AHti th* tipa tnOat r«Uy 


CAU. UCAf : ihsU tfia iMBtf cMp up. 

CALL tBCCft: itpp an^ machta* cod* iKvniptt. 

I hop* ih*H tnrfc w ai CPC» |t h««« a 
S12t|. FInatr. W« itt* rot«*« rttati th* nC 

10 FOiR •:^4.AO0O TO t$ism. flEAD b: POKE 

20 DATA 

i2lvtl)0,400^1 l,t0O4OO^3,410,taC» 

I Ims a f rtfiefc pinprt wIm dortnt vid«rilaad 
EnifMk. I pr«tar t» Mild my l*tt»rt 10 Mm at Htt* 
BASC prasTMm but uittil a law {layt ate. I *at 
MMipvd 4i to faow to pnlM looan «Mi accantt 
OH. A* hw Mlwad M I flieufM fd ihart th* Mhi' 
ttoii for anyon* with tfi* taifi* probloin. Ty^ Mi ^ 

5. Cornpress«<f Ai Sft)<*o fiteJ aren'f 
jfifenfted to te us«f from yoi# own pfogf$m$. 
However, sftowW yoti wamf (o saw sfuce, tNs 
montfi's covertape incJvdts a screen SQueeier 
iSQ23} whtch dbes the jo6 «ce«entiy. 

HdiirtA ) Ai^n :u upgrade my 464 
■ Plt» wKlh 4 di^ ^rm 40d 64k RAM 
e^pdr emOci. I hav« already cot a itMice and wa^ 
wondering if rt is possible to Mxh th« dish drivf 
andl exoansion to the bxk ci my MiJblac«. there- 
fore not havf](g to detact) ft to use them. I would 
alw t*e to knofM wtiy, when I setect orte of the 
control ctxki on Pretext fe g large} sni thefr go 
to prmt on mf Star LC-20, it comes oot as nor- 
mal pnnt. 

Tfte Pbs owwfs ire reslfy out m force fhrs 
mor:{f?, arer^t they' 6oil>) (fie ds* drive axf 64A 
RAM expansion Md ft on tfw^ ^^cfl 0^ your 
Mulbfxe iwrtfi ^ ibik drive ^ the baciti 
However, you donj ^btdfy need fo lori^ out £50 
for 3 RAW expartsjorT f tmderstafMf fto R&C 
Systems Design f08J 552 8900} are hopmg to 
offer an ffif^f^ upgrade sen^e for 46^ Hus 
Ommers. flncidenta*K fhe reason ( recommend 
R4C IS t>ecause the/** ataiys arKteiafcen any 
fepa»f s fw throKffl the* wajr Qwckiy, cfieaoV *>d 

pro^essionaiy tf ytx/ve had good experiences 
iv#r ot^ comfxanies. (jVop AA ai kne? 

As far as Pi-rteat goes, have you set up the 
coolrof codes property^ Vou shooW use (he SEt 
PtSNT commafjd to x$^ @ ietter to eacf> codie. 
then you car? use Jfiwn n yowr document jb-y 
presstg CfRLX totmfed by (fte letter, Ma^e 
sere to s*ve the praiter driver and rekiad rt rt*ien- 
ever you *anf to pr*rt fusing the fWf/TEfl 


We ivave tiad a fault on o<jr 464 Pkȣ 
(oof another Phs! ftKhmdi after 7 
B rnonths o< correct functionirtg The 
compute hums when sMtched on. and when Fl 
IS pressed the comouter functions correctly for a 
few momenis and then red Ks aopear. Is this a 
wirus or IS It easly correctabie? If SO, how? 
P Brown 

Nc^NofHci Pfease. eieryone ouf fftere in 
rcidder^and, mp blaming ttmgi oi^ 
H v)fuse&. The only (bent^t vktfs ever 
kncmn on the CPC foated around the German 
c racking scene a few year'^ ago and is now wirtu- 
3i?y CKtmcf, *n ger)eraii, i*tise<. are pieces^ of code 
umgue to JfrM machmes wh#cft corryp* yovr 
(fscs. They dOTt cause ptrfstu^ damage to yoir 
coniV»«jfer, and ^e prettji' rnuch unknown on S- 
iwfs soch as the CPC, TJjc actual dinger of such 

Only me! ALEX VAN DAIVIIVI N«re Again 
Mflth that s«c:tlon €■># Tscmis FcMttiiw s«t aside 
for «|uestlons from people who are still 
Just getting to grips with computing. 
Confused by hex7 Lost In BASIC? Then I'm 
here waiting to hear from you. Send your 
beginners'* queries to: ASK ALEX, Amstrad 
Action, 30 lUlonmouth Street, Bath, Avron 
BA1 2BW. Rest asssured, I'll do my wmtrff 
best t<» try and help you... 

' HArf hf a §*m of tl(« |f T ii d m«* U** 

HAM miw ll a md tm AA. 

1 Howtd ikM to J(Aow tamMNng «»«ui a 
n imhk* 2. Mm 3 9 incA dM Mm in* 
wfMt (hoy art capaM* of. What do IHNi mi HOM- 
IX>S nwanr Whal is a "6 (odfioT and mtui doo« tt 
do? Adam PMan ii a roal waiy and noadt in* boad 
axjfiwwd Itod i^ ' M*4 Can yoci ttt Aduea- 

tfonal uflwar* or word procetfort on lfi« 3 5 Incb 
Mn M I *t» to buy on« tor my Amtbad 6128 Pfut? 
WotM ofiy 3,5 nc«i dr^ iKMli tf it km ulUetHd \t> 
mf computtr. or nt ■ 5 25 Irtch drtv* MMr, 4ad 
a4iy? Pl«af« try and tntmti afl th* ^ilrtdill. Hm 

ben* to Jrtfiii«ff Afiyway. bora fe*«... , 
Itoea 2^4 cefiytng 6*¥ict that Mi yov pur 
t*p* gamai onro duJi It iMnY b* to inueji u«« Fa 
yaa. ba ca nwo ai a £126 Pivt otin«r ai jMur f jnrn 


October 1992 



j^edScoB h^ been eoofmousfy overtiypeii by the 

So. Sits not 3 vifiis. what js it? H sounds Wte 
icrr^tfmg us e^)ef Vifong wrth (t» acltjaif car- 
VtOgt (ft «tiKti c^$^. Checking to see if th« 
taadme wotiss Mtft airKjtfwr carVnige pktgged n 
% 9 gootS xSeS Of WF0} Che computer itseff. if you 
saf ftave d gwarafftee. ta*te rr back to 0>e shop 
fW bougW rt ffom and ^ for a re/)(ac*m€flf. 
Oflwnwse, (fs off to the reeAtirnen io( you ■ 
sgafi, tfyRSCofimn 552 89C0. 


I aoi irpog to io3<) sectors directly 
froim » di^. t}u1 am not having much 
ktck. A CPC-owfwtg coKeagoe s^ys 
tt^t there ^e ftrmware f<M/tines availat)le to do 
Css however, they are fw! ftsted in my 464 
ftrmware gvde ISOfT 1 58). !s iJus tsrue. and if so. 
how are Utey (rted? 
Or. Jacob Adami 

Tte AMSOOS flOM confawis a fxjmbef o* 
fOiltnet designed fot purposes 3uc/i as 
fli th«s. fhey ai'e at! m Vk form of RSXi. 
rtriti (he s*igffrc/t3f3cte/ names CTRM to Cm- 
t> tf j«ju can /5*>d a copy of SOFT 968 (^ 
coitypiete CPC rsnge firtfiware gmie) or SOFT 
1 5BA (the dt$k difrvc fifitm^e gade) (he/If heJ|p 
yw, buf here's a s-artipte «semWer routine to 
ikwd track 36, sector 4C5 from a (*sf «fo 

jre on tfnlr. ttMt /w 4$4 i>wn«r$ wfia afitr*d« to 
dliffi Jt Ml Ihtm Jojd tfwr orlgjnaf gmrtst mort 

iir ^Smf {»« mocki ROW «« yituH Iwt tQ hvrry if 

dhif* only ttewot tttcttt htv« 3.5 incA driwf ttw - 
t9 n't jHft ir<^ ttM botfMf for you. A ttw PD 
tbrtfitt can copy tfwir totiw*rt vntv 3 9 tiKh 
aiikf for you, tttCfJif*. 5. 25 fncf) drhtt mtte otfrtc 
popfMf * ttw yetft ago. imt ikw tfwt J.5 irxh if 
nwr# of 4 ttAfldinl on exptttiim imtr-poctO) 
ComfxAart Mk* STf and 4MM«> "*« O'"^!^ **" 
tiickttd down (o tit Mnatrtd titen itid 5,25 inch 
drint arn qtjnt rvt- It'f ^t^abiy better to gd for 
J 1.5 kKtt drWt, tfMn: «iy ^frwv a&wiii%*d for flte 
CPC nil uottt ivrtA yiour' Ptuf 4t lodf 4i yfiv (efl tfw 

A ROM it J tikrwi chip nfiith containt i pro- 
fFMTi. uiu»fl^ « HrMwi w* Me i woni-prtamttr 
Of ptografvrwt lijn(iia|g«. Thty donX hold mueh 
tt^ t»l bta tit* b*%t thing aumt thttn Hthat1t» 
p i yn b raaOy to go n *Pon at yov twNcti (!p - 
- flier* inMnv tor it to ioadf Jo ba «M» to Af 
AOMf tt) rwr cofTi^er, y^ ii9«4^ « ROM boAnl 
tMek fb«i iiMo tfw bich of the nucNne. tVhtt 
^-^"^ " Wi *dWrS*#d it * '•« weifef ROM-bnard' 
ytrnfibtlPtiiiffOtH (Somv ki yov pkt 
m lie fflHf utttt ttiit tsfl't much uta at 
lr «• hfw t9*mvad the extrj rw» fv 
*t A* lyi^w Md BA5IC anyta^) Tinjuy. ff OM- 
COS ii atm df ik* frpfrdnn ^au tan £et An ROM. M 
J««i jm iw « JS inch dhii drivff to rtf rtifl poton- 
(W. bM MBfe drfifc !wihle]£ * mjtfne iOOk. R«a^ 
f O0d. «x«t^ Atf* m htdt of protfatnt m pvr- 

.Store .address of 

.'5(or* ROM nu7>- 
,'address lo resd 

Id ty(,ccKrifnsnd 

ki (adikktu 


bS ift»Tmo),& 
ber of rovtime , 

sector mro 


kid.36 ;trac*f36 

W c,4C5 .sector ACS 

ni 3 ,fwnp to foutme 

addr; deftvO .mline paramefef for 

romnc'de^O ,in<ihe p^amefer for fi!OAf 

ret .refljm from rou- 


commafld:* 4+4ao,'CTRt^ pft/s iSaO flast 

Jf me sector mi re^ withovt pfOWefflS. 
carry 'S trwe and A is zero. However, ft a dfsc 
error CfOS^ied up. carry js false, A contains an 
error ovf^ber artd HL contacts the address of an 
"error st^ftfS inrffer'. Aif oifter regfsten are pre^ 
served, except Jhe 'bgs. The rcJiiline can fie 
adapted lo wrrte a sector to fSsc SJimp(y by usmg 
tfie comm*id CTRt€ tso the iasf iw w(HjW 
become 'db S+^STJ, 

tvadint progratm to ccH«p«r«f« Mtft ^ txlrj ISKi- 


PauflM SfnHh b • 464 Ptin 
to iwrad*. 


^^ 1 tKW^ « 4M PIvt t»«t y««r - 1 EOt ft orifi' 

■ iu>]P for ttw kkH to if» txft I toond ihey 
couWnt b4 boihtrml uriffinB for it ta ki^d, to J 
ttoocM that mjytH I c«uW idtf a iMI drive. I tm 
toM IttM I ii««d ^ 013t'l inteff»c«, that it murtt be 
medMfd, and th«t I need a *«^eer. What I know 
a6<wt die wQffclnit of t mmputar you ceuid M on 
d» back 0* a il*fnp and »l» have room tot Th* 
£6rTifi(«1* werki (>< $h«k««j>«4re, to I tope |hi can 

■ It ft cprrfufk^ Jtnl M PatdiOfa? Thar* art two 
m pfotitemt wUh Attifif c #»i( drin to dw 4<M 

Plut iNfMch. H y«u'v« fward, mutt ba a D(X1 
ttiodti: otfief diHSi drrtat Oont have the Mdrfwi 
y«cf Mtd;. one baiot thjf di* connectort on die 
Pfcpt »re {Jrtfef fflt f itfticii ft »*5r jwif need a "nMt*!!' 
Of a<t»pt&r), the odier that it naodt a ttw nttr- 
attortt TO irorfc An your PbH. What Td uiggttA it ttut 
you buy a DOt^l interface and dhva from soma- 
wlMre ftry die JU SmaB Adt. 1h«/fa chaapaf dwi 
baying now}, ttien 'phwie arvuneT die ^M (iP*«ial- 
ittt Aar a Atw quotet on adapting M. Wi quMe a 
»nip(e {tp^Tjtiw), M if you g«t thargod OvOr tea 
quid ftni'ta ttiag ttppad o*P Thfe* numbe/t to ti^r: 
UC ^y^bKrm Ottigfl fOSl 552 S900}, WAVE f 022? 
fl70000j. *ftd Oarrvna roaj 3J7 n7d n«^««t^ 
Qocd bcfc. antf M m« know itow fOti f «t onf 

. KEY 0,CHR$<1W}; KCV 1,C#«^HU; K£¥ 

f Then. «hanever jfou mat* to mtd m *(XWt 
Into « iM l» b* prinded. lAHrt dill Hcpience; ifte 
latler. CTlt-V, CTBt-A, Cf^-ti. die accent. 

f CTRL'V, and CTRL-B. For 0h Kcent, prett 5HFT 
and \ (l»c1ciia«h} for a pM* *«c*nt fO for * dr* 
cumflei. fl for an Kult accoM and tZ ihotrfd 
you mad an wiiaitf (f Md i»r tho» wMh German 

Aiex Willtam$ofi 


i* Uten of ihrnw't excaHem Majiani 1.9 -^ fbid » 

•ecret iTtottagi* concealed wWiin dieir ROM. 
- lypt bQW?(CL and all Htl 1>« rtwiM: ^ume 

tlie^ rriver ^ol around to wtttifig die promked 


DSHt BfOOfct 
: Hexlum 

M; A quicfc iook at (om« oilMrr ROMs wf- 
gests that UMft of the originat Am«tr»d 
. lerUt interface coidd try tyj>ing IR<MI' 
CAT,ltFFFF Anyone ebe diicoirerfld any 
fun hidden f eaturet? 


I have a 612B Pivt whkli hff li*«ii rtHx^Med to 
I accept lape ioadkn^. Orw pt ebfan) I encowMred 
^ te dHl the naw 6ASIC 4o*vft t««m to wppert 
the conwuftdt I had on nqr «fd 6120, rTAPE.n. 
rrtfE.OUr, lOfSCM and fOWi OUST. After a dtort 
tetaion aldl my aiiaitdiiir I cam* up wOt A* fol- 
KWIPC eBWiiK W . lype ■! ang rgn mo lUMiMem 

10 FOfl kltfOOTO tAF14 READ a$ 

20 POKE (,VAM*t**a$;: HEX! 

30 DATA D0.4E.OOJ>D.4«.01.0D,9{.02 

40 DATA 00,%.&3.Ot>.6€XNl.C»O,«.05 

50 DATA E0.e0X9 

Thi« roufkw it a tlm^ memofy ttpy pr»> 
fram. *c£*««d bf CALL £Af=00. kK«tion lo e«py 
to, locatmi to copy from, numbef of t>yt«. To 
ii«t ft for die mhtint cefnmandi, yov need to Mt 
up the Pkn for Up« «r dUk oper attoi. copy dia 
rift* (art of die liinpHedi to a ut* pbt* in 
memory, chanta' via nM tyttom balnc wad and 
then copy die orlKinal iwnpWocfc batik. A &t 
coinpttcalod. b«i i*^ «lHn yoti lei die hai^ of 
IL The MPUT lumDUock e«n«l«te of 21 bytet 
from UG77, and 3 from 1^98. Tlie OUTPUT 
ewrirti of 19 bytH from 1BC8C. Ai 


CALi iAF00,lJin«l.eCSC.19 

CAU tAFDd.teC«C.tAF19.19 
Edrnond Sftnicer 
HeckfnoffiMltd, W, Yodio 

AA: Good to tM P««ple Kettmg to grip« 
with ^ Pk» niacMrl**! Edmonds routine 
it actuary utefid for afi Cf^ owner* at a 
memory copier. For examptte. to cof)y the 
tcreen to t£OQ0, type CALL 
tM(jOXB0OQ.W0O0,tMm and CALL 
&AF00,&C0O0,&6OO0.MOO0 to eet it bick 

tober 1992 AfWS'mAD A<-noiW 


We g<»t ault« a fevir 
nbotrt ^»tMr 
■n€»nth. And lier« 
th«y all 

i.OAK»iniC raoM 



i must admit rtn 3 bit of 3 con> 
puier duoce - fw 01% had mjf 
fli Amstrad a few weei($ - but Tve ^' 
minted to load the M covertjf>es tne up "^ 
unbl now usng my son'^ cassette fecordef 
plugged jrrto my CPC6I2d. Just tast wetk, j 
Qtough, I tried transferring the programs on 
one of niy old tape^ to disk. £v«Ythng i 
seemed to work Ane,.. eKc^ ihat ( can't get 
anytJmg to load from the dishl fve tried 
mjNXNSC. RUr4l)(SK*3nd«venlCPM(at9l / 
picked up from an old magazine) but nothinf 
seems to w<x^. Wi^sgone wror^? 

fIscMnf f fOfw wrong, flKhtl, it't iMt 


^H fr«ffl disk? for a owt moft of ■>•■ pro- 
vma. on th« tap* m* toiidM rrom tht mMiu 
tcj*«n. hMcIi is wluii yeti fM«d to kwd nm. fiour 
on Sw fUMU tt th* frit ttii^ m Oi* tapt, »id 
urtmi you Iw* fWT {or CniL*ENTtBi iiib#o 
loeAii from upt. tlH computer run the Ant 
pn^MD It «mH to - ttw nww. Fi*t ir* Mer*d ' 
diff«ront}jr ^ 1^. tfiou^ - tivtrt's iw ttart and 
finuh to X dtok. to you c*»t i«t ttw eomfiutor to 
loud the IkrsT thk»E H fmit, c«n yeu? Wlwit yw 
havt to «» If ty^ RWlSNir. TM «■ brirtf up 
lh* nmiu fCTHfi. ond youl b« «bl« to ttwoM 
tfw profrarti yc>u wAflU |^ 

nnissiniG fii.£S ^ 

J've got a 61^ and althoi^ I J 
{Jofrt mind k>a*ng the Govertapes ^ 
H from tape, I prefer dt^s^. Jhe trq^^ 
We &, Tve tried using the tapetonjisk transl^r 
routine <xt the tape and, iwWe m^ny of the 1 
fie? !f ansler property, some don't. Tve tned it 
agan and again and the same ting keeps 
happenir^. T?iere carTt be anything wrong 
wTth my equpm&tt. c;an there, or ncieirg 
vkmM transfer at al? 
Raymond Rerce 

Front utiat jroti uy. ftayrDOiid. it Mundt 
to m« H il ]ro«/n utlaf « lap* rocordor 
■ ««wul 4 ItEM tOCkH To 1rmff*r fOft- 
wirv ftbtt^y, y«w £129 n««ilt to bt ablv to 
m te h Bh c«him motor on ind off ii^Mn i 
w»t»t to. Tti* irtfMirtr reato* wort* by frtt iMtf- 
Iqf • 4li Inm npt, tbw amtiif 11 10 dm. H tin 

ftt it happoAinf, At tap* piayar i« hatf nay 
tttf ouffi ih« n«xt ftto tM^of* th* CPC ii raady to ~ 
Mart loaAc afiiiii 

Wiai yM DMtf b any piortaHt e«t**aa ^ 

AfWSTltAO ACTtOfW 0<lObei 1 992 


d ipii!i5. 


IZeh dish only • £1L99 (enhsr^er Onty), 
£29.99 [with drigiiial MicroDetienj * 
Cantpurioft, 16 Slatefteld St, GaJkmrgate. 
Glasgow G31 lUA < 

Btasts from the Past (number one n a series]^, 
remenitier the original licroOesign? Although 
feted by so*re ^ a DTP package, rts lack of fea- 
tures «i some areas (parbciiariy text errtryi made 
product any sort of serious tanuK wrtt; re a 
slog. Peter Campbel, an MD enthusost, got 
together wtth progf ammer Jess Harpur to by ^kJ 
rentedy sorw of the problems: t^ restit was ttte 
Tigs' enhancer. 

If you buy the version containing the orjgtnal 
profrim. two disks are suppled. The fvst con- 
tains MicroOesi^ itself, and tfte second 
MicroDes«n Plus, inslalaiion is a snvie 
process, only inwoMng running ^ *ft5TALL' 
program from flie P%i% disk and ii*ti>eimg dis^s 
jvnce- Ffom then on, the updated program can 
be ruR by RUPTDtST. 

WcroOesJtri rtsetf is primariiy a graphics edit- 
ing program wt*ch can be set to use one o* three 
S4zes of page: upfi^ A4. sideways M. and the 
high r«$oluticn 'stro' format. Al the features 
you'd expect are tftere, such as 1^1 area, draw 
if)es, ted (lour sizes are avaiabte},.. However, 
don't think that the text opbon is suitable for (yp- 
v^ n an ar^dk: to move from one hne to the 
next, the OM^ot must be manuaiy reposiboned. 
SimiiiarV< no .text lormatfir^ opbons (such as 
wordwrap, jusliiy or centring) are offered. 

Hie program uses the strange concept of fuH- 
stze and hatf-size pixels. This bas*caVy means 
tfiat any Ine, circle or nnhatever thai you draw is 
twee as chunky as ^ fieed be, as MODE 1 si^e 
pix«lf are used, tt is possible to restore tliem to 
the correct resolutwn by usmg Zoom nriocte, but 
this can be 9<Mkward due to the fact that you 
can't scrtrfi the area bemg edrted. Another maior 
feature is 'icon' operation, wtncfn aUows you to 
kiad in a set of srnal pictures to be simply 
placed on the page or used as fill psttrns. 
Ttiese are also used to create headtoies (numer- 
ous fonts are supplied), and although the fonts 
^e extremely wei<]esigned and look impressive 
wtwn placed on ttie screen, the lack of any auto 
malic cenbn^ and the need to posibon lett^s 
indmluaii^ rnake them 0Me &lcl^ to draw. 

The Ittng menu i^ wel implemented, with fea- 
tures new to McroDestgn Phis mckiding usef and 
drne cliange. The Plus version supports ^i(M 
DOS, MS800, SigBonzo and other extended 
formats, which is a huge improvement over 9tt 
orjgrtal for dx>se with 3,5* drives. Another 
improvement, as the program disables CTRL- 
SHiFT€SC. IS a soft reset opbon. The Pk;s 
enhancer, a separate program, can be loaded 
fro<n ttus menu. If you have a page m memory, it 
must be saved t>efore accessing t^e new prc^ 




Sa options are avaiiabie from the tram menu, 
the two mam ories bemg fie conversion and cus- 
tomise. Ttie latter ol these is fnofe eas*y dealt 
with: it lets you select a pmter df wer from IBM, 
Epson or the new user-defined opbon, and 
change the colours of the mam progyam. Just as 
wefl. re?*y. because the default coioufs vi 
awhJ, * ' - 

The fUe conversion menu has sbe opbons. 
These aBow you to reduce or enlarge a previ- 
ously sawed page area, reverse the nks m such a 
file, and cliange a normal 1 7k bmary scre^ file 
into a OFt fite suitable for k>adir« mto 
M«croOes(gn (/jo matter wtuch mode Ifie original 
was til A fuft^r opbon ^ves compattilty vMh 
Stop Pfess/PowerPage cutouts laMowmg access 
to the huge range of PD cup ^ available}, as wel 
as Stop Press pages. Thts p&mrt$ dedcaied 
users of Stop Pres$> to pntt their pages M«lh the 
far superior printing facihties r MkifoOestgn. 

The one rentamng opbon « that to convert a 
text file mto a .Dft fie: a necessity for fai^^nne edi' 
tors. A whole host of opbons are avaiabie for the 
Sluing of the Df! fiicfs) produced, as wel as the 
welcome abMy lo have any size of text you like i 
m any staridard font. Hovvever, text formatting 
nnist be performed by your wordprocessor, and , 
as for ^omabcaly flowing text around gratphics ' 
or usmg proportional spacing: forget it. 

Finaly, two otiier programs are worth a men- 
tion, Gokkn^ Systems' Page Printer gr^s 
MicroOesign the Ejmque abi^ to prmt out pages 
on 24p«n printers, and as such rnakes the two an 
essential comtmaton for 24p*) owners. The 
ott>ef program is Ihe fodhconmg update to 
MicroOesign Pius ilsetf , with even mate improve- 
ments promised: upgrades wil be available for a 
reasonable fee, so tfut people can feel happy 
tjiflmg the existing version rather than warting for 
the new version. 


Superb printing facilities 

Ujer^friendly mienu tystam 


He adirrtes fidd^ to detjgn VERDICT 8 1 % 

The «tart of a rww teriet spotfigfiting a dif* 
f«rent programming language each monllL 

«>«irt 1: BJ^SIC 

Chance* aro, tf you know a procrammins tart' 
tv*A*. you Itno* &|£(C. Th« moit 
languafo of them all hat boon around 
in* eCt. but it ordy roaty galnad pr 
«twi m Gjlet and Paul AH«n riwHar 
Microwft, *ho now raka in mMion aWi fC w 
HKh at WindowY 3) itrOt« * v*rv«n (or On 
Vf*r inicro, th* Altair. Th* tm^rtt ttfk/$kon *i 91*, 



Judging by the number of tetters Techie Forun 
has cecjEJved on the subject, Pow«fPage must be 
one of the mo^t pD[>iilar serious progs on the 
covcrtspe ever lf$ dt$o on^e of the m<Kt corn- 
pte!<. so thft montti *eVe starting a thfee<kart 
tutofiaf on how to use tte program, and n the 
first thr*^ eprsode we have..- graphics! 

Shove the PowerPage disc m ihe <inve. and 
setect option I from tfie menu. After a few sec 
omjs the saeen should turn white, exceot for a 
bfack bor<}er ariKj mertu t»ar at the biottom, and a 
uos&toir cursor fi tt^ tO{> nght^iarvd comer. 
This cursor rs used to Cfeale grapttcs *i 
Pcwerf^age: tor example, say yoti warrt to draw a 
Ine. Move the cursor tusir^ cwsor keys, with 
SHFT to move m steps of Bi to the start of the 
hne, ar>d press COPif. Then moue the cursor 
around a 6it: the Ine foKows the cursor wrfterever 
It goes, rffas tecttnoue is lywwn as ri^bef^tand- 
tfjgj. Piressing COPY agam ftxes the Wre m 
ptwiboft, leav*ig you tree to do sortiethmg else. 

tn a Stfn^ way, eloses {cifdes or ovals) and 
rectangltes can be fubbert**irded, For rectan- 
gles, use SHFT and COPY, arxJ for efcpses, 
^#T arxl TAB When you try 1Q <km an e^bpse. 
the rubber-banded sfi«)e wi sfJ be a rectan^. 
fiorti Morry atiout ttus - the ettpse wM appear m 
1^ com^s of the rectanglle just 9$ ^oon as 
you've pressed SHFT and TAB once more. The 
or4y ottier vnmediarte Keypresses you F%ed to 
know are TAB {to p4ot a point), ar>d CTRL af>d 
TAB (to f* 3ti ar eai 

Lef s say you want to draw a sw^gje^tfte bor- 
der arouTKl your page l^a necessity for 
professkmaHooking DTP p^es). Move to the 
bottom left comer Of the screwi, matung sure 
that It does/Tl scrol. and press COPT. Move up 
to the top left corrw of the screert, and press 
COPY again. The first bie is feted m place. You 
cm now i^aw simitar faies on tfw screen to the 
top r^. and from there to the bottom right. 
When t^ese three f^ve been (jb'awn. draw bnes 
on the lower parts ot the page to get at these, 
move to the bottom of the screen and hoh) down 
SHFT and Cursor down to cause the page to 
scrol <lown. 

Vou mrght W(e to s^ve tf»s page tJOrder fof 

80( breui^f iMt id huge fwpubfiiy tt aknon ai 
■i jt fcH Mit t»me witfi f byii'in vtrwn oT the lt»- 
Wt H Dut nuny younc cofnputcr owfwrt cm 
pn^MMinc SHih (Ml )L 
MSK fBt0ftmt' fM-putfttt* Symb«Go 
— ■'— Cod*) it sinvto and i«y to team. Each 
(it» • In* fiiimfa«f' n front & it, 
iiiiiiti*r«d in* b«me «XKUt«l hrtt 
, MCMrf iMiMt, «te. Conwnam}* ar« in 
, M irii*i«M yw Hfi^ «M 
r tQ priot a intuage on ih* tcrHn (r«n 
Patcif, BAStC tH*» TfaNT. Thif n n«t to my tfiei 

figure pro4JuctKins: th»s imot^s usmi^ the menu 
b^. Hold down Clf^. dnd use cursor left and 
cursor nght to move the h^ghight btock 00 the 
menu bar from ^toch* to Tie". Then fstjl hoW- 
mg dcwn CTRLJ press COPlf, The disk drrve wi 
churn around a btf. and yoo wi be presented 
wtth a Kt of opbons- Pre&s S (for Sawe). folowed 
by the fiier^ne you want to save the page under 
Ee.g. BCftOERl. Dont press Udlfi yet. but 
remove the PwrerPage dtsk, insert the drsk you 
want to save onto, and then press EWTEfi After 
saving, youH be prompted to re-«sen the 
PowerPage dtsti. This can be reloaded in future 
using 3 Simitar procedure, but press^g I <for 
Load, finHly enough). 

Once you've got the hang oi the menu bar, 
loads more opbons are available to you. The 
Page rr^enu lets you rnove qufcMy up and down 
the page, as wel as be^ abte to clear the wtiole 
tot Of print the page tA5 si^e). Just press the ini' 
b^ letter 0* the option you want, or EWTER w 
RETLH^ to go back to the menu bar. Another 
menu, the Blocfc menu, can oniy be selected 
when you have defined a rectangle {using ^4FT 
and COPf) in^ hawenl fixed it yet. Instead of 
drawing the i-ectangle. Stock operationis ?tte avail- 
able to save the area mside it as a Stop 
Press<oinpat)ble cic art file (the Cut option), 
reverse the colours of the block, erase or black 
0(rt the block, or fH> it verticaly or horuontaiy, 
tkt "Move block* funcbon is awariable (there are 
ttrrvts to wttdFt you can fit into &4k, you know!}, bu4 
an alternative way »s to save a ptece of dip art 
using the Cut opbon and reload from anotiief 
menu - the Import menu. 

This nmu lets you import any standa^d font 
(such as those thM come Mtft the Advanced Art 
Studiol for tesct, which wel deal wcttt rtext time, 
load n a piece of cJip art ir) CUT forniat (eftfter 
s»/ed as above. 0* by Stop Press: there are two 
example pteces of clip «1 on the iksc. LON& 
SHP.CUT xid FRAlC.O/n, cy load n a st^idard 
l?k screen We (import Pictufe). Before nert 
month's instairT>ent. you :mght Uce to load t^ 
(Jijictt Ref&ence sheet swppied with the program 
(toad EXAMPLE from the fie menwl and pnnt it 
out: rt's an irva^able aid to eseperMnefitatioo' 

f«od prosramt cani tw wrftten in lASIC. ihoutti; in 
ftct. » rvnnt PG vwnion of ih« Unfusjit lymul 
BASIC, an ini|)l*HM4Mfln wtlhiMil lin* nwntMnj is 
f#comfneod«<J by WJcroM*! for 1t»M *antinj to 
dtvttop h*t)t-pow*rcd Wmetowt applicatiom. 

CPC owHft ara kickf kt b*inc bletud nidi an 
«jcc«f«nt vffiMon ef BASIC. LoconwCw* BASIC a 
fa«t prtOy imich bue-frc* «id offtrt feituta {tuch 
H IWNDOWinc} twi ouiMy fM^d wi S-M BASIC' « 
«l$a k^^*C*i w«a with iTvChin* ««^, laftieh it 
etufttial tor prorfettioftal pfogrvm. And nucMiH 
«0^ if Htiiit *9 Iwk at n**! men*... 


^ playar Sun h» a REM ledttt. [Dm* vt ih« 
•echati that M you Mtttli ih* taftt r*c«rd«r on 
Ma wf from # twlw cm (*i vitdMi nwrtphsn* 
- yw mint hava u«n th«rn.| Hm catutt* load- 

^ ta(l*«dty«tiiH«Milh«6lZShiv*aRaili«*d 
{A^r AodM Imm, anyway - if n^. cIikIi wM 


wriy *o(i't De4e«idiers 0* the Harth 
transfer to (fcsk? Tve tned every- 
V thmg and H jfni vtoift work. You 

don't say anythir^ about it in the magaTine. 


Difmy Roberts 


111* tnyf on Amftrti Action htv* (Ot 

r*d facad oy*r Out on«, Danny. The tact 

IB it that Othoikft at the f jrtf) it a nHiM> 
load ftanu. TM» iwmi 0tpr the prsgrain ii«lf It 
iMdvtf ftnrtaf ^ and It bads <«i#r Mm at H 
B ii dt ti«ffl. $». far tvafflpi*. iihefl you ca< to 
tht ontf o' l«v«l 1, th* ma^dint mifht have t* 
toad in Lavd £. Now ^n^wnttvi almoTt mvart- 
ably iifrtnt thtilr oiwi Isadan' for tli*s« axtra 
fit% to mtkt ttiwn iMd iMter. lA tbadet' limply 
traftfTtf I a ita Itent taipv or 'Sfk to the nuctifai«'t 
mtmsrt^l tliait Mfrli An* from lap* fat In dit 
eMSjf or dWL M iww twtfi! $« iMt CWtandivs 
<rf tti* EanA wwfwi Anv frem your tap*, ty*n 
thsufh th* IKh tttat nuke ufi Ehe tw tmid 
traittfiw td dhk, 1h* Kam» tttft WMMHt work ' 
lh« profranvntrf' special kiad^n mttM b* 'COA' 
hii«ir I>y ttw ctunt* to Alt. HUTi why If yoa 
MM JMmdfft of ift* Eanfi on iMr (and any 
odMT ntuMMoa^ «4¥«ftApe (aiWK, for tat ibm- 
Mrt, yei/i have to ord«r a tp«cial dWt Mntat 
h«m mmiL %«rf, E>annyf 

I ahvafys buy Amstrad Aclibn every 

month, btrt Tm goo^ to slop 

B irtes£ I gel a tape that bftHJ I 

keep relwning tfiem to Abtex. but the reptace- 

ments never iwrtt e«wr. Cooie on Amstrad 

AcfJion, get your act togethetl 

Marc HugMt 


Wit Marc, tn viiktn a fooh at ttit tap* 

yeu t«nit in wid) ynr l*a*r, and I cant 

^^B Mu H^fwHIg iifQiiC iMtti It — tt naot fn* 

« my *64i Tm ttetum to tit bfi^ on AA and 

ttity M ID* tlHC 96% of dw tapcit p*opl« i*nd 

ba«ft to the aMc* dsftH «pp*«r to haw* atqrthiiK 

ir* Ah* mor* Petty. M»m, Hut yH/ve got • 
ftettmn i»M your nmputerr Or»* easy my to 

war*. If t - Ju a Wl tanr* year an i w e r . ff ft d***, 
try out die dpt printed in tap* pai« b«f«r« 
t«ndtot your tap* b*ch na d«tpair. 
• OiMllnaldiint-DbirTiwtd lauMy tap«« badi 
to ih* fuiatrtd Acticn olhc««. Tfi*y donrt iiMp 
any ipvat tfivr*. M faulty tapet should b* 
returned to Atalex. Th* adib«H •■ prMed twVi in 
Ow mjfaiin* and on tft* t^M May. 

k>Ctob«f 1992 MMIS-TRJUV ACTIOM 


Vow've^ gcvt all y€»ur 

vvha't? In %he final 
part off our DTR/ 
fanzine ««ries. 

printing and 
<f is'trib u tion... 

yoy get yoor magazine 
dUofe^ed? The easiest wsy ?s to get d photo- 
copied. Vo« migjtl be aWe to get thts done fof 
free (e.g. at your own or your pafenfs wortc- 
place, when naone eise is around), ottteirvrtse 
yoaV need to hunt ot/t a commerce photocopy- 
ng service, such as a local Vbrari ot 
Pront^int^yp^ pface. 

The good thmg about photocopymg is that 
^ can run off a ^miM ttandful of copies at a 
bme. so you dont need to jwodiK^e 
arty more thai^ you know you 
can shft. If you're tonftdent 
Af t^evig able to sel 100 
or more copses, 
0101101, it w4 proba^ 
biy be better to get 
tf»e magazine pro- 
fess*oo3lly printed. 

Takealoof< out 
!f^ price table on 
this page. Tths is 
an exanvite o4 ttiie 
cheapest prtfiting 
rates you're riiteiy to 
^ - me higher print 
runs are included to 
show hew the pnce pef 
copy drops the more cop«es you 
(KOduce. 200 is the lowest print run 
a4 ths parijc(^ pnnters (others go lower, jxrt 
most Iposh' pftfit&s wouSdn't consKler arrytJUng 

The cheapest you can get an M cop¥ fs»"«te 
SKtedJ done fw commercially fs around 7p- A 32- 
page A5 msgaiine consists of eight A4 sheets 
printed m both sides {>e. sixteen A4 stdes^. 
16x7pȣl,12 per magaijne. So 100 coptes of a 
S^-page A& fanzine woukJ cost £l 1^ to produce 
via photocopying. You'd then have to worry about 

Whaf 9 th« 

cows COST pvrnijg p«rikJ« 

200 £101,64 SO.Sp 3.2p 

*n3.9« 37.0^1 2,4p 

£1262S 31.6fi 2.0p 

^ *J3«.60 27.7P 1.7p 

IWO £20^,70 m«# t,3p 

> WM-50 la-Op OSp 

Tlurii prie««: Jwm Phncing; • 07*2 


Th« tttfvts pric«t inehKto deiMry, but 

n»t eolUtmft And tUplifit Ewhich it 

clurf«<l at £4,90 per 100 irufi. M 

l»art 3 of 3 

gettMTg hold of a (on^-^rm stapler 
afid spending 3 few hot/s putting 
atl the single sheets together in 
magazine formait. 

To get ZOO co^s of the sanw 
magazine professionaly printed, 
collated, folded, stapled, and deiiv 
ered to your door Husjng Joma Pfimtifi^ 
wotid cost £111.44 C£l0h&4 pfcis £9.60 
for colating]. So thaf s TWICE as many coptes, 
looking reaty professtondl (photo- 
copies are ifioiorfOi^sly crap 
qnt$^). snd alre^ 
assemtjied as maga- 
zines. A^ for a few 
pertce \JLSS than 
the photocopymg 


A couple of 
war nngs tJwygh: 
Yocj don't want 
to be stuck with 
loads of unsold 
coptes (and d^ts) 
on your hands, so 
iTs probably best to 
get the frst issue pho- 
t0COP<ed to get some idea 
of tvM many you're able to 
sel. And don't go to a high street 
printers <Promaprim. Kal Kwik, etc f or the first 
printer you can find m Ye«ow Pages. An average 
printer ¥#oukJ cnxrte you two or three times die 
prices we've given here. There are a handful of 
printers around that speciabse m fanzines, and 
these offer pr ices f^ Peiow ttte norm. 

Owe any of these four comparoes a ring for 
their latest price hst (whtch will also shofw ca^- 
mgs for gfoovy extras sijch as coloured paper, 
coloured wA. gkissy covers, card covers, etc)^ 


Tlw Hid «f tfw 

Pvlatlns (0742 
73091 5h Cheap pr<es. 
relt^Jte service, used by 
around 100 different football 
fan^mes, and they haven't put the prices 
up since March last year (see t*te}. 

Ji«n l^r*«« (52 Cal Lane, Leeds): 
Part of an anarchist coBectJve that also fw>s a 
record tat>et. Very cheap prices, though the print- 
ing can be a bit crap. Kappy with low print runs. 

Ca third Copy C««^r« (081- 
695 01011; Also very cheap (and -a Dst grubby), 
these peopte are h^ppy with prmt rons ot aimost 
any size, no matter how smal. 

Y«chnapr1nt 3000 (0532 
533920 j; A idd n>orfc e)(oeft$ive, unJess you're 
dong ctuite a lot of copies, but the [Minting is of 
superior <juaMy< Also otter the cheapest FULL 
COLOtlft prrrtMjg for fanones that we know of. 

• H you're producing a famkt« on 
your CPC send a copy to AA by 

Movember J 5th and we'll include 

you in our upcoming imJUMt 


• Got any queries about fmxinei 
or QW? Write to: Fanzir^s Clinic, 
Amstrad Action, Beaulord Court, 
30 Monmouth Street. Sath. Avon 

BAl 2BW. 

Selling tKe inagaziiie 

So how do ymi t«V your bote Xj*f u b«4ttl*? Iff not 
ttf. Th« b*tt wty (4 ««l I ittt* nuintwr of coptes 
1^ 10 CO and mnd som«vh«r« « Iwt* number of 
{W(wnli»l bvftTf »rv Uftiy to e^ntftlM^v. Stum 
typ*t ol Utiiint luve more oppommfbtt to hI Wtt 
thiilfun ollwt, 

i yw/rt nimjn£ » foolbat taniint. ifs my my. 
FoodMl miltlHt r*pttt*M I rttidat utthering 
pUc* ef thevMndt of pt^vnai puntwt. Wrtti a music 
Imsm. Wt A« «d|i *My. Jij«t fO 4A4 tlMd cult- 
tKW *fly ritoniK CMMfU^ noQO^i ww ••■•iK'* w 
tftoir «r«]r bi or sit (ar torii]. Ccmputor fiiDiM lok 
han ■ iVftidy hvder tim* of )L Th« «(ily l«^« (Ml»> 
•riHE ^ dto ti^Mt wodd bo j computor thow. 

Tlwufh th*rt V4 qtflta « f •« of Owh cwnint vp IMi 
aiiUjfnn {G«m««nu«ter Uv*, Futur* Enttrtainfnont 
She*]. p«o0* ttiat f o to eompiJler fftom irmt usad 
(0 Mnt *e«ott«d b;pr fanfifw t«llsrf iii th« fjm* way 
tf}M ImM fun and sig-£0«rf are? And How can yow 
l«i idyoh midin* a cartain individual Hat cat? ¥mi 
could afflJ up ipandinf aB day outiM* the ihow and 
not MHnc a im^ copy. 

AiwOwr way to «af ]f««ir mjfnint It to panuada 
a raJ«v«iit ih«p (rtc4rd «h«#. c«rhpdi*r fain** «h«p, 
tic) to wH it. TheyH exp4Ct a commHtkm though; #i 
ItHt top « c^fpy. po««ibty up ts ai oiiKh &% S0% of 
flit C4vcr priM. 

Tpa iTwA cofTiiiiofi+ aaiits and popular ntaflwd 

of flottbt * fa«aln« te tfweuclv th* pMt. Vm e«fi1 
raaity tai a vatt amount of copin tlirovch th^ 
mrttiod, tMJt wiOi a lot of putrikity you can probiWy 
build it up to a «wpi* «f jtaidNd. 

Pubt*c«ty7 mm ym coM alwt by aaiHinE a copy 
to M ' Ml b« do4n« « Nf rtmi up of CPC-pro^ 
duced m*f» in a covpl« 0* monthi tima Tli«*i you 
coiM try taiun« out cUHJftad adi kt ftit¥m» Mfh 
itraat maeazinat. 

Doiflf * lanzfA* if hard worfa, and yoifrfl mora 
likely to k4« mOfHfry than made it, but if « pnM tun, 
iTi fuit as mtKh (un puamt tocffther * nufula* 
with 3Sf*adar» at one wWi 3!^j0Q0. So ito<p blinking 
about ir-doW 

AHASTftACt ACnont Octotwr 1992 


Fast 7 day 

AMAltHG ornv 

of Mr dH<f* 


_..C»f» HA 


-040. J** 

Miw»4i J*A 

«!•«•»« 4Mb* 


r juH i Tu ^* 

CAM* HO... ... 

CnnyOMt* ....... 

... f3« 

- o.«» 

F JlfW I^.H 

Dbxr. ^vy«taf 



F^in S4WI ;! fl*no* 


IV*«4 F4dl».,.„ , 

_ MlP C3 W 



fy o mt im^ mmtstt 

tndini JMM«i ni*iL«ir 
C'vttfh' hwfOn 

jRWtyl $«(« U«A«0tr H*K(rSW 

LMtr*rv2 Nwtaw 

C ^ lnnai' H«*C3M 

I Obhr £3 »» 



. . t*S9 


tf '■'■'' 

Ptfmnmt «,,..,™.— 
Pro T«fln« 'tav ... 


Oiii* f n Fantwifc. 




Oatm*9M]0 .. 

(>***C**^ ..-. -»» 

0><*ittO &(M» HH «.«• 

ftsuoai> Mtwp.a^ 

me*: I>ana*r«ua AtpaC^.ta 

SiwiMreir»S*M< ff*iwC3M 

Sly $» — — — Hmtnm 

13 » 


Tt*Himini — __ 

TMHKli . 

rrMtv"* Mrr0 Otsf 

Tuitaefi* i«<««* .. 

rkfTtcan—.,^-.. ^ 


'mMT . . . 

jcOut -.,. r„ 



... .D«» 
.Nwr t9.» 





021 440 410a 

Amw fCKr wnr, (W4 






^VQrHV^ l-V-l-Pdf El-rk4'li Pi-lT-l il'iTf-''«Hiaj'F#^f4'l0FF§tli«l14liFI 

PwUfiOdt: M-HOi 

Nam tf.C uwvi«a MM C?« (» tun Cihoih p«»iU» n P'-e*Atakr tStdVig M/V 




Wi m mrfr JT mUtnt^r iliirt ra iriyMlt, lit m/ T* 


UiiiV I II k I K wwi*J At M«* 4f m fM« liiir «fr «• (i«M 

fHMH m lit H^«n K rw^ 1 n patt HA Ht t*d rfliK 1* UMwt 

ItAidH ■ livl> bv «■( 4 f Ml «t A* adlM 

■fc it Bt H0 HI MC HnNb piMMW Bn M tlV HV w BtvC 


I i^k used era$«d 

lek and Z7k new .,„ 3£0 ea. or 5 for £1S.00 



Atm two t drn«io taoMtt u Utt 4I7« (M fV} or i44 SwiKli 
kfMM fhcm oj; imM Ma «^ i1k cccnputv on. JioK I iQ I 


SA voy odoeitr oiowi fh* oiUtf (K periphef ad to cxMiwr M iht 

Phrt ffldctoiM: Oolv «■• dicpiv h AMdid,^ MM lor Mdi 

ftiiftifKW' HP mvp w our 3 ' dtini. 

Ivsftno t«^ wiiMiee»«f gns Iron ig^ ipicli. rT*4iKl^ A 


'smidtm' nnsfin. Lvp Mbosttf wmtrantlin 


32k RAMRDM £13.95 

nk 4f KUi Ikr ifM^i i ; t« 1 6i tows WIwi ImM M* rwi 
pr»grwi^ wh ^'i'l U0(i hiJw^<n KQM progran p4l At«f*r 

«Atn| i«ii |mf«« «liM ii M«| l» Ubv gnd *(» (prom} Mj 
tn At Mub It iitMri iH ^ V It ii«Hi li ii tahr US* )iw 
Utdtt <* k ffldM b*Mi « «t Ai Mil, I «M li Nd UN bm 

l«ft«a'jrf7t5iiH: t«twi iiKM»(l&404ii^4«^t4«b4t 
HOK 1 : «r««ti e f iipte<l f *Mi Hwng 1 tOI t« todi ^ 4f lb Mi 
IIM ^ 4II1I IP h teOk pir te <i4» «J^ lii MfW, tast^, bn^ 

« VHT (Miiww ireiniKi Prgfcut 'HgodtdbH' pip**} - fU 

ew!iat>*>w M Id THl w f»m 00 Wn MID A SW niT?Of to 

■• ildi^ HI A a otiMrw I 
" lorl^M 

H* ltd (bil ■• iidi^ HI A a oti I* 1 

H flKHM. 



S««i^ iht rtwn^ A «Bd ^ «]1«nd R Jrri«i orMtd » to A* A 
buvi t M^ fill MM Eosir bid to *• 61 2t (jHt Afl) cr W 

Ww^ Mil Vjf Mdtrad M drn 

Bit MSlOO A d)t anlt h«^ cBMdlir (wntftor >^ w t« ih dri^ 


MAXIDOS £13.95 


tf At b^ k^h (#H«|[ liraMf br ftL te 

flw* «Wi TM CK mM ^w Hriai 

wf sciLiAiEoiJs Items 

UTtvt^yp'T-^ »-■- ■■-.•;.-.■'■,-■■■■ IH!5 

**l«fiA £3t« 

1 * ida^. __ J» (ir 741 ^.. . . , 1 fef IM M 

tmoi ,.. ,.... ..,ZZ!_^Z~_Z_^_„.^i*,»j 

IMdwMltS'2)iI«li<Aiwi .-CKf) 

nipliit. fhw Wh Ui tv U iMi^«f J 4v fri^Mb 



fm £9.95; bdtb £I4,9£ 
l«p«y, it M'M w« ii 4iM M Mr** (l( k i) H ^»teH 

pPP HvV ffBT |H fl f^&B^ 4 p" HHVI Mw HHYHP I -PHV HUH H 

(WW<wwiltiw i glitll*WWHiirf*dbH*tHM» J fcii L 
aiwfiaiiii ■Jii)i jfHiaatfwM. totWhautlKhiH 

ftiilMi ttW «P«^ «n bw ii w* **((«■ Iv £5 H. 


TEL 0442 251705 

M^or Credit Cards taken 



CO PO hit only bMit 0pm iot t rftOMh at w and 
iknMPi^ hw ««f limpr«Hivt M of H<tw«r4 tfftNrt 

L*WMn ira alw booking irdo wftw«r« fwtpptni, 
VMrtMS. Vttuif t mon. ttwy chtrge « mtte i% 
IMT dill «td*. Th* *ck)r«ni a: 49 WtK>dv4W«. 
Bmt»*e^. H. Dwen EX31 2AV. 

b)F V ctftlbi Jw Mduiinc fMoHdy PD imuh m 
ptalri liyj. Jm ctwii «hit ■ (ot cpf tfw hAwjtv 
fMtaiTAd iiltNta Mm nranr !• «rtt«A by bimuH^ 
iKt I btvff ilna^ MM « Ml*r vf htf protr«ti- 
iraig (ttMtt «d It )i 0f quMt Nfti i?CHRir- 
Soitwv* it fupDUM <ti t*p« «id diUi for futt 50p 
p«f two fU«. WniM M one* U>; 9 WHting Kwh 

Tht iMtti tffut of Tim $"» 
■torttiiic firtdn*. ArttfteW Na%#ne«, M a w^ 
eU SZ^Uff ■ n n* *tr Mi7 htut. Mh r*<irt««t Of 
about 60 (T«» MFt SfcnokkH. tiufi aifN^h) W 
dWit. toEMhar nib al flw atuM tmtt tap quMy 
(■taturn. T« yswr frta umpit «apf. tmi £1.00 

wMrmmi wwiltjt, i»l Dm 8taeliiK)nd. 19 Uf 
ffirMt Uw«*«i^. w^ re#1(( wri5 6DZ. 
Endoi* a btanli: dUk and ]r«v ntif^t t««A fct 
tontf iTMi t«lttm» i«« (ifnybt]. Go an. writ* t*^ 

MMr. yw know fvu want to,*. 



ihti Gi««T), ttw ibrarfan MiM Pr*i(« PO h** 
dMidMl to f»4n«iiM Oli cwnpiata ttrifT, 
twrnu^m tf Ai wp loAwf ■ IMt bickidac 'flia 
tfJi^ani and buiscd to^twara. lh« n«« Ibrary 
taoh* Mfy '"■pTMii**. «d iTinic* te taa ■ Ibrw- 
lan MXiii i tat «f work Into a Hbriry't fMtty •» 
eppewd to liza fcr a chanca. For th* mw cat*' 
lOpM. Mfld an SAE to Ptt«l4 PO. I Pvrftjnk9 
CI»Mi Tlia Mount Par. CompUl F1Z4 2BI. 

AJWISTfiAD ACT'lOlli October 1992 


Ey u|», here's TIM BLACKBOfUO wltH all tho 
laflest public domain news and reviews... 

T»)± Consists of Set ma^gms. Hea^flifle tay 
out *fKl Text Jayoot. The latter two mvotve fbwftg 
i«7:i arQuTKf graces with etltKf normal sized 
text or Stcfi Press heatfine ^onts. 

ilo«lt: Can only be selected wtiefi a recianfije 
has been defined <xi the page. This btock can 
^lert 5e ftj^iised on both axes, reversed, hied, 
wiped or savfrd is a c^i art 

Page: Pfmt and Clear are sdlfexplanatory. 
Up, Down, Top arid Etottom simply rnove to diffef- 
&n parts pf V^ oage {each page consists ol 70 
l(fi«s spreani over ttiree screens), 

FMe: ifKWes Load/Sawe Page, Load 3x3 
Font, 16x16 font a^di Clip M, Select Drpve, 
Erase File arvd Catatogne. Those ittat need these 
exfimmg should stop reading now,.. 

5«ttln|«: Includes Text ^wcm, Une 
Spacing, Ai/tofkM. Flow Style, Prmt Quality (there 
are etgtit prmt setttfigs. of ^^arymg densities}, 
TeKVHea<]3fne Sue. Text Styte, These al affect 
the way Vne text appears on Bw soreer 

Al m ad. P&//efP3ge J 28 js the t»st DTP you 
wil find on the CPC, Yes, better than Stop Py-ess 
even. At last - Desktop Putjiishing iKrOxH/t the 
masochisn). • • • • # 

l»y |Uci«««r«l Wmiwt^trmt 

FomtPs^e ti alfe«ly the most pop«(ar DTP 
package on th« CPC- Thj«ks to ds appearaoce 
on ar> AA covertape, it has made its way mto 
ow 37.000 homes. True, jgst yncJer Itatf of 
those peopie wdi fnd it useless, but that's besKte 
ttw point But what can be done to better an 
afready eKce^fem j>acKage' 

Weil, the fi/st thrng wodd be to take out aH the 
irtHating disk overlays. Then, fljrow in a few extra 
features, you know, the ones that aren't possibte 
wrth 64h machines. After thai, why not mai^e it 
compat^ with ftOMOOS? Oh yes, whde we re at 
it, what (tte hen, ^f s put m a pof^jp menu( ' ) sysr 
tenn, a pattern fiii routine and a zoom mode, 
enl^'ge the cwsor a little twt then increase the 
speed and user-friendiiness a tad. Its a tall order. 
So taa. ffi fact, that the spotty student behind the 
counier at Junk-Food Kmg wo^ld be very reluc- 
tant to say f ou got iT wh^ yoo make the 

^si of ihe functions wrthm PoiwrPage are 
split up ir>to fWe sutHTienus, selected from &^ 
main m^fm Ijar. These BiC 

one I mad 


ITt very taty to ereate a pige nbftf FewerPigt exjcnpfe |»ge tofelhef in abwt lAree^quaflPt of 
12$, rifn S and iHt clwm Aob Smtth knocked an an hour. Htra't liMr Hwf did iL., 


Cpliunn guidrt and ppHflrf 





Quality M&ured! 

Ftxed pfke repairs on marry machines 

Over 2500 square foot €ns*n€ertn$ complex 

Top QuaNty tcchniciam at /our disposal 

All work warranted 

Fast turnaround 

Simply post or hand deliver your mactiinc 

oryj we will do the rest 

wr& Uccfonct Ltd rrMTT^ m« r>^ to rtiuiti mtetimeiSttt n 

A/retr«d +64 
Amstra^ &tS8 

Afl monrtof^ 



£41 .00 (txtra il dHJi^ drK« 
nteeds conrtpicte 

£1^,00 Diagnostic charge 

We»c Mfjp*^ e<w*is ancJ daytime teiephone numbcn 

Tel: 0583 491949 (4 lines) 
WTS eiecUonics Ltd, Chaul End Une^ Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ 

Y«* IfcWT MOT tf*» *i^ p(44v;^ tu ci»pr, f*fv«ii4^ji«« hs* Wrmg* m *fiy any •ny 

leKl*reMULTlFACE3forCPC:««4mtS«af«fHKC34.»5 Of fOf CPC + G^P4»«»e34.tft 

PLUft P4P pf imn: UK/Europ«^ 0*<tM«^. 

RQDOaDa»w CI4.t9 ROOOS XTftAQf**! ^J9 ^NS^0EROpHr^» C7.9fl 
I«noloti ■ cTwqiM/PO/eash fof t. .. oc d«l>rt my Acm«/V1u No, i I J I i 1 I 1 I I I I Tl ("T^] C«fc( Exp 

Ham%ftMft» ...,.r. ,..„.r.„,. 

ROMANTIC POBOr. 54 Deanscrof t Ave, London NW9 SEN B 24 hrs S 

081-200 8870© AA 


In this month's Mouniahi BMOng UK 

O Bung^m Jumping -on d tiike! 
O Temtfiif Waterpfoof gear - with a fire engine! 
O N«ws - about the Nationals 
O Plus Adventure in South Amenca 
O FRE£ POSTER with every issue 
Jk^fj^mmmm #jj ^f* ^>^ ^^^ load* more •ctton for only £1.95 

^^AMwm^^rS Britain's best-sening 
MSIKMnffUK ^11^^ magazine 


making a game of it 



Yep, ifs wha't you've all 
for — "tiie fin^l instalmen't 
dlevelop>tnent series. Our 
handftjl of rainforest: ADAIlfl 

our game 
n wifli a 

srts 00 Coddtesters 
presj officer R*chafd EcW/s ^esk. Scf^wted in 
feR-tip cm l}ie wtute sticiter used ai a makeslvft 
a»sl( bbel are the words Wdd West Seymour CPC 
(finished vers^onJ". "V/e're happy with A,' says 
Ricfiard, 'and tht progranYner t$ hiappy wish it. 
R's the version that peo^ Ml be buy^g.* 

A few miles dovm the road Pete Ranson 
yanMK. rests his he»d on his desk aod repeatedly 
groans out h% wKh to go home (or faing that, to 
the pubt, Th»s t% Pele's first da? bach at wort 
after a fortnitghff s holiday, and he's not realy ^wth 
If yet. As far as ivad wesi Seymour goes, he 
doesn't need to he 'Snth rf. The game is hmshed 
and Big Retfs role m the Wtd We$t s^a has 
come to an end 

"We've gone for 
quality not quantity" 
JOni CAftTWitlGHT 

The Seynxjw story has relocated to Ifie 
CodeMaster$ end of the M2% a$ the prtrtlmg 
and ofoductiofl dates fof the inlay are finaisetf. 
The big biA^d^ for the game's launcli has 
be^jn, Richard has stMed seriding out press 
relea^s tQ al the rdevant magazines and news- 

fvm read thl« (■ Ammtiuu) Acthw abotri Wiu) Wist 

"Cmi** mi, Id J if d 

papers, xti 3 decision is being made over how 
much to sj>efKJ on adveifewg and t>forfK)tion. 
The release date ot Septenbef the ZZnd kxxns 
ever ctoser, 

"Septerrybej' the 22n$' mutters Jon 
Cartwfight, as Pete Sanson's (tesh4)oorKJ groans 

echo rourtJ the S+g Red office, 'thafs mtefisbftg. 
We didn't knew the release date had been fixed. 
We're the programmers and noone tells us any- 
thing/ Dh dear. I hope we haven't started a big 
row here between Big Red and the Codies. 
Omtk. better change the subject. 

Their inlay: €he story 

Fji mdiiMi. Th«/f« hrSanL Or « tent tfuTi 
■(HI C«fH <er«fA« ^Actar SUir S^rtftt and 
IhMtrMtr Johe Hadw probably <<>«•«)* ^ ^np** 
' » ip. M ttMy tptat im m fM dayi tsdnc 
hn I fc*! fciWHi foufhi io* ifc# wu Wttt 
tten. New cfcwf t* aoA tuffiKiaom wmn iinrtAl 
iM u #«M H fw d^iiw p0^0tnm ^*ati back 

tAv rpl^Pl fCfBM w^ ■ C^tfW yMPtfi InB^QT linVI' 4W- 

ieliii li out df 1W* vHitf ttat Shift ohs lor 
■ufltnAam . ueA anM h>iti« 0Hir omi pirtktiar 
ityte. -iahrt it Ctw perfect artict for Cfidtef uriiMR 
(am««.' il» W)r», T»»e*i** lik 9^ h colaurM 
vd bokf . H« bv « knntStm 1«fi tor Si* kiavc* 
wTrt (rytaf t» cmtt ' Ihi te* «f ihem had » 
b»d test iMb W3U IV#it owtity of S^ Rad"! 

PfV RtOMA. PMt pn^ieed « iwtti a< hit Hfu 
far 0t« briay Ctwy Apt papMct pwpl* da thMl 
MdtUf ■»» itt«d at 0)« barit l«r At amVMton 

Ono« awarywia'* kwpy iiWi *» daaigif, Aa 
ll iaunfl r tpaadi a cavia af dayi drMiiv tip iha f^ 
NiM {hJ e«la«r) vartion Ac H<m a« »w ftnithad 
artipork taitdt o« SUa'a daiiL, tit ganm \«tfi k 

Afaraai wtfm an Mad. and SUa laMcCi dia 

dMiriifMibMciaWveffcbaa '^ ^ 

A Aandttdsad ««nptau tt laad <w Hh May; ^<^, 
aitf) dia (qso vid tnt p la c a d n iShv cenvcl pov:^'' ' ^ 
fian. nia inlay dasicn ■ icnt on diifc / 
l ypt Mtt nf burua le be pmtod wi 
trantfaraot ntai- Tnaaa Bwfi ^ct tant O) a 
buna' Mbara atty ant «a3bta«d vidi Ihi 
llHUrtiiii TIh friihad ^ItaB fs aff I0 -" 
pfMbriy ■Mra dia ratpvad mnAar af Wf, 

AMSTRAD ACTION October 1992 


The end game 


A f*OT 

W4f4 Cvt 

L«jrt fit tlH **p%rmtmrtm^ Du« tp m^ni' 

ory probl«fm, th« gwn^ 

li«( b**ti cut down frimi 

flvi Ktt to four. tUA mucti 

Ktlon tut b«*n l«M 

tti«vet>. n * lot ^ «*ie 

misuni ^et h*» b«*ti i(t£Or 

K ctto (■fWeti wi ortftnsiiv 

only fOint to bt (ix t<?MlH 

bit. bur tt now much IvKtr). 

iOmA M kt too. but M Htm pHrMti * fOAd ink fw 
Uh ntxt c*n* |*H4tittvtr itul miffil b«*l- Loadt 
«f tpMch Blfo had tt' bo cut 0rffbt4Ny. th« char- 

E/, how does Wti M%jf differ from Sexmour 
MfXVwood, Jon? 

l^eM, for a start, ^ ttie ttwiigs th^ vrere sup- 
posed to fiappcrt in Seymour Ho*ywooef fJsat 
dido'( wi be happeriing m Wad iVesf,' 


'Seymour's hands w«fe sup{X>sed (o move. 
They did or) the Spectmro v«r$«on. but for $ome 
re^son^ they ddnt on the Amstrad.' 


They do fwve in WM Wen though. Look/ 
He pomt$ to the screer. 'Oh yes, artd the end 
sequence didn't hacpen n Seymour HoJ(ywood 
ertfjcr, for sorne reason." 

Double oaf». 

'8ut (forft prvit that.' 

Treble oops. 



■There arenr't as many rooms « WSd West as 
Ittere were sn Holfymxxi. btrt the garne takes op 
more m^nory, Thaf s protiably because of the 
tejtt, We've put k»ds of text m. irKkJ^ng lots of 
(hou^ bubbles/ 

tts cer^rty ^ tight squeeze, wsw West takes 
u(i the whole of \h^ at/iistk merttory on the 464 
(atwU 43?< of the nwchirie's 64K memory is 
usaUe m progfamnuigl. The rnap tal^es up 5K, 
the s^n% as ifte mu$ic (there's sec Affererrt tunes 
on the 6128). The gratphics and text each 
account for lOK, and the animation of the 
SQimour sprite requires 6K (an e9«tra 4. &K on the 
$128, wNcl> 1)3$ nure detaited movement), 
tverytlwg thaTs left over «$ i^,en up 1^ itie pro- 
gram code itseif. Even though its a smaBef 
game than Seymour Hotfrnod, ttiat doesn t 
(near* tha* ary less time was spent on rt. 

liVe've gone for quaKty not quaritfty,'' con> 
ments Jon, quotably. 

nreah,' mt^ers Pe*e» weariy. 

Big Red are irymg to 'sef the game to me 
ImM, jon IS. at any rate), wWst dsewfiiere an 
army of CodeMasters tetesaies peopte are trying 

Ktart juit ytl(k*d tai yikk«d tnd yakk«d„. 
Rtow tvHfe «di««4 mr. Tht CPC vonion foa- 
twM hifl colour tpntH. not p«Mfeli on th* 
SpKcy r'imntMJtt (koWhtsI mmI Mm map h« 
b««ii Ehant^tf to took «m 
fwj* on Ota Amrny. TTitrw'l 
Jl paktt« twritch haMnay 
il4i«n 1h« *cr««n. » uMItt 
th» fow Ciolauri In th* 
{»arMl at th* te^ Aay f)» 
tam«, ttit palim can b* 

pritchotf 4A ItfH 'a£tl«fl 
•or*M' lo.K. wti«n 
Saymma' «ntart a tun- 
n«<), Th* Svymow tprit* 
iTwei irtfy unootMy^ urtth fw fKckar at »B Cht 
i«nHrtinri«s liditft i bA on Iha SftHCtrtiffl vtf^ 
itoo*). 6l2t ownort gat avan twoar anlntallon, 
pb* (ti <0f f iafant In-Katna twwt 

to sel Hie game to the dsljibutors and retarier^ 
The Codies neeid to coMect an the orcJers m 
advarKe to try and gauge how mamy copies 
the/I need to get made. The tapes are dupJi- 
cated by Abtex (who also do Ms covertapesj. 
before bietng matd^ed up wrth the inlay cards and 
those ttde plastjc boices that attract sctatctie'i 
Ike Tom Jones attracts granntes. 

This IS a very tnpcrtant game for us.* says 
ftichard Eddy. Twiwse we'we got the Supersfar 
Seymo(f fufl-price compdation coniing out in a 
couple ol months, How w&ll WM West does will 
Eeave an impression m the retaiSers »nd distribu- 
tors" flwds. and theyll be deciding how many 
Superster packs to or<Jer on the basis of Wdd 
tVesf s pefformance,' 

The game took under three months to pro- 
g;ram. meaning thai it was easdy fiws^ted on 
schedUe. On comptebon of every ma^ new ve/- 
5*0" Cthe addtrig of a new act or a ms^ change). 
Jon the programmer sent a copy of the game off 
to the Codies pfa/testers, ^o tried it out, 
located any new twfjs or mtstakes, and checked 
that earher ones had been corf ected. 

So how does it compare to your previous 
game, Prmce of (he foft f oft, Jori? 

'Wei, if s tMgger. It's taken a 9ot longer to pro- 
duce, especialy wrth ai the 128K extras There's 
a larger n^, more pu;;ies .. As for whettner fs 
better or not, wel thaf s for the reviewers and the 
custonvers to decitfe,' 

Indeed - NEXT MOWTH tN M 
Wild West Seymour - the review 

Simtm AAM wa'w* Wm t*m t m m§ til* 

^Mt Htm ftiitiiwd pfori ii rt. B«t hw M 

Bba H^fpA K 4VI tn flit ava^r IH4V Ratt iwa 
pr^ittt r**lly ga m a? Ai*d w4ia4 d« yMi 
tliliik <H HH flnlslMd 

^ lif and Jon ffora bo<h • t^ 

7 dbaiipointHl that iM had to 
cut it domrn to mucti to*ar4» 
iha am) Irnaf sad to t«* • 

M of Mrk M'd dona ba^ MnOMd. *M M 

Uek afiwwf/. Ai ler rha tama. iTi ~~ - - 
tay - ysu cat w dn* to a (irofact iliat yov 
dMft raafly kiok «t n in thai way Th* crapMca 
ara f a«d. rm qtatc happy uMl It I tuppota. ' 

V cAfrrwfttcttT. 

^ PROeitMMEft 
I "N't mucti mofe 0ian jint ■ 
ra^tash of S*ymn>r jro** «o 
Heiinrood. TlMr» } v) much 
In a: A crachaig (am* and lix tiawt. al for 
£3.99 What a barf, puntart S<]u*kMasticr 


*V«y much an axcailanil 
prvdtKt Id «ofk on. 
S*yniow t* wnttf lt¥f 

CodaMaftari chartciv, Ml «i» tt am af iha 
^ raearti|r lo hava run lo idtadiiit. ri 
KOod htming th* pnl^JMMMn jMt flOMA tha 
road. Wi fn«ant thtra't baaii i» d||M^ it al.* 

^ smAm savacb. 

CfiEAITVf 0«£CTOfi 

tf* al foo* •!* emaly *«#• 
' Ny. 6is Aad V* a Me halp, 
Pata provMa^ m« witfi 
r«ut|i» 94 th« muttr^tittd that 
I coiM mrli Irvn. John Haslan. 9i« «Mii^at9r, 
hatdwMi HOftdarfui lob Th* S a y i n o w r ciiOTC' 

tarn focd run to mrt vMi. and If • * 

w* had a MHd Watt iMuMration.- 

f»AUL, ftAJU&OM, 

^1 joo* w»y «tl Jn t*nA« 
of dt rtto pm a flt, You can 
ahMyf f*ty on Jon to com* 
t^ aM) a foad gania. 
Thay^ *tfd*d lot» of iiHoIem la It wWwui m* 
knowinc. and ri «l vary • B t WlH i n t T^iwa i 
jokM in Hmt* far •Mfyooa. rm wfy plcaf4d.' 


*iri a>c*, Imtt? K'4 H ace at 
CovcntiY. k was {|Uta funny 
iMing Iha paopla I I;a«w In 
k. I r«aly antoywl it- R'* 
ateokilaly Miant r* r««ly goo<l. Vf (r««L' 

It |^*b > full r *i rf#W In /IA.» 

Octo6*r 1992 



Bom yew SfMMn i«d$, yw don't need them any 
owe (aod ywj can't piajr anywayj. Cofritjulefs are 
wfiere if^ at music^ ngtit now. Just a£^ Atem 
8, SLZ. ProOgy. Kicks Ue A Mute, 3hm Up A«i 
Dance. Messiah, 2 Untrruled, Smart E's, Praga 
Khan, lftn«r Crty sftd thousands rwf*. 

The key lo this music revofutim is a wonderful 
inverrtjori taied MIDI (Mystca! ire^ijtnm &gital 
Interface). MCX is a kjnd of data i^guage th^t 
aBows ilectfonN: musical mstfumeots to lah' to 
each otfier, It ts posybte to conrieci any MtOJ- 
eompatiWe fisJfuments tog^fBwr, wt«ch wi aBOWf 
yCKi to set th^n mp 1q pl3y ■" tjme vt^ e:ach 
other, ttm dffef ent dems in coD^jnctton («e usng 
a keyboard as a tnodule' to play samples Irom a 
samplef}, and so oo. 

MlW feafly cijmes mto its own when there is a 

Vour comptrter could b« your key t/o p4»p 

whole CPC-MIDI-niuslc-pop tii«iig, and 
iftfe ^al<e a lootc 3t soni« of tli« 
available. From the top-.^J^ 

tlie page 

home computer at the heart of the feUv, Th« 
coniOLrfef \ti3\ fia^ become tfie most poGiiM it» 
MIDI muyc use is 0»e ST, largely ttvough being 
, tfie orriy machne with an ir>burft MlOl port. But 
fear ye rwl, you can tu/n your trusty CPC mto a 
thf otibing tS& t>eastie for a^ iiOie 3S £50. 

Being a techno pop 
star is the world's 
coolest profession 

That rnoriey virfl buy you a copy o1 the RAM 
Mlusjc Macfttne, whtch consists of a MDl merf ace 
twtvch pbgs nto the exp^SMXi port ^ the back 
of your macime) and sonne sequencing software. 
If youVe prepared to splash out skfihUy rtwe for 

a nrvxG advanced sy^tenii, other coml>ined inter- 
face 3iiii 'jjitimB 0iadide«s induct EMfi 
Meftradt Petformer (£9^ and the DHCP 
Intfirface and Hrtrack Sequiencef package (£105). 

Sound it owfr^ 

So what can you wrth a WCH CPC s^p' First of 
all, as w&il K ^ computer, you're agoing to need 
some lilDl instnincnts. WTide the RftM Musjc 
Macttne jnckxtes simple sampter and keyfxjarcJ 
programs, and the OHCP packap^e ndudes some 
derrx} f:tt$ you can ptSy around mrilh, corrTputef- 
based MUI in ruiiy all ^boul CHKt/ucting treks' 
using other tJHa mMxjmt. 

This (Joesn't work owt that expensjve. Vou can 
pick up a decefTt MDI keyboard for about £:10& 
£150. with a drum machive about the same 

Assault mm lUumber 13 

tkt pof* d i Mti i - Hii Iff humm mm mmf^ 
MAftK mfTM npwtL„ 

JkMl iMfe M iny Top 75 Ov»r tfM I«ft fttf Md « 
half Hid fotUt fM a good doisfi rccofdt m*d« on 
tmail budftte md pM loirthvr In btdrooRn or 
tnul fludton "^ on cwnpuUrt, 

Iri HH) 1 nvouion tnO wt MMf of H btfjn 
ki 1987. Pump U^ fhf ^lAirn* by M/A/li'/R/S «ai 
■ rtcwd mtdt by i to«* co^tedon of DJi, mtn^ 
dim and Iheir fr^etidf t( *n mtOt up of WtfJl 
ump^, ttrtmtt ccmpiMf rroH**, (ten* daoc* 
rftyOim «nd ci»« vtrluaiy nelhinf to rnak*. It wM 
iiritr<)ul«d dwouch ■ ini^ ln<}«9«ndent fyrttin. It 
Mh^ luJf I millofl cepitt. 

In tht flvt Y*mt from then u> r»w, (h* bn*g« ef 
tf» lid aMh hb TkIhWci lurntabte, tmmptm *ni 

trnqamctr hn bcwi dw kty inuga <rf iltnct mutk. 
Anyon* cm do M: iTi kltai tnd i«chnicai know- 
hoir tem gall ynt tvt rtcoriH itiata diyi. And Vftn 
W ysu dont want la b« dead fantou* ysu can ttfi 
m^ut mmtc for your o«ni amuianHnt Ht* Ptinca 
e« HMd 10 (tH quotas or taba M ttat Mp furlhaf 
and - iM* a Mr of borrowad cash - nukt it bto a 
protMT racord. Artd Iwro'i horn you can 60 tL.. 

1] Phm MP * CM^to af tfMDMi '«Mte tabata' 
ftatf prttilflfi) of ywr ncord and wnd dwm lo 

firiowi EFsndy dub and radio DJt. That* paopla 
■■ plyy - and tbarafora prsmota - ynir racord. 

33 fftma 11^ ■ laWabli ^atrlbirttoi i a 

^■riy urtie KM dliirifatiu your racord around th« 
ihofH. Gat held of a mmk buiinaff diraetory to 
£«t conlicl nuirbtn. 


Vtar CPC |W4 f»f •!•■ 

tul fiHtctlaa*. Vou 
um vJmpty a** the 

ntjtchfiM' to com- 

tfe« iM-built 
•Amid thip. vr 
vtt* ptwg in ^ 




•wtry MIDI iMtmmMrt 

foy CiMi ftiHl (f rcMii l(*ybo«r«t« tft iiam>- 

^n to na«li MIDI gsKanL S««Md^ 

pnce. In fact, you can pKh ug perfectly usdbie 
MOl M)rtxkvd$ and beat boxes for as bfflte &'. 
SAO eich secon(H«»d ft is ea^y erwugti to ':ofv 
r>ect nefythng togethef arK) p<ug it aH tnio the 
back of yow CPC, ^^^^ 

Vdu then tuve aigreat deg/o^' J' control. Ytsj 
can v^ Uwgs oa'ftt nstrunenls and e(l4 the 
length *»nd tone erf the nxisie <jn soften. You can 
{OOP secboos lusfig a 'cop/ cofnmand) and 
aoipist everytf*ig so the i' -inments al automafr 
caVy ptay m time. V<xj haMi even more pattv at 
your drH»osai jf you <j« tfie Foundation 5te^ 
rme Secuencef ff i5Jt wtuch works wilfi ^ny 
MD! mterf ace »y' vffers powerful indM<lua( ^te 
edrtmg facities 

But what rf fou dbnt want to leaf) i^ito the 
potenttatv fix^tntme world of MOr? Y^u can h^'j'p 

]ust «» much lun usir^ your compuler purei^ as 
an Rstrunet to ptay tunes ofi Tlwc «« a nun> 
ber of drff«r«t ;>fograrT^'> -fv^iable ibf tNs 
purpose, sucfi as E(n«nw(« and SifW'^Sonc 
(AA83 eowfrtaoei, Tfiert are afeo a iiurif;"^ ' ' 
drum i^ijtchme pfograms. Ike AmdirTj" ^wi 

1) Say a «!«• ipaBjIy «<iy «nd Ml yawrmurTt 
ID Itivt Thurfdjjri M T.OOpm fret. 

or c«un«, ■ tot ef pwplf itt Mf pop •tai'doff 
at beli^ vtMn httfr^ oM rod. ttm mlie'v* 
play«d iretty pcA back roomt («r ytari wRhout ■ 
IMH «r iuu4m Mil*** ttm you. i« i «uee«HM 
cMnptiMr tMwtf pofmur. tafnriu* havtnt *pald 
yMr duH* 1^ cjrryinK your *quipnH(ir en Itw 
b«* «id iMtot d*pr*»H4). Ign«r« ihtw bMur 
pwp4*. iMnf a t«an« pop Mr H Iha CQo4««l 
prDfn«4wi in flw hhmU - hHhI yeu i»N bw tty nM^ 
t» tt#p oMUM« your twdroom. 

Samptang a a sto^^ti are^ in computif sound 
'« jinoto^. A sd- 'C^am alows you to 

[fjnsfofm Mxtna, - .. iv'oufh the MIC socket 
of yot^ fndch*)e imo digitaf data. This data can 
itien tHS played around with: some programs 
alow you to loop the sample, change the pdch. 
and apply vanous other ftj-tech effects. Yoo can 
then UM tt)€?e samples n youf compositnns. 

TuriB y<»ur Ci>C in'to a 
throbbing IV1IDI b«jist 
for as little as £50 

niaybe (Tvfr'' goi>g to the extreme of tiawvg a 
wtiote drum ine or bass rrH 'sample<f from 
another source (ig your favourite smgte}. There 
are an mcreaMng number of i^gai ha:&sies utr 
roundmg usmg samples in cor^vnercial releases, 
but there's no hmn to be hiiJ from playing 
around witfi samplef in the cgmlorf lad safety Of 
youf Own home. ^^ 

S^Trtptovg program* for U» CPC i^k^de the 
dk'lToriKS Speech Synfrtgft'ser and the bmrid new 
program, The DtgiV$ef |£10) On top ol t^lat 
there's a fatrly corr*preh^sire sampling lac My 
as part of the RAM Muse tSichirse. Tyoe^^ wise, 
there s Sound Digiti/er, which first appeared m 
AAi 5 ar>d IS currently availablA from a number of 
pUiJic (Sotjiam it^aries. ^ 


Icitttclc «|> m 


« pwr o« aimuHw aad 
, • b«x or neordi <« 

(<MU>y «»» 



< do af my «1|*ul 
(tamo* irtOi im cmmo* 
dadu and 

■ dacfi (iMng «w 
pauH buOwt - yoM hava 
la bd «iara«i««y prMM 

man n pity etat Mo awBttw Ki> a — and Wf 

and MRf Mdifdant od lo^* 


"Wa ilartod offT MOi a 
MnyfSOuBvtar and a 
, p«lr «l lU tmitMm. 
I llMra «• yeti naiad m 
You can niika' 
. fliBll ■M jiiil Hum. 
butttd HorMMtotoy 
a ttttt tnon oiMpfnanl laMi wary duBi bit af 
monoy you g«t Tlwn yon can Mrtle gat mora 
a d wa nto oi i i' 


Altttrn 8 

'Yoa datn nood oioa* 

ddy* Biayrd id 

I ««l e# 4mt Tm kMdtag 
t ■«• iMi now lacimo- 
nfy, Tnar a vidl ivttac* 
am mo. th* nufr on dw 
ttroats Ttart «tiHO ino r««i kdan an ' 


->:o::i«^' »-~S 'i 

IMIi cflfnpMar'mada 
toclino iMHle ri tto 
, pwo iiriwBW ol ttd 
dial e«wd» 
Onio aoy fflcioic 
fdMt compMor 
ttaM fit ftilr Hiddll fiffli IR ««• «aad.* 

>CTober t ^92 AfWlsifUVD A<mOM 


Beats working 

So votiat sort o) petsofi *s fcfeety to be interested 
m usiog tfifir QPC for musjc^i purposes? Anyone 
with even a renwle newest in r™j$jc, reslfy. Wnte 
3l tf^s tah of ssTpktg and the Idee lends to sug- 
gest an emphasis m modern "house' music, 
the(« dre a wealth of di1fef«nt ttmg^ you c^ do 
with your CPC in the world ot sooodi noone need 
f&eJ (eft out fans oC classicai music rrugrit enjoy 
'CQimpos«tg^ Owir favourite pieces on CPC pack- 
ages soch *s €<fuinoxe o» Smpcc Sonic. 

The inachlne's three inbuilt sound charwels 
*fe easiy VKWgft to create a v«v so£)htsticaie<i 
sound. You c^oiit! use one channel for bass 
sotfKls, one for a melody ine, and itie third for a 
drtim fiff (you can get plenty of reasonable drum 
floises out of the CPCs sound chtp). Vou don'i 
h»m to be 3 basebalcapped raver, eager to 
pump up the vdume on 1& MO tracks, to find a 
use for oompiriers n your rrusic. Snuo^e type^ns 
tke OtuTfM Of ^fm Wi76 free booidet) present 
an easy {and Iree) dbomay nto the wortderhrf 
wOfW ot CPC muse. 

And ivtien you fed U^ making the next step 
up, there are a Jwnber of packages vymg for 
yot' attentioR, Whie some CPC music software - 
beng very specelsed - is quite hard to get hold 
of, there are actuaiy more drfferent packages 
avaiabie now than ever t>efore, 0» the right we 
review and rate some of the more popUar pfo^ 
grams, vy^iie bdcw we tei you al about next 
month's 'miss it at your peril* second nstaiment 
of CPC !mvc~ Td ttnen.,. m^tke sorne noise? 

If s •tort <»Mer ymtf 

fM ttiKt a Sw bv^kfim^, \ah and product 
•valuartkHi otn of tfi« my. ftoxt month #9 conclude 
(Xir musk f««tur« irith i pr*CtkU «xam- 
pie of makflit CPC 

Wt (ewk tmo foktHttmt in • 
raainlH-«iHlMW*«ifcM%«CPC. MiOl 
h l wf i f and ■ fiw pttCiH of musk ktt to ke«p 
ttwin compmy, find ogt tiow ^ ^xpvrimtrtt w«ii(t 
ki n«]Ct itM>nth'» miEazln* «d Iwar ih« tune itwr 
pnducwl for youTMlf on ow covwtlfw. Sortvd. 

Shopiting for sounds 


OMC^ Itt 

OHC^i HCH HMff^ct (£70 ««tatf «•• leTtMr*! • 
iti* movl txpvrHw*. bii y«y cw fMi On iprtW/. 
Dm 8-lrAck lAiicicnGMc Mlla«i* (dMc only) tt iWir 
iiMr<inMdly^ ««ii tmiyMimg «n mtm en a linil* 
•er^Mi. Thi nHflM^ aS not • iM( o( appfwl' 
riMtMir hr» iMMM In Mngtfi |aniy a Mated fM* 
riord f«« warn mat ki^m Enry iMttn ywTit 
n^aet tor iwil praiMdoiMl um it Iwr. MCN 
c«oeii.qMnii»«Mi Mc •••• 


Iff fwi «Atf r» fr««f TN« typ* w and c«w««up» 
pr«t (bad: luiiM ftA cvMlaM, 4nmi««til it • 
4S-ttiip. thrM'^SMMl and ■ltwo<'idiMd wim 
macMiM TlMr«'» M taM and IbwI I 
you can bimi «p wNni r«ii)r hkftmg rtiytlvA irackt 
•401 dW prMfWA titft • • 

0703 33S7'«7 • C9UO 

MM^ «ciiiwiilMi|ad ■• dw bMt «l «• C^ 
**t)futm»r% fimfemm centnt* of an Mirfaca phn 
wftmr* on twtfi tap* and dnk ftit prosram oftart 
•n ne^donf Kon-atf up maM KirMn iraQMflCinf 
on tt0H IMK iraclit, ftoi a aHola Iwil of ' 
f acdfew. wchidhic loop. ttar. kanipou and dian 
Tho proirtn* aHein you le dMrft frK*>. ina«niet 
dui yM «an «ctB«lir Nvn* ad la « ■hnwun 29 
^rwctt iH manwy. Hdooifpi aat id idl lia tdlabta 
Panonnai it a oriKani procfam and 
vAi* Civ* EJM a fmt tar fl»r« dttaii. and idd'^ 
dMir M* «retf an MbiSK £dBigr l£2St ••••• 


Moft if»9tt «r«frafCit »• vary dwl'kKikvv Not 
£^tm»x*, dk« procram dui pi« d» lut m muiib- 
«c. Tha maM Kraan it K mt a kayteard and L£D 
Iracli indKfforv Othar Krt«M» «r« iv«n m«r* 
c«t<HirfiJ. iMtti teont. h ttteira n w and mora Thtft i 
» let yiHf can do wtBf a» pm^tm. and onca you'v* 
tot pad Bi« pnblant ot rillha on^croan (axt b«Nt 
m rroncli Itrticli ^t raaly a |iriilil«ii)}. y«u can 
ft«ft taiock^ up your iwybovd and 4ri#m nun 
Mrt. n noit MW. and iMa* Um »b>m aournt timn 
Tlie fMttft ara fradt, dwuch Our mai ordar 
daiwtnwnr |dit only BrtHah dMMtufora) idi twM 
a handfid of eopin Gioa Iham a ri«( on tfM nutt" 
bdralbovtIfyoir'raMtirHMd. ••• 


TH* «a^ MiVi«na iiqianfif wad aWa on i 
Armantf Jl My» htn. OOm* HDI CPC M^uaMcar* 
ara ro^4an« |yw h«wt to pl9y Hi* «Miiel»«. «M 

•n*r Tni* tnBi 

•«. rwdit mta 

■ otoMHw odi^ fov can Mtar «• Rocot OH* ai a 

Bma. t aifc mftH Bt» tr«c* pMc« by p^dcO Tfct 
Foundadon aoquiinHr can be uaad •Wi any of tfw 
drat CPC IMDI tetttitct tfM OHCP or RAMI ■ 
olfari tha fkdi tnaam WM iraciia and m lo good «• 
rackon you ihoyld gM a copy «w if j^ou'ra atraady 
fatttnf a MquoM^ nMh your miafface r» dMk 
ordyandrtfab ••••• 

« iWaacac IMaacialaa* 

rht ftW Ifatte UkAM H proMMy ew WMI iNd 
knoM CPC MEN prsfram Tlw a a qwu i Li w i part 
(gw nartK adhorl « kA«#p«(dy bpoK. M l»M It cfff- 
tat iqr aonia of 0to odwr pretrarm dial t/t op n 
mafct »« pMUac* Thi aampiaf , tar dtatanca, H 
Mipartt oTfarMi « Iwtl vf adMm f»cfldM RIWHflli 
dM maumont tannine imw of 122 ««eond« li d 
tmtimntn Th«r«tiadrt«nadMr«MdiinHpr»> 
tampiad drum uotda mttO^ i Iha maol 
pfofotMMtal-HMnAic CfC dnim maehina fiw 
«rtM*« padkat* cooUM* a MIDI irtarf*c« caAwar* 
on tap* {yowll lifwo lo hunt arotpid for a dM *««■ 
•MA), a fracropfHirta and « pair el bopdiofienaai. Tit 
Datat aliop n London fiava a fP« coptat laft ring 
dHffl al dw number above • • • • 

( f M : I 

T W^ OMW 9vfO Of^Pf 

Htm lliiH«rsd CPCr 

AA locliao wovd ISdwrd Filrt«nre coidrtaton ie 
dta world of CPC •ami M an f ounoxa M]fta prth 
pwa. i uMt dw mMtrina't &»** found ctanala. 
•dh kayo on the ttaybmrd rope atardinc ddfarani 

naaaa Ya« ean adii die piKii. ipood and othor 
■ ap n cl i of die •oiaid ertvolopa Tlia AMU cowr- 
ttpa (••« B«ch iMMti. pafo 90) atoo mdudad a 
contpdaf lo eaiMart saparSonfe fenaa Mo a tonnpl 
to nldcfe dier coidd Iw iic«rppr«*d into yov Q«n 
propMSi (at a ddt tM*. lor HHtMcar 

-Tie* l»l«l«»»*r 

* »-Maet» Ul(« Pfl, e K*ylt«rry 

TQ«3 1BZ - CtO 

Hot off die dlilt drtvt mhm* dm na« program from 
$o«n^ lMi», piidtc domain rmtalc ipocieiMa TIm 
pudatt cortumt a dMi. a nufunai and • ipodaSy 
doHfnod load ttwl aiew you to connect your CPC 
to a hM) |io yeu can make a b% nwM| Tht dkp- 
doer Mt ymi aample oft tape luainc Vm m-tuil 
lapa ntacMna on dw tfii and «n oitonrMl tapt 
dtcli Oil dio 6128] Tha prapam can treat* «Atv 
pMO ol up |« U »«coodi in lanfdi. aihien i« pratty 
kM«.A«kMrHtla(|ond(ii«8p)prefrani ••• 

October 1992 





ARCADE ACnoTfiflMfS PfiC! 

_-■ ''^^"IM ^. 


'^Vhtrt »i5u iwf jux* f*# vr^fiwipijle' hon 

tmn w* d »i«MM fFC£ OF 

10 Si«ti1r ««4«ra*vn«ni ttflw 

.iffT h4l^ ^pu 14 Ht «• le « lyflQ jivt 

teif 144 «id ]i«(j tuM^/ 


Imft tai^ SH ind etc torn Su ^Samat 

4« 4nM.i»irv<^3IW4i» 

uv£ >i>r0 Lfr Off 



f^K OAHC£ffOt/!t ... 
ROCK -ff ffOLL 











UHadiHt AMI 

M«aiM* ■» OK. «13> 

AM*. briM dewtr tKrfi 





w#liA '« 


<itiin<^' iumlf * i-"<^y^iw; ■ amtT 




'•?**'> t?J.W 





D(S»C DfflVES 


COLOUR f,lO?ilT0Rf__ 

f J. ! itf_-j-.Af .fee.- M..-aj «, i:.^^ L*j^^ 


worn wQMsm 

!(J«K [ntw't 




£Hr Date ' isaW w n^vSt 

AMTC^ 500 


rivHimani Isr hvnt oonvgeng. thHtiii* 
pww of « tat <tH» pn« conHl* wHt • M 

mm » btino t (lut notnt nmpMiwr, m0) 
lxiiin««t nM * **a*y . w **y* 1^ 
•;MtM<4 lAQt of pv^fifwilt in) wcnKnn 
TIM Amifit eoo fjMA ttii»<il'«*«l njriac* 

ficN attHfiit gviM*. IIOM of fUU cmI» (ton 11* iip u *mi tni ■** laM «b«nw» ei mm 
Mm ttiw dtvttopm*^ Th* v«ey MM* W«itn ^ •>• 0P*n*n9 ii;r*i*<n. KiefcAffWoAMndi 
v^OS 4 k*M « iht Aifaga eOQ antf i» *iftiw * j fnp iM fif«ini iixSud* inprwHil ^upAia 
r«<!kj6{yk. incTHUd gcrtsc* ff^iport wd tw (aoity to lip 10 ^w o( c^ 
d iut> nnuttte win »!• mro CO-HOU DrfKW «K) KMriK* Whi9) ■« QM I ■eoH li> 4 M 
f»^ el CQ'TV Wto« ind kidte CI>tTr« Vrp^i HC i* «vaMC)t* mm 9iBi h •mtql 

Tha : 





m Im AMI UKMtt 

Ai« r nai jwQy mte* 

LHS pjO( una 

StUCA pmci: 













• iM, RAM UPAMSIOM TO 1* MM e34.K 



rorAl MCV VAUf£, tCMJ7 

tfss PACK ^tyiwa jagsgr 
SKJ^ Places tsmao 




phtu computer system 

■•"'I, SAVE £200! 


Af»( $^Ch*nff) A<v>jrti««nM'WM«iMvie)^sfnfr««(n 

COTV**M aSTV*ert*in«f»lM*«*^d^Artt»W&*f«»lM 
i^af <Twiy AOitbon^ l««a»H n^M»n9 ■ CQ«np«? <MC 4*1* INf CM 

iudis 4k» ta t yttf fn/t t)u0it)r. CDTV ocrh ««p<M «« V4 





^ ' J 



• 14*1 C*(i AW 


■ *»*AifAiMWCM« 



■ fftet OveWHOtft OtUVinv (>^4in«r3H«nirdHrt«rapp«di)t«UKAMni«ivr 

• TtCMNKMl SUF^am HSlPttHe 7tmiit*Or>eitmiivHMytx0UM^ 

• an wM c ss « cotiCArKW* GovemmtnT. Mtt,ttm <i*ccam m*mti wi-aoi 

• 4MOWMO0U9. 0«M«iMnMA«VHHwii9iKA«Mfteu'i#4e»4fi(dn«tnncr44 

• fnse CAT4LoanES mi tem^w^rQn «#)««»* 

Mvvwv d«0d* «*W> H buy ir«y fWv Ai«^ eompiiU', ■• l uaB ** yeu VVA ««iy cattAJy Mioul 
it^rt* tMliont p» <i* < m* *^ tir *f*9i*rt. <t fi^ *V MwtQ* •* >mr i4«w p^ttTrnm And. •« «« 

wupmy yaw ftff tfyrrwi'iKf 1(01) w* J Wt^ * aif wm B*o*Kfc^ Ji Mai % i M ii >* . m* i<^M» *!* ywi 
irt haw (icmn|| b iMxry Aout W» ^iw* IW*f H i H l til irni T tonjmotl 'i*ymnif4. ■iTftr rf^'l i K W 

iMMtFREE felvatLnjniabqr>k>aiQit«i«n3* *)!'$*(• %!*■■■• StrMH' 

(Mar %Mm Qbv. U^fM »B^^«a a w 

w: Him nir 

•ttr Mt Mt OH* 

ftr^nrig ■*>■»* 

tHn-tN •»^»*e!i«" 

UWW Ml^ 

III: tn-WI 4M 

i*j i" i^j <.T 

tMvin VMli"^ 

$(lrtte9 f 4 «<n^ €tdtt4 Stntl. L^edr.. 1 


1-4 Ihf Ufin. 


CM14 409C UtiU'ieitll 

\ J •■■■ 


'081-309 1111 



• rf fc "^ '■ 






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AM3TRA0 CPC 464 HriVYeoKwr 
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oov«ftap««. 27 AA mgnzinM. 
MM Office II, Darfc»to. DnMef. 
tf in i^ry Qood condWon. £225. 
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CPC 464 Groen monitor, rnodu- 
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Phone OBfifi ((»84) 397452. 

Simpaonft, Alien Slorm, Gazza 
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VVorth £480r«rfi wm lor £230 
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CPe&128 COLOUR morrhof, 
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AMSTRAD 464. Colour mofiftor. 
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lapes plus teak desk tor Amstrad 
monitor etc £250 oji^ PhOf>e 
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AIISTFtAO CPC464 wtiti colour 

m<HMt<)r, ijS^S inetrucVori fn»iu- 

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e»vertapes Al «M boeieet}. 
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joystick, martuals. Over 180 
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befs 1 - 7fl. Al in very good 
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Joe f0420i 473973 ( Hampshire^ 

MEGA 0ISK1 15+ ulifi«e3 mckMi- 
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copy, send SAE. di^ and £3 10 : 
68 Bedford Road, Letcffworth. 
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AHSTRAO 464 0!>kxjr with dsK 
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UffllM^ • lots of"them or T 
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Dei*top PubitsJ'ier lo^ \'m 
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st^ipon back up Deiailsr 
Protml. 37 Essex Boad. 
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^ ^ 

oppgfutncf 10 m t fck dmet i»%O0S^C HimMn - « 

^oqpoT ■eMHQaa • pMc* of aaftwif* TQHT^ wnKcs 

Od* cbttc fw wn HtPViaH' ta tte iri* Of •wtp cf 
mlUmm^ ****** cwfi b»fiitm»«* Or P*w» 

f J ifi tli* appia F itto B tota «Dd HHt a ui Id E49*tb«r 
urn Jill I mi mm mi run niejii ■■ n mur 

0#?I>£f? FORM 



Please place the followinig advertisement in ttie next avaitable issue of Amstrad Action 

- . R I *nclot« payiBMit of £S ,00 by Ctt*q»*/ P.O/ 

■ Credit Cenl number 


Classifkstion Tick box _) F« nJ« 

J Wmad 

J ' wr Oroupf 

Gl Ochet 



Write your advertisement hMf- f4\e word per box. Include your name rmrt phone number jf you want Uiem 



T*!! tfie Balg wh<B€ you really ttilnlc al>4>uil 'the colutnit 
In the Baiir<»g questionnaire this month AND vote for 
your favourite adventures In the Balrog awards, 
rwieanmrhile, thanhs to Thomas Christie, Alati Hatricic, 
Bill Jenicins and Edmund Splcer for this month's tips.. 

* ResLAarty save the game, 

* You must ma*<* a map 

* ^iufpttrm « Eb "G' 14 it>e iiey foe the gun 
Mxktr H D«iy TX ir^mefrim ^Q load gi/^ at 

* Fkwr, water M billing ISfi factor a cski tkey 

* Charcoal amd gauze factor a gasfnask tor dan- 
ger room at lasta C*. Place rtvask tn locker ii.side 

(tangef room for ' e. 

• Glass, franne and syricharf factor eyeihteW for 
use trt astrorwmy room on Afea Jevei 

• Eartfimap n i*w hey to the sori depot on GA f. 

• ice Pack IS key for hotiouse oa Gi C. 

Qmm< X - H 

« To get wat«r Irom vi«i: Insert handle ir^ the 
hole, turn hindk. be tMKket to rope, turn rtamjlc, 
^jrrf handle, urtbe bucket. T^vow urater over 

• Burn tte Mier in the ttudtet 

up* tlwl 

• To ki (he Necromartcer yoo raeed (our GokSen 
HeMS- Each o< these hearts must tw carrie<f 
ifrto ijie Necromancef's chancer, and tfien fired 

Two of the Gol<len Hearts are readdy availat>te 
CUT the leveJ, The third can t>e released by unfock- 
mg a dioor to get a PMot Ught and uwg that to 
open a second lodted ctoor to Gatwtctt Airpon 
where a Strangetoop cassette is to (» found 

H«M 4« y«ii hf^t tt?* ftti.r^m^rfi'cr in 
PuhT Tk* 

This cassette wJl free the first level t>y cany 
mg orer 3 jeweied cown, Th»s crown wi change 
ir*to the totftfi golden heart on emry into the sec- 
ond level. 

Mmwy 0lg Caw* A«iv*n«ur« 

• To Ml the ptrate gw Nm the food, 

* What to do witti the utity belt: 








TMi nwe ih« %itnt anriiarfci on ■ qMn* tor 

ll «ti«r •ardi, to flinf out w*ut 

Vw it» ict IN cHhk* M wtt m tfif e#rot 
•tards by Mni mjI tti MMM •( tfw 'arm 

So if rou h«if« MAM ti i iw a mt «bout ii«ii ttw 
Bjiret c«4unin can bi mprowtd, « H jtu want le 
MM tar jrvur too Hwt li ttm* f ■vouriti MMmturn 
iMn iMTt'i your ehjnc* 

T|i* frit coup^ of r**d«n «ul of Sw hM «■ 
r«c«^ an adnmur* fr«m iht Baft titvntM 
»C ft * OT ca^tcOofi ¥o« c»n (tiy aoonymflirt i* t^ 
mtt* bit yOB mni b« v*m^ •rto th* ^« Wvf 
Mt ahe tand in vomt contr^oOOM* aldnf, ■(Oi tfa 

PitM* rata 0t* 
|1fWr*'t t^tct at «it 

BalriDC faaibrM out of 10 
(4 induda any cwniiwMt 


Balrog awards 

Uttart < 
l(ird4 1 Ladiat 
Batrag rawMt 



I „. -.... 


nm ^tfvMturi (WIM^ 

1-tTffW-ttfJ-^l llJi lPf f fr i TffrflflT^-P^TItM^^ff ■TTTIFlFTTIT^^IfaT^^TF- 



**-!■? *f #*+ F-rt *■ +M-^»»i»r« +■** 1 ■* 



GAC «inic and bnarlal 

Sugtatbcm and ranurt«: 




AWISTRAO ACmOM OcTg4ht 1992 


Sati t*^ advantur* c' iha yaar, „.„ 
Bait crapWc a^vwuiira of ttit jr*ar , 
e**t PD a Jww^wi: _...„..,.._.„,-„„ 

W^f vv»vvrT nwH- #<i'dT<'*«'fKii ip^t^m 

Bact PO LiirarT: „ ^,.....„ „ 

Advanlura parioiudly «f eta yaar . 
MKt prafniaini autnar. j.i.^..i.*>.-,,^..u 


^oucK ififi€h €he 

V yiMi mM (9 csfltKt «it Bairei Mth anr hMi. 
tipt. nem V ottHT ^mt* 0i m 4u*n«. «HI* t»: 
Th* Mroi. Amtfrnd Action, Suufwd Cowt 30 
VhiwnoiAk SttHt. BjdH, AWi Ml 20*. Dffilt 
rwE«t, rf you rt tottk m m «dMMW«, M« « 
kK* itvouch Oh ifti Of tti« Unk «n(l U(*h of 

RLE used to Me the chain on the table. 
PAROUET u^ed to M the tnfM 
BiCARBOrMTE used to cure the warn 
SLEDGEHAMMER used 10 breafc down Ow huge 



• To get out ot the house saWy you must frst 
iM3St) your tiands n the waler, then look st the 
(«mor, w»h your fxe m the water, exanwie 
chest, take off doublet, txm doublet, ex^mirte 
drawef . get the tunc and wear it and then leave 
tf»e fooffi, 

• Davtd SiTmur has come to the aid to Lee 
Hattort - fre code fw the si»ve* casket r% 'SEEO'. 
To get the (Mrctvnent y<M/l need to tuA the blodi 
of 4ce on the button to keeg it pressed. 


N yflti tarn wtf quHtoiH on thf tn* ol G4C. wt- 
C4Ac GAC-nbilad prabtomf «ik) qu*rtet or hmti 
jntf Vpl- of yo^F 4^nfi Dl^fi ^01' dWiII oOvnl -ftAd 
•Mri iMRlK GM n«PM"i*m CfMC. AlMVwf 

Bat^. Ann Ml WH. W* pU M prOfrltn «n * 
cwnrtJCH. M *• *«f)t to t*« you irt€ i(< 


Sttick in an adventure? Or i9esj>erate>y tryng to 
And one? The hetpine ts the place ^oi foU Just 
send a postcard to Bairog'f Kefpline. 
Amftrad kethn, Reauford Court, 30 
Montn^ufth Street, e«th. Avon BAI 2BW> 


Hick Cartsf from Portsmouth ts havmg prob^ 
lem$ m The Fourth Prc^ocd - he cant seem to 
access Hie fties « Biefihetm 4o ne keeps gett*^ 
sent to ft* FaAiand tsi^ids. 

Andrew Pood Uotn Croyden is stuck m Vewm 
and Shard of Ikmt - m Venom he (toesn't know 
hew to get past tJie watchers and a Shard ot 
hovar lie doesr't know tww to get the armiet ol 
ire. Cao anyone tieto* 

Tht Lordi aod Ladiet of 

Adventure ire txperiefmd 

tdvfMiiferf vlw iiwe com* 

pMed ifl tfw (WMt 0(1 Ihelr 

ietl, They tre n«« pre^red 

le ihwe thsir ImpwMift 

wMi o4her games picyvft. 

If you have a prebfem 

t ilti any of the I'm** on 

' *••• im, writ* to m Lord 

or L«dy corKemed ' malte it 

tjrkf, itKHigh. «id do NOT 

a*h for compfete tokitiorMi. 

CMHe eiKlistar • Heavy on the 
WagiC * ma V Ay - Never 
EnUng Story 'Orb Quest. 
fnif Ctaytofl, 29 PortTnan 
Ro«t, Scun^vjrpe. Sovth 
Humberiide, DM15 6P0. 
Tel: 0724 872135 betweeti 
6pm «nd midnight {Yw 
ihMdd hmnt ttai manual fMW 

MuH I * M-Strad 
Aulin • Besttvy • B^ Top • 
Btack Fountain • Eteck Kn^ • 
&0fi|4: * Bored o^ Ihe Rinfs • 
Boredom * Can I CheaT Death? 
■ C*fe of me Mixidilp Shymer 
• Casde Adweniure • Cave 
Ctpers * Cavei of Ihe 6ew 

Be*s • Conch • Crise*! 
CruftciTy • Dtch 'ed * Dt/igeon • 
DAA • OMW • Dei^tMt • 
Oooniionts * Escape kvn 
Flanef of Doom • Escape Irom 
ftoon Planet • rrestcw • 
Fioofc • Forest at Wontf s End • 
Gertjl nAci'iJ* Ghost House 

• Grue Kfapped • Heroes of 
Kam • Hitvira - Hobbri • 
Hotfids of Hei • Hotoeout of 
ToMi • Imaginabon * Jason and 
!fte Argonaits • Jetmis of 
Sib^ * Labynnth * 
U«^«iou$t Mystery * tosi 
Scrol • tkifca/fi Apprenke • 
Message from Andromedi • 
ms Ttne * Oft) Quest 1PL I) * 
{Mee from Outer Space * 
Pane beneath the Sea (pt U * 
Povrtf Ctrse (Pt. U * Pnson 
8iues • Quesi • Quest for eie 
Golden Egg^ • Robocrii * 
ftoog • AougelidBet • Scary 
Tales * Seab»e D«ka ' Sois 
of Dvl«}n * Spaced Out * 
Spacy • Star Wreck * Subsu* 

* Teatand * Theseus (pi 1} • 
Thefs Tale • Ti^pen • TTIO • 
Use yotf Lo«t • VideoMortd • 
WMaday • Yarkon Bijes • 
Yawn • H«p for QmI usws. 
MIMH nVifyi 71 Fore SI, 

CfmdMgh. NewtM Abbot 
South Devon TQ13 OHT. 

HicrMer's Gutie • U«ltiar 

Goi^desies • Lurking KorvQr • 


Kan Dean, 63 Ebnhunt 

Avmue, Ouiton Broad, 

lowwloft Suffeft NR32 


AllershQci! • Br«Mi free • 
Cacodemon • Ctie of tit 
MixecKJp S%RW • QAA * 
Espiar>a|e island * Expercfice 

• fantasia Diamond * Forest at 
World's End * Frai*enstein ■ 
Grange Hi • Habited House • 
HerwiolKam •Imagjnattjn • 
Irica Ctf se • Kobyashr Haru * 
t^ncdot • LooiMd Ore * Lords 
ol Tine " M^save (rom 
AndNfflidi * Itndshidi^ * 
Rratef * Rantt of Death * 
Quest for dv GoMen Eggiiujo • 
Rgtfs Revenge * Seabase 
Oe«a • Shp d Doom * Spytreh 

• Sutrttf* • Tenarmoiiios • 
Three WMs n Paradise * Tnal 

of Arnold BtoCkwiOOd • WarJOf d 

Oebby Howard. 10 Overton 
Ftoad. Abbey Wood. London 
SE2 9SO, 


Dut l4 "Anvncitvf pr^-uvvi^ AdwnAur* Prtibt. 

or tht to*tt, hjt u«r tud lo daaiL 

Tlwt it 4 p^nvbiKi of teaWH «!(« tafe- 

ai woirtomirt. 

Til* Balroc muU M« to OKproH Mi can- 
do(«fK« 10 tlw «<Mof lUndt U94r\%im. m^ 
- Mvmmr* Piobf vM On* of tli« Wff 

i«« n K4 

Til* Ifiind Mnudl AilMfNurwi Convtneon (fST' 
AnAvnta^C' ^olw toiiw*^wiJ| wa be 
triint plico « tfi« ftoyil Artfut ntOm HoW 
A Binnngfivn on imviirf. 24 Octobtr 1992. 
Uort <ltt*h tni tidc«ta («t o*% £7 ««di) we 
«vMtaii)* h-fwn: Vkkjr Jockt^n, 1?A 
Hii Itiud, WinntMdon. London 5W19 SPZ. see 

IVl€»re Woinf ! 

Wow rtH rvlUMd t MOier tH GAC Mm«« - 
Mirlnfo ta>fr-#art t*rt I jwiliri tfom mthMl 
HuntI md Beyond tfte tlarfi Mkror {« 1«it 

llw^ com £3 en Uf>f vitf £5 on tak, 
■Ml« Styvntf Ifw Oarit Mrror »«tt £2 on Upt 
jnd £4 on dni 

■n^ p 

PUni jfc Moot tor a new •dventure imtjim 
dodicaiud to ttw CPC rHt* of mochnott 
CiNd rto ftii Lany, tho hrtt »»uw n now 
jvaHHe aM CMtt oi^ £1 

COi^bnloiAOrii ^A^iifd* Dopny nOvird liid 

rill I Mill 1 Mill 11111(1111 r 

tH tht Arit ttHM, M taantft pi* lMpr<Ml*e, 
Tht Salf luf «too 'ptrwwM' tht otfMr, P«irf 
HHnntMt. Eo off^ 0it Ita^ nw* to B;iirot 
ra*d«r« at ti^ the rwrnul priu [50p. for tht 
flo«*r rudon oul thtrti) 

Br«u Lainp « tnMbit from f^aitf at 167 
04fd«n Wood RfliBtf. E«ft Crtn«lMd. WMt 
S4«if*T RH19 Hk m*S 1223tB 

GulM Info 

Toi^ Caarnn, tiwn Cuiid AdvMtur* Softaart, 
hj» bean m tBntth about GMtt. croaitnf 
Amttrad a d w K iiro c oat ciw ii - K now hat 46 

Cantn by 7) authon (ndodinc th* Ui#« of 
K*n Bond HBalf. Tony Kiii|^(nM, Cbarttt 
Sharp* Md Paul Gilt, ahtnt tMi ttn 

lofry n al S»f mcmtii? connfQnc mai^ pT 

Oi« CPttt (anie* l» riff (Ml CPM Z.2 and hi* 
rrufTir spMtrurn conrenlaM planned, includ- 
■i^g TreJiur* rittnd. Captain fCooa. Corya a««) 
many mort. f of mora d«tail». «r1i« to Toi^ at 
760 Tybgm lto#d. I Ampler* Btrrmnffiaim B24 
9ra or phon* 02J 749 7US n rtvMw tome 
tit Gu^t £JrfM4 toon bt« I atfi4it le *««* off 
lor a catahifu* at Bwy hav* a vary 
HipmtfH ift 0t toitvare- 



5 BASIC boffin JERRY 
four more readers'' prograims 
BASIC tutorial.. - 

Ills ongoing 

fAes.s=ng sfQ'jrtti with floppy cSsks can certainly 
make fne sicJ< at times! H yo« fftd them satie. 
hack Osc Wurs* mto youf machf^e and aif the 
ttv&se floopy ixobiefns wit t>e over. 

John Adamson of Dunftfrndifie's iitOe *SC 
uttfty en^)tes you to maneDuiate discs to easily 
and wthout femembertng ecMTWsex commands. 

TiTe pfogram's meriy d^-r^en and a*cws you to 
catalogue discs, e^aae ftles, *splay ASCP fttes, 
rename and unerase ^(es an<J iofm&t flopi>«&. 

OhiAJr} le GOTO m 

{In£o} ai DfiiTft U L»j In Dilt^S) »i^p]«s 

Atflrrntt Vitr^tri^t/i) Itat fi\iA) 
9MT>it ril»,5) Jti«»iit t\\t,^i titrlis 
FUr (A.S.C J.I Onl^hV IffiMt tiiC 

(ikCi) le DDI k(28e):t^:4^:it:":«:«:tlM 

M»i{Ea)rt» ]ttttf<iaae):siii N«-4t(se) 

{lvlbi> S$ RtTOra 

{«tiBo) ge P»FD tiJ;FliPEIt I2J JAfEJt 

UfBo) m nwv 

(ii£»> lie UKfiT! hz^'.nmv 

bq Johfl MJ«i4n - tit MiUti Acti»n ' 
ObSr) m PDI •1,2:CLS ll:F1tIMT II;Fli^1 •!,' 

a^S?) 138 PD4 ti.a^CLS l2^PJtlHI te;FStMl If,* 
|«IA 0«I?)II* 

{c*Br> i« PEW i3Jras *iinm tr.nm is/ 

<Tt!A) m KAD MtnahPSIMl ll:FitlNT 

• I,Mnvl:M£X! 
<C^2j) IM lt):lRKI?l;ir kJ:" TifIX 1S8 
iitW m k:VfHity.lf kU Ot k)? THI?I COTO 

<c«B]^ see 0*1 1 coT» 

{QAU 218 DO 

awCj) JSe PSIHT IJ:L«IHI l3,l,4rPRI«T 13,' 
Ittftndttr fr tfrI*U oftJi F#r**(;' 

OtaEi> 268 kl:M(lJMf k*:" IHH 288 

<C*t«> 2?6 If LWOKIfl):'*' Tia biMi EM 

Ujntmi 2% citeajs 

{Hy&^> a^g FOD lU ra s 

(P«t»> 3ie e:<M:l)ib*a;II (b m ifi'M TREK 

{»4flk> m ISX! 

««£«> 338 wean 13,1,4 :P8mf 13/ Intwl 

dJic I Frtis ifl| kr<t ' 
UlAp^ m CALL 1181$ 

<ltii£n} 3$8 CALL USeSiCLHUt^CCSOS iB:<i^V> ii» 
•(ftlAk> JC8 ' 

mm 388 ' 

a«Sl> 313 '?OKF tAC83, ice; POKE t«C82, 196: POKE 

<HtAj> 4de ' 

Uimi>4re ' 

avAf> 438 r«KI fftTe 1,223 

tliiCn) 446 LOCfiTt l3-i,4:DffOT l3,*Eivt»r nuf 

of tht lilt t* fc* fln-win^'jrrwtdt 
amy 4W IF tris»dt:" TSM P«XI «tt781,e;WT0 


0IiAk> 4?e l£lN,«(iHli]ft,»tr«^«ll 
UlCi> 4S8 Ki^ 4A7ei,8:CLS ll:CL£a»:«Sn 
S8;aS iJrPBlKT tJjPJWr 13/ 

i)tsnti»c!iM$-:<»i4 ise 
amy 4S8 ' 
ccmo see '»isfUi a.s.c.ij FiS* 

{ftkftj) Sl8 ' 

i»«tF> S2e UCftn IJJ.fiDiPIIT •3/>EaUr Nur 
Of Fitr*;r|fl 

<£I(lT> HB LOCATI 78,23;PRIM] '{^ti.i lay kr| 
U f*i(st>* 

{|pfrfi> ;» OffH» fitl 

(in^> %m vdwM !,e8,i,ga 


{fuftv> $te LINE iHFVr l3,«f^rttMT t2,il 

mtn} S» kItinSfl.IF ktO" TXIM m ELSE 

(A«lo> t«e k|-.lMEt1l;ir klO" li^ 118 EU 


»iM> m cLo$En 

^Sj> &% kr:IiffiEftiIF klO" IIIQI 638 

«J|^} 646 WCftTl 134.4 :PIIWI 13/ <P«S* 

Ins Kty I« C««tiae«> * 
(«!»> 6St k):IlOtI1l:IF ktO" TMBt 658 

mm> m CAU ii3U:CLiAjt.wii a«:C4!d it& 

{Jufti> 6» ' 

atif} Tffi LOCftiE tia.^MpeT n/ oii Htur 

Of FtU-;oi4nrt 
Hih) m LCCatl 13, 1,4: mi! 13/ Khi H^iit 

Of FiU*:atwnrt 
^Mfilft) m LKAlt l3J,4:rX£H! 13/ 

Prfttfitms... ' 
gut) 738 IF nt«fl(t:" TilN 768 
{Mv> 748 IF tldllH:" TlDl 768 

utAU 7$a ixst,Htutui,Hunti 

{G4lx} 7S8 LOCATE I3,L4:P«DIT 13/ (frm 

An$ X#y T» CflntiMt} * 


ThJt ftFfnf countinc dt^'* rtittf b«f)fining to kkok 
■(« («m««hlri. itnt if? Nol Ofiy it Itifl qnMtoninE 
procfrif autonutati. but #«'ve iho ^oT tam mrv 
dwckint lo WHd out m« i^wU. And »tt}wi|:ti th4 
cwit't uHiitrtf 4$ far 4t th« r«iJ woild'i concerned - 

wh«n ^ you «ver n*«4> To counf rtrjngtT Rig;l1[t - H. 

dM* iii«tr4tt torn« gt tt3« (srtncipi«« b«hind |i»t 
•bMt «v«fy pr^trvTi' you're li*blc la Mcemiitf . 

Tbvrt't a b«Rvmin( and an «rid C4t«t*iniiig « 
{oop, kipur *nd Dutjxit, vsnabfet aod the Knponant 
•nror diM^tiftt «lf««<fy iT)«flt)«n«d, «fld tiioM «n* th* 

buMcSni tttockt aroutxl «t«ch «fl jfwr Mv* 
EH-ogrsmt wfU be CrtttM. And n«w b«f«f e w* expand 
ih« procram firth«r. iafi jutt »juiiTtMU tiw loop 
poiubittbwt fof wtcHnjted kifiut wHhout i 4«ifmit/Ut 
em). Thit Is, the wtiution* wh*n you n«*d to u« » 
loop, but dofl't hjww hop ruiioy tinvfri to p«rtofm ir 
|!r«m«nib«f that it i«i*t immj pr«ctH« to JKHnp ou of * 
FOR... NEJO' loop). 

Vni coiM, 6l court*, us* th* Fm...NEXT 
COfHbu^tkm but wWi 9 vari«b4», !ik< Mt: 

i3 ItEK This n 1 prtfTu to cent tlte 

chirtcttri i^ i Urini 

28 IKl^r *ll«« mtny ittitfl H4y[4 tM Ul« i« 

preens*; LOfl 

30 rOl 0(1:1 to LOTT 

48 11^- 

Sa IMPIT *FlM» twr t tti-iif'; Af 

and to on, 1b^ tme, inttead of providinf « 
predeAned countw for the hMp. tne 20 i^ronnpti (ht 

AIMSXRAD ACnOfM OctOt*ef 1992 













7?9 l(trM(t¥l;II HO" IHIM 7I» 

m CALL mie:ciiAji:C4svB e«:as 

iHirS^TIMS* ;C«T« 188 

798 ' 

388 'S«k'r««tipr rn4 dir(«t«ri 

819 ' 

m l»ttrr(i»:PtD!f»ddrM) 

«C8 IF l»ttK'<»Hie 4Jt ltttrr<i9>ia! 

THEM l»tttrU)i3£ 

«7e vDrdl(&};i«*r4t(l>KKlti<ltUfT(i)) 

m If llHdieHMblhS IKEH 


m If LEKfiterilCbnnS TKEX b:b»l 

H8 IF l»ttrr(l):32 IKEN t:«»l ELSE c4t 


328 IF tzt TKEM 343 

948 REim 

368 ']«t disc 
!« ' 

see CLS iS'FitiHT liiFtDit le,' 
mn mm' 

138 tllMHU t,Ll,l:C4I:MI]WW 

l,t8j,2S:C«S^ m 

im »DIT IS 

181B m 4:8 TO STEP i 

ie£8 P8DIT 18/ 'KwilU)' 


1638 LOCdTE llAA.nWl 13/ 

(Pit 11 ftflii' K^s Ifl ContiB«^t> ' 

me kt:]mfl:U htO" IMEM 1848 

1858 t:8Ebc8;e:4 

ieS8 CIU miS:CL£U:C9S0B ^-XLi 

•J PRINT ii-nm fi,' 

1878 ' 

ieS8 Tr#if fill 

18M ' 

nee UKA:1 n,l,4rINPUT n.'JEnttr Nur 

it FtU Ta fif Eriffd ';riitl 

1118 IT iltU" TMITI im 

11£8 lEJtA.fnif 

1139 LKATE t3,lJ;P1t|NT 13/ 

1148 it-.HmnM htO" THEN 1148 
im CAll UIU:Cl£Ali;»SVB ;fi:CLS 
l3;P»INT13;nDlT 13/ 
U$TliVCtlW$-:C4f4 i«8 

{|b(|](> 1178 'fijsfltg Pirr»nt iitr/trivt 

m.ii> 11»9 ' 

<IIE;; UK IKDTI l3J,4:IWn n/>PlM» 

Enirr ^iv»*;drl 
(Chlf} 1288 U<An •S4.4:INPVT l3/»F)m* 

Enttr Uitr Ntnb^';oi 
(HjAv) laia tbRItl|,Hftrlll$E)i«vl 
<<i«r> U«8 PEM n.iXlt l^iPRIAT niFKMT IE/ 

BATfl nmv 

mM 1238 G4I4 m 


Base<} on the oSd favtujrrte Safftes^vtps. Graham 
Snvtb of Street m Somerset has enlarged on the 
oW theme to pra/ide a fwi gamw that recHjres 
sJ<iB and fofethought rt you're to outwit your 

Graliam has made use of ttw efilire screen to 
pi-ovide a play area stuHed with shios (they kx^ 
Wie Tie figtiters.-,!. Both joystick ports are uied 
for p*a^ movenient and gLiess seteclKW, or 
pJayer two can use the keytx>ard rf you ofl?y have 
ooe loysticl^, There are a total of l& ships lurisfig 
sorrvewtiere on U^at screen - naipcy hurtin£; 

Shirt bi iriin* Saitb 

S:bt ;^«n l:1trt T^rijlit C^fjre 

{Ctdt) 1 
<FiAt) S 
<£j3t) 3 


<Auet> le fUTm^r^^iKiMW p-i:N»f i 

{JoBg) £» fOJi j:12 W IftSsn^^rfOft *4 |0 T 
{CiAo) 4e |:»M;p^p*l:NE](T li;!if» 4* 

(jKflj) » If tfiLcf>*i>:t »w ?e 

(luta) {;« FKIHrS^U trrtr liar'; ^18 

(*ijj) 7B HWT j:r(>r:D<« i,i,e,is,i&,-i.s 

{Kadv) 38 CALL tmn.mj 1,4,1,1,1,-1,1 
OIlBk) 38 )Di xC14),r(14),ltH):B0»D 2 

<9taAK) 188 i-aunifAim:*:imT.r-Aiiu 

(Alfo) lie INX 9,i:m LlSiI/W £,&;INK 3,2 

(CrBi) lee JtWPCflIZE TWIr«lMM« 1,4«,1,2 

OHM 138 UIN»Ull,l,4ej,2;:f'l:FAFn 3 

Qltftr) 146 CLI:PAFflil,8;a»l 

(AfBk) 1S8 )((8;:T4iBa(y;v(8):lS»«»(I(l) 

(itHAv) 1E8 f'hrtm-i-.m 4-1 to h 

{FvAv) 188 id^:b:8:fCl k^ fO H 
aM«} 1S6 IF x(j)-k(]())7 UT4 248 
dplv} 286 If x(k)-x(j}}T &0T4 e48 

iim> m u tuh^anu »to £4$ 
iiMkv) zis If 9(k)-ii<j)»i« GOTO m 

if mi mmik.if ym coto its 

(Irll> 2S8 FOR j:r TO ISSl8:P&l[E j,e:NEXT ^ 

ffl|*9> J?9 i:lS:K:j;f(e):8;p{l):i 

OkM £88 »m t»:ii:l-h 

OloAv) £38 u:4a:v:»£:l«m I$,2:PfK £ 

(Jikli) 388 FSaT'nftyEJf;h;Cffltl(S)/'S M* 

{ntj} 316 x;ti:if:v:«r&ei STB^CALL iJtlS 

(Er«H) 3^ C4U, p^d.fiCIlL lt8SC,e,c 

atAu) 338 CALL ttVIS^CUl ii,6,ii 

{|»lta> W j:10V(J>-l):IF j=8 UTO 348 

tHti> 358 If j>U WTO 438 

ffiAr) 366 a:»Illltj,4):d:c 

{CiBD 378 IF RItHIi(al,l>:'r THIH v:v-4 

(Mj} 3» If LErTH«l,U:*I- THEN tctM 

{Nrm 398 IT fl»l(il,£,U:'t' THIK u'fi-l 

a^Bl) 488 If MIBIi4t,3,l>^*r THEM v:v*4 

<On*q) 418 «:(-(«--lJtt«:7|» 

CKwIi} 4a «:f-(v:H»M*<v:lteM:COT0 318 

{Cv«r> 438 S^OHt ZMAl 

ilitm) 448 CALL p,c,f:CtlL t,c,488» 

Wtlj) 456 i^^;POR j=« TO 14:K:lMTfj(U» 

<1tAx} 468 9zmUfU)>:U i(j}:8 COTO 588 

mtm} 478 If )r-a>l 0» u-»)E »T0 ^ 

<Gtflv) 488 IF |-v}S OR v-$>t% ^TO Sfil 

{foAp) 498 ]i(ii)rj;n:n*l 

OliiArl we HOI jiCAU F,eJ 

UaAi) S18d:id:ir n>8 COTO 349 

CMjAv} S3@ CALL IS8CC.8,d;C«I0 288 
<$«Bt> S46 SCHO 7,5;,$$,1S, 1,1,31 
UIBi) S58 FOK j:l TO i):r:)i(j-lJ:x:IMT<x(r» 
{|JA9(> SE8 |:IH!(<<(f))tC0£9l S78:f:i-1 

{|»Bj> its i^t8Ba;ir ifr)-^! THDt trlllij 

itilix} S38 KfJ^iCALL it8K,f,i;«EXT j 

{Lklb) 688 CALL 18860, 8,dd: IF l)B »T0 I9i 

(fiiAp) 616 CQm 638:PEK 8 

(IvBj) tSa LOCATE lS,S:PIilNriilOTllEl CAMI^ 

{t4tm> 638 a:^l}(KtVI:n *f:" 4070 638 

{fjAif) 648 IF UFPEnKin:'r »T0 148 

»pBi} 658 IF (ffraifilKJ'H' MIO 638 

<UMi 668 CALL 8 

UiAs) 678 4:n>ITCy/B):l»:«'<«a 

{Hpfe() 636 cUC8Be4tS8*it|«88rMit:£ITinM 

(aAt) 6M ?EN l;LOCftTI 1,1 

aiBjJ 786 fRWrPlAra 1 *;p(9):W(ftI! 16,1 

<Pp*V> 718 MMT'PLAWl 2 ^ptDiLOCftTI JIJ 

iUttr) 728 FRMT'SltlPJ 'jijaTWl 

(tkfilr) ^38 >ATfl cd,£7.i8,8t,86JS.a6,e2,es; 

{EpBi} 748 ) ATA *d,i8,8e,ie,rb,dl,7Ji,et,4b5 

mt4> 7S« »ATA %tM.1»M.nM,^,it,ii^ 

(»iBi> 768 SATA ?t,t»,e8,57,94,28,K,e3,4Jb 

gtBj) 776 (ATA 96.8B.ll,i*,S8Jl,t3.B6,38d 

{PnAvy 738 im cS,81,87,e8,Fd,be,if ,dS,3tf 

(ItBj) 736 nn tl,8t,d6,t4,S2,(l 1.(1,16,388 

(CuBk) S88 SATA ttM.f^MM.^Jt.tiMi 

OK. » FOR,..NEXT with ■ vjrfabto ^ all my wei, 
rm w£ir1c, but rt rMuy mt <tm¥t tM me probtem 
of qmittinE (ha loop - it w* wMt (ft tlop prenulurety, 
m C4nt. it l«Hl not wItfHUt tif ukmi tfw c*rdin«j 

fortutttit^. gi>64 M BASIC e«m** to 01* rtf^it 
wi^ « n94i tini« locoinf «4Mton iliieh «(««« 
fvtrY«tiii« FOR.. NEXT dOM whi* «llgwlnc ■» tQ 
ttcapt mtm w vtr «* «Mi. Itt known h tit* WHl£ 
lo«p. Md fiwrw'f how H fan: 

WHILE [arfyiiMrtl or vKprMtwi) = trv* 11i«n 

WuTi th«r? How c«(i « m«ttt«fn«tk4l or logical 
Vfwnoftt b« tnit? Woll. witlUKit gMting itito » (ot of 
8ool«4n itfitbttkr ituff Md nwiunu (looluifi 
C^orgf ^oolf in • tchoot Itxt t>Qok if you tttfy want 
to fuww, or otfo wiH for fitture knuJImomi.,,} wfut 
m n>«f) it whttt ii'\ itM viM. H«fe'» sn vxampt* 
uaing our prtirtoui code:^ 

ll KEN Ikii ii « pr»9ru t« c««iit Ut 
etafJctfri in i jtj-iki 
28 «NSI:*r 

38 UBiLE mtt'r 

48 Mi- 
ss INPir 'flHit t«pt a litiin" II 

68 If Ai:" jm m 

n tr iscufias or nKmynn tiEn »dit 

■Invilid iarvt. Try isait^"^: COtO 48 
88 PtIHI 'Di* Jtrinf "it" it 'LEH (tt> 
'clwicttrf ]««|/ 

October 1992 AlWISTftAO ACTIOM 



lUo more 

rest- You can save (fcgrtised samples to disk, 
load and play them and after the volume. 

Wt'vti tf*ctded to iif<ip itw 4att (iii*iKh 
Mkftfd ipKH) b«cawM too rrltny (MOpIt 
w«f« cattfpi£ twfl%it«4 by ih«cn Wt'r« MM 

pf«^wn Out prine* codM «ti-«crft«fl u you 
lypt a Ine of BASK. M yog hwf to do It 
t^ttik Om co<l« jit4in«t th« ont prinM in (hi 
nufjune lo m*ie tuf* yftuwe typwl tfw Ine 
correctly. Wt prrit ^ypo^T^^Mf now jnd 
•filn, H it yM hmmtt it^ » copy y«i. ioA 
out for A MM. H fw tf«4i1 htve TypHKIftar. 
^ fgnore 09* c«4«« in th« curly bfKhttt it 
Ihti ti*rt of iidi IkM, 

{Fjl)> m mi UMAtM.HMrifiM.m 
{Mi)) ITS «A» r)»,tt,*b,bSj8j3,£3,l&JS4 

(roj> tie IK» ft,ii,Tt,cMS>S7,3e,ea,398 
(Trlj} tea MU bi,i»,ii,ti,iA,ZTM,6t,iii 
<tvBA> i£S »AiA ie,ec,i£,fb,»i,k,a,et,ke 

dnt^} 338 lAIA (?,3e,eg,?^,ti, ,7c,3U 

Giki} m lATA 8e,3«.8e,e3,ee,B?.as,ef,si 
awfii) 379 »ATA ec.ei,Be,e7,8«,8^ae,ee,» 

iLrM m lATA BiM.n,tcMMM.liM6 

(Prij) leia (ATA 3),«s,ee,rf,e8,iL».33.ae4 

(DiKk} IBia DAfA S»,ii,rMIJLcc.T7,ee,^74 
(Mi) Uie WTI 3J,lf,Et,«,l#,77,«,77,3d* 

{BM use »ATA fMf,ff,rrjr,ti,ffi,77,i&e 

Here's an HTcretJtbSe wece of dcver co<3if*g fle*l 
Hoplwson of Farehsm, Hampshire has wofKed 
out a fncthod of enaWmg yw CPC to digitse 
speech ^ftd mys*£ jiiayftd wa fl>e cassene port 
try grabbwig it directly from the machine's 
memory? Sa/¥J$ ccxn0c«t«^ Fortunately, the 
software <Joe£ al the work for yOw, ?<) ail you 
have to (Jo ts setect your fawurite im4 strutting 
their stuff, or you^ tavoorite Dohfic*ans struttirig 
t**etrs Pi, (xess ()^ay. and the mach«ie doei tiie 

(UAi) le * 

ai*T} M ' ttt spMtn Sftt»* 


(E^At) ^ ' ly Kril Ai^rtv KO'rkifhigTi 

{BtAn) « ' Ftbrwn '32 


<Hufla 58 ' 

{HxSU 6a riOftl 1:»U£1 e;IflC 6.8: M l,2:IHt 

E.M-IKK 3. £4 

(xiflo) 79 nMon tm 

<Iuftr} Sa COSliB e4e;C4Li 33686 


<Cfl&i) 38 nm 


CHRI us XJffiK U<ll|tKe^3>tCHai( }) 


{OitAj} m TAC 


(Fih^ 118 Risiciii iSMm m 


ihtn 128 W!A m,m.'m smcit 

S1fSn]tM28,2fa/H]tnTIH fit Htn 

mnuim' ,m,m,'m%imnm^ nm 



(itfa> 138 tt:" 

a»»^ lie uHiLF a)=" 

mti) ivi tt:mniU]mn) 

ium m vm 


tColv> m If il:*r TIW 548 


mm 118 cu 


{jtvM i» mim a»:O0sciB s«6 


(ctcj> £8e »«Tfl i3e.^i«.*i» specci 


SlfSID1',5,3«/fti6«t iht 

pr*fr*ji;',S.1Se.'l34t USA iffrch »)ttM 

iDoMi feu ta'*,^,388,*fUj| i^rrth - «r 

pmsk - inU tht',S,2S8/co«iMtr yii 

t)it ftuJlt i* Ur* fftofdtr-* 


<Cfr»> eie BAT« l^ZASrihn rttorM i»vnd u» 

th*n b« pl*sri*,S,Si8/biej! df«ii9 9»v 

«i)M Kit CK ami tkit,\i,m/Jin 

ttitHti »invd u* il» bt 

ii««44*rS,it0,*»r v«)eJcfnf4 to ir«d«ct 

Bitrd rfjuUj?* 

UxFr} £» EITI S,m,'S»v«« fffKts Uft iU« 


fct preigcrd hs*,J,l88/UltiB» tut iMit 

pertioBf of sfrfc)b,',9,lB,'ta ii* 

f«]]M)A4 vcr»KS tr« 

t)if',S,48,*cowun<t} inl bw to eit 



(Hi An) 

oiiAp} e3eji££T0i:£ ne^rnvt &ra 


{CiAv} S48 UIOE D0(Eirl<>CKIt(13>;UeO 


(TvAm) sse 0II6IN ».i,i,m.m.%:Wi 


{t]A«} et8 JttSTOU e78:<4SIB SG8 

{f)lu> g78 »A» lS8.3^/lt» SIUCN 

snitt'^s , J4e,'Cflii«*Si : ■ ,B jes,- SOU 

Thii ttETflt tht tipt rtctrjtr 


ofl/,e,38e,'iorr T>ii t«r«s tit t^ft 

tttitHn ift.* 

ltti)fi 2^8 DAI A 


Tkis ttmiti tnwii mithittf thit 
ii\e,a98/pii9iif khftniii tbt CF< Uh 

£36 mt e,198,'F«r Ikit rmlU tb* 
iHni »h«tili bt*,ejt8/iW)U U«d,* 
388 HU e.ieB/ltUrt] : Udrfii ti 

of ifrtcll*,9,C8i'FCalit »iirt loq dn^t 
rtcu^ ov«r tht',0,48,'KSi: ifttcJi t|iti« 


338 uffiu immKmmi:\sn 
m mam i.ixm.m^i-.wi 
m mmt ssa^wsui ste 


tbjs p]*vt tbt ipNEti bitk to 400 

!*,e.££8,'ttt4rt) : MirtH «l mtcJi' 

3(8 HTA 8,2n/nn«t]t) : L«|th of 

mte)l*J,li8/PlMtt i)4U Uut tbl^ 

t«flA)td t«ri» tJii'*.e,148,'Upf rocoMrr 


)78 RtSTW }l«:<4$Vt S6d 

3«8 MRIll Iiai1tOCffitl(l3);UD9 

338 CU 

488 itESToti m-Mm SH 
41B DATA 8jae/!snajiptri or 

rt(«(r4/rl«y^tM*,8,iK,*T1vii towuM 
tlloMf ^i U iltrr iht'tiiOe/rtcni 
tti pUy^eh 1^^**4,', 8, Z:^,'(srt«4J^ MA 
It bttittrR t-J^f* 

4e8 DATA'Tbc r»tttt sftrd li 1 
(ltd it «lis',9,i(8,*ii*ti> tk» «lftr«U 
ifttt^, %»i it «l9',e,148p*ilJHf A 
short Tttwimi.'.&A^.'i i\*» 
irtti»s«ck «t 3,Mtn( Dut 
V«i',B,10lj'UH 4o fii Urirr rfc^riiafi 
bat tit' 

4» DATA e,l8/iMteh itll Mt h it 
tlt>i.',iM,'tv ilitTi*i tbf in*i, IM 
UK Fl4y',8,4e,*v«vr ittnh lick it 
diffrrmt ifttii''.9,B,'1til' 
44e mSTOM JiOiCOS© S$8 

4S8 mm miniKmmmmB 

4(8 CLC 

4fe mim^m ;«« 

488 DATA 

*ittn tbt voLwt «r rii«iucii*,e,£te,'e 

fiT tnitt ind IS r4r tftrv loud '' 
438 MIA e>3a8."To OM n jcur on 
nefi^u^i'^SiiS/Iud thr RS^ if nth 
Wim «t »Mrts&' J, 118/33888 titd im 
cm. 33888 to tvt It «!' 

'Ir«»s» ttrifin il/l)"; WSI 

98 MtJ:'MKrifT 



Mr condiiie'i >» itil mw, prociii Joopc. WlMii 4m 
CdiwMioA ttopt b«f(i( iriM, utoft proeof Hif . Lino 20 
manly hU up i vartabkt for « pfompi *i^ Qve 
CO(HM«n for tfM WHRl locp. That if, A»S& >f Mr 
JOMrer (0 the qu«tti«n. 4o w« w*nt to procttt 
ttringt? We Mt thtt u> y for y«t lntl«iy (obvi«w«ly *« 

mnt to pr«en» M Ie*it »n« tfrifif i>tfi«rM4* M 
wmtdnt fiffw b9tJt«T»d t^ fvin th* procram 

THK mjfht myt tt«tyf b« tm* ^votigh, ifld wc 
CMM um VMLC widHdt i procorKfitwn and oiOHr 
ffMr th« loop or rut d#p«ndinc upofi unrte oOior 
Ml" dotrt iiany, irl twcomo cli*r«r Ij1*r., }, 

The re«l o4 th« cod« unlii Ihi 90 It «)(•«% th» 
Mme ^f tfitrt ustKJ in th4 FOR. ..f^ XT \ot>p. W« jjAiif 
tftfftu^h thfit i;o<te. n^putini * «nng. lifting fl fi>f 
orrort, cowt^ni it tnd prinljnt Qi« r«Mtt tf)«n r«4Ch 
iM 50, Now, do wf wir« to c«rttinii*7 H y«i, thou 

WHLE AftSS^nr in lin* 30 It 1ni«. tN (««p «Uip« 
bmdt lo ip« 40 md w* prOc«» «iiQ4A4f t^rbif, 
AiHwor in ^ nttit^, h$wtv4r, m4 in* tOO. 
1MtN&, it oneowterid. WENO ikt^ m*«H Wbilo 
EW. md dOM lutt Hut, oncii th* WMU loo». Um 
110 «ndt th« program. 

Antf thori w* htn IL A loop nMch mnJI perform 

*ut«fri*tlc4ly} And OM which «« Cifi br«iii out Ol it 
«ny point if th* loop con^ittoft If no lOAftr tm*. 
Homufly. dw wm£ loop conditlofi mouMnt r«»y 

AIWI£XfU».D ACTKJiM October 1992 



(AhBi) S4e T«»rF:ff!urmi(£!};ciisi<ehas 

<liEi) see If ll;'Jt»- IHEN RET AM 

<pvbi} tee C4T0 $^ 

UtC%} 638 ruT see,5ee,i;wvE k^.v/tPRImt 

(Ffti) Mi ' 

(Htfftq} 179 HSTOItl !:i8 

(Uft«} tM m ti^tfm TO )»£T£ STEP i 

(Mtfll) 7ie {:! 
{PpJH> 720 F4Jt a:4d 10 td«T 
(C*ftf> 738 H'Mimtt.tJi 
{Ut,\) 7M P4IS i.mrt'ut) 

(tvMr) 7?e mt 4 

{Ml) 7ta mr ii 

(AtCV) 7H ir ch<>3}i7e TKEK PttNt '(^1 Itar ! 

IJifTf'i jn ♦rrar ifl th* diUi'iSTOP 
(Eiftn) ^ )£CTlfBH 

{AiA«} eie HiA j£«£3S3m3m3e 
{piAt) ais DATA imuKimim 
aui> 938 wrfl asiiCFffitTtwja 

{AiAv} m ma immatfrsmsE 
iCiAu) sea mA se6)C3Ce^siA3£s3 

(CuAt) 310 HIA J£8£33?ftJA3S3ir7 

AvAs> m lATA StlB5EmH»l» 

Q^A«> »3$ »A1A tl«£>»|G8^m)8 

<hAi) H8 »ftIA timKUBimn 

atitf) m t«!A at£D7»Ct7TSNS 

Oljfcr) 3E« »AtA CIFE{B«£i»ll«n 

atAit) 378 &AIA eeeeeeeseseitsn 

wrAt) SIS jjsifl cij9ia5iis7fina« 
<0iAt) 5M m:a mK^nmmiiT 









^io c^fze^ fw guessmg wtiat eafly vHteo game 
Tennis « 3 '90s copy of! This version. 

progfammed by Potys Pdavjs, features both 
joystick and Keytjoard and soeeti contro!. .. 

1388 im 
1918 DATA 
1328 (ATA 
1838 lATA 
1S48 Wi 
iaS8 tATA 

1678 »7A 
ie«6 ]»ATft 
16 S8 MIA 

uae »Aie 
1116 mA 

ii» mft 

1138 »AIA 
114a »AIA 
11S8 »ATA 



«uffwr £20 - PftOvtDED rTS M± rouft ovm 

Type-Ins, Amstrad ActloM, 

Bcaufprct Court, 30 MiMifrHitftfi 

Street, BAth, Avon BA1 2SW 

A/>d dont forfM to Ntd«a i ttamfitd, utf- 
addrffutf env*lof>t H jrAu wirit yMT 

KJ. Your pr«(r«m htv« j irwch better 
dMM* «f MiV A££«fXe!d tf ifali tfiey va 4k or 
twt ml fb) tfwy «K>Hi on txMh 64* tod iStSk 


{4*Ci) le Wtl l;^'ie:im[ 1JS:M 9,8:mo 

i'.m iimnii 9.^ji]i m 

a^j} ta mm e,e:Not)E 38,3^fR«n 


ej3S,l;Wn S18J2:E]iJMt 



tC^i) 38 j<a>:9;*Ce):3:)rri- 




•♦STlWClf4,l46)t' • 


f(vBo> 48 C«;U1 S6e:US1J£ Blt;«m S£8:G«4|i 



{Ijjf> S8 LOCATE xfl) J:WI«T sfiWCATl 

tnhiK.nm *% 


ffe|fT> S8 ^f;K*Jx;vf:»t«^ 


{HkS«> 79 IF «r:3S 01 tt'-'i IW^ dx:-Jy:S«ITO 



{mw 38 IF «r:j iKEH »stfi m 

mH> ^ IF sr:e3 THIK GO^ljfi S38 


{fflflt> m LOCATE x,$:P]lTm * > 

«!(]> 138 t-.yi\ir-^i:U m ^l 3>£3 iHDf m 


cl TO f:CALL mi8:NIXT;^T0 338 

CKt«x} 179 LKITE xl,sf:?XlMT CHi;t<i43) 


anftJ) 1» WT« 48 


ffltfCn} 388 IF nor IKIflT(f5 m kU»I TOM 

3ffl):Kn)-2;JETD!W EISI KTUIM 


(rici> 318 IT HO! iMa^<T4i m ^mn thoc 

xt£):K(i)-E;MTlUW EISI JtllJJM 


«icn 238 If m im.v.v m kiihjs tp® 

iiii)tfi{\ui'.n\m Ei« RTiuffl 


tHoc*> 238 IT HOT im.-im\ m tmm tkh 

v{i)znni*i.n\'m asi ftnuiiM 


CIKf> 338 IT s( J THDf pl£:pie>l:»:ie:»TO 166 

aSI IF 9>a3 IKDI ^U:Flbl:|:|6:W0 


486 m:rtD(T;L«ATI 14,3;fD4 IMWtl 

Ml It iMBlttVPSMIrPEK 3:?>!JIT 

$PAC£t{l«rBy P»l9t';PtIMT 

SrRD«»(4a/»'):PJMl:PllI)(I:?!)l l^ftUr! 

«PfiCtia4rFliwff 1 ';p!l 

416 PBWT:P»WT SP8CI*(l4)'PliiW I 

438 PEM 3:flI«IrPBIKI S?AC£|{J>'fr**l I 

U rtitt ic«rf* 

446 PBIMTjpllMTrPHWT S?iCElfSrPf*w G 

tw intthtr }ur* 

4S8 IF »0T lWti:!?(S8) TtfH 

Hl:8:;l2:6:C4!0 4e6 

4Ee If m mimt) \m as:C»ti 

ISBli^PEM £:»T4 36 

476 CAU tttllrGOTO 4S4 

418 ir xa)t£:xr Olt KfU'Sr^f THIM 

ii:4:S«IHt 1,158 

456 IF jffDOrxf 0* )i:fl>*4nrr TIW 

d^^e^scm L17I 

566 IF t<\)*ltt.i Ot x(l>tE:vf TIDI dx:- 

518 IF HOT }m.i^%) m *m \m 

S36 uimt 

S3e If *tS>*J-Kf OK *m*%^i T«H !»-- 

4;S0UKt 1,158 

He IF *f3)*4:Kf 0* im*\^i \m h-- 
sse IF *u)*i:icr Olt xuhsixi \m *x:- 

dx;lr--3:5Cm I,2BI 

5t8 IF NOT mduny m nm lira in- 


on ■ <tr#ct input bttMii* That impair} th? elVhci«n<ry 
of the kwp (m tlut «ta«<ion, « umpl* GrOTO «(iuM 
wort ^ntott «* vtai. b<« w« (iMHt it lwr« to itlutlrirl* 
vm pom. 

WHL£,.,WENO It a wr^ pwerful BASIC 
coflftriKt Md WH i^Kh fow BASIC» h4d untff 
Ufnptriitivaly r«c4ntiy L«l»r lA ttt* t^fi**. »tl 
r«j||y put WHELE...WEI^ Ihrougii iti pacet, bit for 
now, it ^Jift yMj'v« tntt ^ 

Now M'f imt AnHh ttiij montfi'i cotumn tHth M 
Oxpiimjtion of tomethtnx Tve iwM 4 f«w ttm«t but 

hgweflt t6id yvu aboct jacituaiy, I foffot!}. liUtfpto 
tuitofnemt - «iy id«a vrtirt I mean? 

Look at Hnet 70 ami SO In our coda. Se« that 
cotocif By uvrvc a cohm, wt Can (M(< MY«r*t «iitiir«<y 
t«ip«rat« BASIC •i«t«m«ii«t t<>t«»)«r on e<H in* 
wnlNHit «4n(u»inii tht compul«f. Somttimat, 1t*f If 
■intftly to eain cUnty or uv« tifno and «ffoft typwc 
NMt of Hparato in««, bill at oOw tim«. wch at on 
IdM 70, tfi9 01^ wiT a partic4^iar mnMriKt wW liwit 
it by uting mwtipi« tt«tiMni«it|». 

That final BASIC bnttniction on Kim 70 (GOTO 401 


if oflly pwfo«TK*d if tf*e V« rtattm^frt aa th« fint I* 
true (js clK user tnput urvalKr?) rt tt>»t fyrt«m*iit itnt 
tTv«. th«n tht rati Of itiat Hn* it lUppad - mtthout 
r*£ard to th« rect of ttw affumofrtf it nii|ht contain 
• and (vocotting contiraiaf on the nejct line 

If we'd piA GOTO 40 on it* own iM foAowtng; lin» 
70, them we'd «hr«y« jfwnp back md pronv* f«r inpilt 
- nOitfjins would «v4f b* pfOC4iUd! 

Ej(p«r»mftnt wrth rmiti- ttatinnant Nnet and' tht 
wa£.,.WCND loop unlll next tlnw. See you! 

October 1992 


Av.irar.,.. ,.-..,.. ...>,......... ...,25 

linjrmlru! Software..................,..............'...... 1 1 

DatrlElerironlcii , .„.. ..„.„.. OBC 

GVU Bagfiform „...„.. 7 

Infteamec..... , 42 

MJC SuppUn „lli€ 

Mcf^.. , 18 

MotinSntn Biking UK .„,„...,„. -...,27 

PR Frcrdnian .........................................25 

RofiUinllcliolKJl .,.,..,... , ..„.. 27 

SlUca Syitlcm^-..,. „,,„..,..„...,..,.,.... ............55. 33 

Slrrn SaltvifiiJ'c ....,...„ ...57 

Trade In Ptnn 57 

Utira Sodware 57 

WAV E..... ...,,.,...,...,„..„,.. .............................42 

WTSEI«iTOni«'Z..""."!!....,,. ,...-.27 

, 35,298 . 

Still Britain's ", 

Amstrad CPC ^ 
^ Magazine , 1 

To ensure your 
space. . . 

Call Jackie or 
Audrey on 

0225 442244 NOW! 






S ;:? S K -5 s? S ? S 



It n%t 


|s ill 

^ a EL EL 

IS s art 
tn iniA lA 

Ol 0) 01 (7) 



«■*«•» w- 

^ ^4^ b« t.. 





■?' I 





if ^ II 










"1 -a 
^ ■ 


sj Sen 
■a «*** 

— gCv4 

S2 5S1 

• K CM 

>- -J— ' 

asnoHsuvM uno nouj Noixoaias hvns v 




ACTION TEST pages 44-47 • ACTION REPLAY pages 4S-49 • CHEAT MODE pages 51-54 I i ■! 

A grootry netnr ifvr«s1:llng game, a butf ge± 
compilation, some r«-r«leas«s, l-^iwiNfiffiics 
cheats, and a couple o-ff new games from 

.. welconte to f^owEii Ur^ 

Hit Squad • 76% (AA73) 


Hit Squad 71% iAA74} 

J IIAfilCLANp DUn ' C/Uttmt 89% |AAM| 
4 RAINOOW ISLANDS • W S<|ii«d 8»M AA73I 

mzrs ix actv • c/mmw* 74% mm 

(^TTtO COttI OPS • C9dCn...N«>t r*¥inMd 

7 TOTAL RtCALL * M SqiMt. 90% {MS5| 

BATMAN - MOVIf • Mt 54Md>..94% {AA74J 

KVKFtSfWtTS-lflSQiiMl... 88%(AA4! 


Dofle Anything exctuig this month, Adam? "Wei, I 
made contact witfi atiens,' Er, that soufi<Js Quite 
exciting. What happened? It was amaimg. I was 
just Kfly stro*lmg round ttie offtce when I happetvecE 
to glance out of the wmdcw and saw the wort} 
Helo' hig^ wj ^ the sk/ Hawig read a nunnber of 
bock% on ufoiogy I knew exacUy what to dC. Sftd 
unmedtately stra«>e<3 a TV ariet to ftiy head af>d 
'i^ant out of ^ window. I tned to ertgage the 
sJiens in ccxrwersatioo, min^-speaking rnessages 
of fnetidship and fraternal gree^, but they dMn't 
reply. I was so disapj>otnted. ft was only later that 
I discovered tfie gossip magazine fytng on the 
is^ with Its title refiected n U« wurvdow- Oocts" 

Rod was m hospital wtien we caught up with him, 
witti the wftole of his body except hts tticuM and 
left k/iee enclose<l m piaster. Oh deaf Rod, what 
haooened to you? l fell out of tiie window, rm 
usudV very doubtJuf of Adam and his little 
schemes, txrt this aten contact tfimg was dffter- 
ent. Fve atways t>e^ interested m outer space, 
and ckln't wa^ to pass by the ooporumi^ to 
make contact wtth an alien race. Unforttjnate*/ i 
leant a txt too far out of tfw wtndow when looS'-'^r 
for their spaceship, and fe4 out of it. Oti /. 
Adam's sti kxjkng for aliens and he's promised 
to tiring one wtth him when he next visits.' 


11 OALEV THOMPSON* HI &«tid„Jl%tM8) 

_ „ GOLoitt AXE • Tf«i«K , 5«» mn\ 

1 3 FAMTASY WOft DI2ZV « €««•« ..89% (AA5Z! 

[>flAGON NiNUA* »«! S^Jd 79% (AA79J 

15 1 ST tMV MAHACEft • C/lliiteri.M% (AAt3| 

16 ourzir PANIC * cm*^t»n 3S% (AA7e) 

17 4GAa«EPACX*AtfanCf*. JM r*¥)#wd 

18 TNT2 • Ooamk 34% (AA79| 

19 m»0€OR*mSqu»d 9*%tM73} 

20 0CiEZYC«a*C/1lMtatf Nft<«*wi»d 

this month 



"" .!s^« 










October 1 992 AlVISTfIAl> 



Wrvsttlng gjHiMs arv crap. There ytMj »(e. 
fve sakJ it. Hock m' Wre^tfe was crap, WrtF 
Hf're^Hemana was crap, and Amencm Tag Team 
Wtestimg !$ cfap- Fofg«T iti« soort ym rK)nsen«. 
westJmg games are just beat^mtips Where you 
caift go anywhere, Very poof - and O glady go 
e<tght rounds wrth anyone who says othermse. 

But a good game oH a cr^ type ts better than 
a crap jgame of a good type (i«M? - ed) so lefs 
get constructive: fag ream Wrestkig [Ms you m 
control of a patr of reprobates m leotards, onty 
one 0* which can be m the fing at any one ttme 
(nof>e of thai cheating twaagainstoneiniheo-the 
fefs-t>acl(isturrwd nonseflse here, folks}. Eac^ 
wrestter has am energy iof. which drops as tftey 
take darrtatge and rises as t^ rest. 

•■ tottwpitdi ■« tfM 
wcvfiig a bar# 

When your energy reaches zero, the oppo- 
rtertl cart prv ycu rf ytti/Tt imocked to the fteor. 
H they can hold you down (or a oowt of 
three, yoi/te history. So yot/ve probaij*y 
worked out one of the main tactics 
already: when yoir chap's energy gets 

tow, run to your comer to tag in bis 
^ 'af^ogether hearthierj chum. That 

. youTf last bfTger . 
Right, so virftat are the negative poirtts? 
Fit stiy, twcH>layer games go on for ever and ever 
and ever, H nio-one's *on after t^ree two^mute 
rounds, there's a fe-rnaich. The only way to wm 
is to hold the opponent dcrnn for a count o' 
tJ»e*. In fwo fliayer games evei-yof* gets uo at 
Vie one Of two counl. So amvyfm^ 

Secondty, the computer opponents are corrh 

plete cowards. Voo have to chase them round 

arvd fOuMi the reng to try and get a shol in. SlarHJ 

m the mkJcBe and wart for the 

oppofierrt to ]0«i you ar>d 

youl be warting an awfuiy 

04^t. T|t*s* two cJu>pi ha-w |tiit rw* iprta 
*Mil «<lni - C* H* l«ff Wi>#|^, h»«ifl yvw? 

long lime, he |usl zig-zags round the perimeter, 
keeping imI out of your W3y. The yeMow^jetted 
son of a porcupme's m^k-maid. 

OK, so what are the positive points? Wei; 
there's a nice range of ftghtmg moves and the 
lag te^im' element does add something (but not 
much) to ttie usual wresttng gaffiepiay Arrv^fK'^" 

nurcnfl, nrt ffv liflt •xactty hvfwom^ h It? 

at 'tKa't game: Adam and 

wr t> iwly, Aftnly? 

■!••• Hvp^y^ TWO 

AWISTftAD ACnOM Octolwf 199;> 

fa^ Team Wre$tj^g ts just about on a p^r witJ* 
WWF. 34x1 if s e whote M cheaper... 

Games lAe this afe toa^Js more fum in two- 
ptayef fTKxJe, Even tfiougji tKe contest drags on 
fof ages before anyone wms. youTl haive big fun 
t>e3tiing and twshmg yoyr human opponent. Just 
don't take rt too sefiousi/. OK? And remefnt>ef: 
wresting games 3te crap. 

09c«nt vnoi^ p«pl«ct lf» »*t)^ (a 
tiff wtKff tiwx on. thoufjh th* 
fprtm v« « bit Mfldcy. 

Tifpkal cwnputer iwh). Dulteh' 
f^«MywM«' "Bflwtt' 'Sehhwv". Da I 

WrettfirtE it ultra pop jf thw 
rT)0(n«fvt, antf T«f Ttum tooiit am) 
pijyt «» titlMtf» M HMF. 


It VMH f«t» Miy borlnt ttwu^, Tht 
«oio nio<l« •« Ittt 3 w««(c. 


AMnocAH Tac Tuuh 
ibtm WMHtgh 

birt If c fiHi 





IVIove t 



KimkUm Tht 

to ■ isod mow So ff wm ww it 

take* «m» or tv«« btt^n ha fo 

Mim Y**. tht> tm* Quit* 
pMiM t rtjMy liuti Ih« m3c 
oi irour Iwad Tlwf* •» a lot of 




Into tM cornir md cfM' 0tt 
rop*«, Ihtitt efl 1 Hw. U«<i «(« 

Amn K*tp out of lh« #*y, I 
tiitci *s«t for ■ wrua&r W fiM 

up on liia npH «id oaly * fwN 

-. ' L' '. J--.- * '■ .-j^*,/ -rt.-f f' ^^- r -- - .. r* ' Mfw ft ^ * S » y f 

lloortd by (twieii or kick^ add 
le pan mSi itKM drop. Do im 
or ATM ti«lor* tfHy frit up 
Jwan Thii ftttl iMl en Yo«r>* 
bMii knMiMdi to Bi* framd. 
tM <M mint jfMi iie«^ "••d i» 

MHd IB ba nmini 
•n «t» r«pM. iwi 

bardMt UcK t»«r* M. « mmm 
fM HftHt «id har«Ht p*ia 
that ii poMibio H« ism Hurt 
Owm and hwi dwn tHd. 

KnickiM: 1*, __^ 

Net ipacul bui « 
juten TtMy naad to ba vary 
mar to f«t a Uett or pundi M 
DO you. Naap your dfftanca atid 
yoi^M iwfliw i Is mrry itetit, 

la do damag*. PmUt m faca 
ooca er oiica and ha po dvun 
Mca dunoMlad tliUHiay U( 
Jtuac! VMiy (mm m f^ Hr 
Kni^ttM^ Mry dcutt iN f(i«l 
tilh avar otr #tainniiiiiti? M 

I. Hm from en* alda of 
rtn( to 9ia mm. «W7 fa«L Hon 
PICO' flA^Riy' fof pun fltf 9O ByMi^ 
kkk for tatra pain 1K«« 
Jtufln. If yofa opponam srwa 
Ml, to and iN n Chf comar If 
fm* ■•* dta nanar mfM $»< 
raaiy drad and katl »i*i Am 
ITt net raaiy rary ftaly 

KiMcitias Wtan aiiwBy 1 
RfMca Biant avaf ana aa on 
tttmn. W ratara* cm* coynl ly 
■a ianaa you ara dw iNnar and 

Juaon Vou rmtftt ba abla to f at 
«9 from BH batora ow drat 
count er y«u migfit not N 
aaam praf^ rando"* 

JuMW: Ha. idleii dit 
jMv prtnatt. PM foa 

iMil my "ftot fory cm 

inf roucm*. ati? A gnb by At 
Kruff of 0ii oack, a band is 
dia am and nltainl ITt nctory 
to itia man in iha pttMint rdd 

Rod Kaire a go on Tag Teaiw Wrestling 

OhyMbr . 
tiitf m Wttla k mt mi 
•M (to#a dda, kMddnff Mw wt «f Ma dwir 

An anvry itod fiMn AdaiH wMi ■ *«p klclt 
"*aal[|i la<li, "Ow, fat aff," Kf*anH 

■ (l»(* a Mf «M). Ha frriri ■ diair aad 
anadu Had iw 

Taw - 

HMfa atft fa# tiM 

October \992 AlwiSTduttD AcmcMif 


C0d*MI«Hl*ri fj.ll fbtt on it% back' 
wttft Uw ilwftwiit fae^ cp«K*p1 «i#«rT 

S«c«w wiha/Vt C p w on now, tiow can you 

have a Kanio caH«d Soccer P*n£i3*f? The two 
gaiTies have got ^soM^ly noc^g >^ cofrmon. . . 
H..Or have they? Sil dovnn afiKl pj^ 
CodeMasters' 'rttte budget outmj; for a mtnine or 
» arid y<>u start to gel the idea, N'$ attuaity Wee 
tabte football in a way, Vou use the flii)pej'$ to try 
to s^ore a goal (there s a btlJe goa^rtoutti half 

way iJO tlie taible). which i& 9 h(t lil(« ftckmg the 

tevefs n tsbie f()«tt>all, SOft of. 

And yes, wd, pmfcafl and foolbal do^ 

spherical obtects wtnch yot/re trying to 

rougJily the rfght directKin.,. OH, we) 

Soccer fVttair {Joes make a (unmy JraKoi seH^ 

as a game- 
In fact, if s r^afty f3tt*f %iO*^ 3i5o a hrt 

cult. If you want to get «Mfje next rt 


ha^^ 10 $co«e three 
knocN the cfefendet 
ttve« b^jMo A 


ive to 
ve Ofriy 
e the gap 
at the Iwttom of 
that fraction too wKJe, 
e«P losmg the t>an 
r4o, if s not at all fr us(ratirig< 
really if s not. 

Get off level One and yoo 

^ ^r» re^<^ Jjftvef Two tnot too sur* 
^Jjl M p/i3hj5rJtSat}. Here (fa more of 

'^ ^^ ^^», ■' sameTSi^MtBt there are 
^■''' "^^ V '',v, iTiottdefe 
_ a twtPfJ^^t^^riodie. but 
afternating pla^^^^t^^ now rf 
simiittaneotfs twof/tayer action,'^ 
mtef fisting. 

The g/aphics are pfetty dul but 
detait^ fncKle ] ^t^rff. the l^all rnqve^ race and 
STrtootWy and the pif*^ effect is very corwoc- 
mg Therie are pj^i two basic proUetns, though. 
Rnfca* SOccej" ts too drffJcytt for » game 0* 
chance, "i^es. no doubt thete dte people who 
thmk that pmbafl »s a test of sl(4, but there'^ not 
much evidence of it m th($ (it might /u$t be Viai 
yoyVe f uWM$fi, ftod - Adam) . 

SecoTKSy, ifs 
Wei, a lot, really 

ig f00tt>3^ 



f44t «t*<^ rht^t t« l4«lc If, tHit 

Mtf b9P-«-tong tt^ tun« «a4 «t tfM 
uiii4t ti4ppi/> twirly, jir^, b««py 

SK««r PMnf (nb« yw tiir4*r 

than Vinni* Jonet (bur d««n^ make 
y'our «yH «r«t»r qMll# » mweh) 

MWi, fv IM h9A«lt - 10 N bniuly 
hoMtt ' thii H prrEty pMtful ooce 




Lw»l Two- k |iHt n*«r« of th* UHfw. but 
MfHli Mtor* d*4«i n t«rt to kaock otrt ol tti* 
way ha f o r i jroii can *car«. 

OK rub. you've Itrt th* bAJI g«t pJrtt y04l? Th« 
iC0ni^ut*F iritb« It lit b;^ dHplAying ■ pteiitrc 

Pmball sottnd* like ■ barmy 
ld«a far 9 gmw, birt Hf « actually 
quite good fun, For • while, 


(>f.wjlx*r 1992 




I* to p mi i up, 
M- Til* rQ4rtrc»l« *r« * Mi 4.{m{|' 

TIm cr«jrtora MrHJi ■ fac« Ufc* Hi liHzlppvd 
cuih4«n 1« a i^plil s*<o«vd ■!■> ■ )? from kavlnjp 
tlH ituffiitg Jwl«wii <wt vf Uh... 


«tor K l«<iv«» «9fn* f<>od b#hlnd. Dftit't tf««d 

*■ t fcff H WTBUn tfl til* rifllrt. thCMlgjM, 

asters ■ 0926 

bomb« or bfeatftinfl lire ( 
which bCinu& you've picked up). 

The xjlea is to wtecl a i*We lewd 
records scaltered aroind a pbtform 
maze. But between you and these rings is 


nasty thv^gs you 
ar(H>&er^g arrows m 
conveyor t>eflts that try to 
wt>«e you readly ctoft't wartt to 
'On. and don't ral n the water. 
DJ Puff is nice and colourfil, but it 
esnt exactly move at the speed of ligtit. 

Your first record. 

~~ntl and racovsr tttie fit^« rwcord In 
your stolen collection {if s probably the Molan*!. 

'^^' Wirffjr (fahi^ >»*■ ftr. *t tfc. 

* **• **«*y kill t«>»q f«»«rtiirtw. 
The WOe feier Nmsetf can go left and right, jt<rp 
m the air and launch any special weapons. 

You dont get any sound effects dur^ig the 
garrte. Ir^stead, you get a reaty rather sw^ 
soundtracit which ptays coftfiffiuousfy (unti you 
bury that hatc^iet into the keyboard). 

OK. thaf s enougji nastiness at the expense of 
poor Jrttte Puff- It's yet anotfier platform arcade 
ganfte,&iit if s a pretty good one. 

iKNd d««fn t9 pick Hn4u|>*<ting ISttl* 

1 hm iftKiey 

arrow tt yao, 

Aaa wa^w # uia 
flnl r*<«ril 
(calfaa tlia la« la 
fMih tta laaal). 



baaibf (<raa acta- 

TM« S^Mrt whallt 
b f *<«J ta taac* 

Stia«4 H ta tha back. 

nHiy ttiat 

Waft 'Ul JM tara*. 

V^Val MffKj 

Aa... wftry cule j^nd colourfiJ, but 
dKUtdly ituuHti inov*nH*it-«lf« 
■Hh clumty tnimithin. 

Ha tound efr«cts, tml tfM lert of 
mn* Out nnaly Jaavat you chaainf 

Attncl»v« fnd «My to itt irit«. M 
yau ia« itraicM iway iff loaif to 

DJ Pvn'f^ VOUJUM EWU* > TW<W I* 

Etanddrd CoJaMartaw platform 
game fav*. tT* OK, b««icalty. 


October 199^ 



Hdlof f Ime for sofwii 
budget re-releases. 
Xhis month: IWaaCjp 
Marco Police^ €he 
narkingly bad 
Dadl^aiuos and^ «r«r 
Total. Recall. Kere's 


Hrr SQUAD n 061-832 6«33 n 

fd ne¥er played Badtandi before, but Rod gave 
me art idea of wtiat to expect. 'When rt loads up 
youH ttwk the CPC has crashed.' he vmne6, 
iNJt It hasnfL The ffaphcs are supposed to look 
ite ItoL' No matter how crap rt toofcs, the graph- 
ics are probably the least of tfus garne's vrorries. 
Vot^d think it woutdn't be pos.S4b^ to cness up 

a game based on the super addictive gam^jlay 
da&sic Sipefsprint 8iit if anyone can martage it, 
yoirt have to piace ywr money on Domart, *ho 
seem to spectafcse n Cfsp garrtes (cf Prt-ffghtef, 
H>idra, SMPer Space ifwaders, Shu* & 
Crossftones, STUN ftunnef and just about every- 
thing else ttieyye ever produced). 

And indeed, manage it they have, (Good 
work.) So whafs wrong wrth Badancfc? Most 
things fesBf. f^movt^ the rewrse h^iction and 
replactftg Up with Fire (as the control for moMng 
forward) hacks to p««es the intneate coniro* 
method th^ made Stiperspnnf and S^ipercars 
such deights. What you're left with, wfien the 
chiseing js over and the dust clears, is one oi 
the easiest and rrwst potnt^s garoes ever. 

Yotr car hasn't got the expi^rted hamSng 
probtems (contfoi rr^ethod and s%» factor), Itte 
opposition cars are precious fetde opposiliofi. 
and the tracks are ve^y smal and very simpte. 
What can be done then to present some sort of 
chaflenge for the competftor? Don't worry, the 
people 5e!htnd B^dtdnds knew w4iat to do about 
Itiat. They thought rt woiW be a good ktea to put 
mines and wads of ftre on the track. Prats. 

If s at ^xut crashing into walls, tumirtg rourvd 
and then contint«ng on your journey. And ttiafs 
It. Badlands. \¥itJi ^st eight smaR tracfcs to snore 
round if s a bit lacking in Iaa6s', but as for the 
tjad*. weS if s got that by the tmckettoad. One for 
ttte btn, methinks. 

Original release: December 1990 

Original publisher: Domark 

Original score: AO% {AA6S) 

Today's vj«w: A good game is a good game 

it a good game. Badiands it a crap gante 

lau^ingly adapted from a brtltiam one. 

MIT SQUAO n <»ei-832 Ge33 n £3.99 

IMnners don't use drugs' was the sk^gan on ttie 
boM wden INs game Arst came out. IMtat about 
Ben JkJhnsonr the smart arses asked. f*oone 
had an answ^ for tfiart. Snappy stofan. though. 
The antKJrugs diab^ continues tfirough the 

A qtildc fttroM rotmcf tfc* block (mkI wHIi 
ir*pW<* it H « Mode} i 

game itself, which centres oa the battle between 
tfie narcoitxs pobce and the evil drug bvons. 
We# acbtaly if s more Ike tfie battle between one 
r^cotics cop (you) and aiyone wtio happens to 
cross your path. The ixifortunate bulet cushions 
are normaly sp9ced<nrt junkies. This begs a 
quesbon: tiyvig iu stop the dr^g barons is fav 
enough, but surely slwotmg the junkies is gomg 
to do them just as much fiarm as the drugs are 
ever ikely lo? Ob w«l, 13k is AmatcA, the couv 
try M4iere tfwy sfioot first and ordear bafiets later. 

Narc wms several po«its (or stupidity right 

rom (Jte outset, being a l28K-ooly ta()e. So if 

yot/ve got an unexpanded A64t. or norvdoctored 

6! 2S Plus. you... er, wHyoucan consider your- 

seM qurte fortunate reaSy. This i$ a sad game. 

There are twe»ve levels of pretty much Kfenb- 
caf inmSess shootmg (are. The pk>t and so forth 

are scon forgotten in a game so bred and unon;g- 
nai ttiat the iftdetined sj^ntes and sna^kfieed 
scrob^ are ai yoi^ remember rt by. 

(fs borvig, ifs repetitive, ifs utoriginaj, ifs 
repetitive, rt's dtJ, if s crap to kx* at. rt's pre' 
datable, if s dJ. its uooo^bI, its borir^ rt's 
crap, if s re$>etrt]ve and ffs unongpial, fini Tm 
going to rp the tape to shreds right here... (rip, 
shred, etc) ...good, I feet better now. As a two^ 
ptayer game this has modetste appeal. On your 
tod, you're better off talunf to the wadpaper. 

Orfgfrul r«lea»e: May 1991 

Orighiat puttlisher: Ocean 

Original score: 60% (AA69| 

Toda/l^ view: Nsrc remindi m« of Afien 

Storm, which it like being reminded of the 

day your cat .died. Aaaaaaarrgh... 

A,IVISTTmO ACTtOM October 1992 

Kl2jys:sj 'i^iJTi 

SpoohJ Its ttas monti'i second opportunity to 
foin the Drugs Enforcarient Agency: narcotics 
pofcce *> the area, part tm. 

Narco PoUct is s«it ai the future (February 
23r<r « the y«ar 2003. abort 2.iQpm). More 
than 20% of the earth's {xiputation are hODted on 
drugs, and the ev4 drug barons (those erf dnug 
t>arons again, eh?) are at»u1 to get a msA. They 
ttw* they're sa*e enough on their Centfal 

A/nerican inland, but Utejf redtonetf withfxjt the 
Narco Pofcce k*o are, even as we speafc, fac*»g 
(heir way Xybois^it^ ator^ sorne tunrtets, titer 
big guns primed and fea<}y to hte, 

V<w can see wtut the game is Ike from the 
sct'eenshot the only other thing to add is that if & 
a Dcvannc game. IDinami!:' » a Spannli iwtird 
MfNch roughly iranslates nto Engji^ as unsoeak- 
at}ty (kfltalf . Ihe contne^ital software house is 



IIWM »«»ty d#M^ 

pyo bU wi i . yaw ■••] - 


renowned for gsnes wtxcji look and play fab 
(AmT/Afove^, fiiavy Mi^ves, etc) but vrtHCh ffxm. 
has ever ffenaged to get past level tfiree on 
wiltout acheai 

Major rntattons with Uiis particiiar unspeaic- 
abiy dMcuit game ndude tkawiig bulets or hand 
grenades propded towards you t^ hidden ene- 
mies. These enemtes are so wei hidden, vi fact 
that ttw first hint you gel of ther presence is 
wh»i your c^ screams and fais to the floor ir 
a j>oot oJ biood. Veah, cheft's Oinamic. 

The 30 scroir^ is a txt of a departu^e from 
the Spantards' usual Jwiiontal ^*oo*ng (are, 
and v*h^ the game is notfiog special, comp^wed 
to most &f Bas month's releases ffs a tftHe 
corkei-. If only It wasn't so diferit. {f Wame 
General Franco,) 

Original release: February 19§L 

Original publisher: Dtnamic 

Originai score: 63% [AA66] 

Today's view: Over'tfifficult but reasonably 

fun »hoot-en)-up vritti a neat 3D perspective. 

The sound is crummy, by the way. 


n was a dream you ttfww. Buy the video and fast 
forward to the bit where Quaid's n the inp^nta- 
tion room at fteii!,al. The gee)cy as54Stant looks at 
the memory cNp and says: "Mars wrth a Wue 
sky? Thafs a new one/ See, conclusive proof. 
{^r<kt nHyou knew what Adam's on about - ed.) 
Totaf fteea* rs one of Ocean's famous ptcv 'n" 
fTHK mww keoces. Of the five levels, three are 
piatfornrvbased and the other two are racing 
gamelets. The first levd iiTvnediately ponts to 
how classy ttn program ps. Vou'd eapect a plat- 
form level n a pick 'n' rrwc game to be favfy smai 

with only the siffi^si of otijeclives; basically, 
m^ your way to the otiier en(t of the level. 

Not so the first (eve! of T<Aa{ Recaff, wtwrh is 
an exceUent rrwwegame in its own right. The/ e are 
five objects to be coflected en route, and as wel 
as al die running, juMnpt^g and shootmg. there 
are vario^is pads arid levers around that have to 
be tr^er ed m Ihe right order rf yWre to get 
l»st the hazards rs best descnbed as a pui- 
ziy, platformy, shoot, tteat and cotecl^mjp'. 

And 0«re's another fov levels to corr^ Both 
drMng secbons are horizonblii^^oroling death 

Woric, rest and play 


fa WM 






tlMt MW 

«**n ar 

^ ^ HB9B 

'J EfltRCV 


dwtr mil ftetaf M f^r: if ^fitfy i*** tlufi cmi*} 

Fim. T* tt« rl^t: • Wg 

on the freew^ a^atrs, wit^ more than a bttle 
simlanty lo each Mher. There's someorte on 
yow tad, tots of bug trucks m the way, and you 
run out of fuel tf you dorft colect ttie Utti povMf 
ups yot/t find scattered aroind. 

T<^ ffeca* IS basicaly two deferent games, 
repeated a few tames (with mrior adjustmei^} 
and bu^ed nto a s«i^ box. The thrd and Af^ 
levels are the same as level one, except the ene- 
mies dress (Jfferenliy. And tftafs it. 

The deg^ of the platform dements puts this 
aheatf of T&nmator 2 at tfse top of fl»e Arme 
games^ leagi« tattle. Uied Heat comes thrd, 
wel ahead of Pr^Mor, wr^ The Runnntg Mian 
too crao to even <Kialfy.) 

T)? IS not going to wm any awards iot onginaf^ 
ity, but iCs v«y professionaly done and great Njn 
to play. And tfiaf s what maitters, right? You bet 

Original releas«: April 19$1 

Original publisher: Ocean 

Original score: 91% IAA&6) 

Today's view: One txt Ocean's bert moviie 

ricences ever. The platform levels are a real 

treat. A jolly good shim aH round. 

Octol?er 1992 


t^rftoir Ttk* Om 

iMOiaa forecKtcr 
■ftd fofllt for DTP 

-^ iiH»r»flfi 

ifttttO W) tht CAMT' 

SpnnK Jm* And 

fflW7»< I2J4 

Mcten Airti. 

dsruTMins and 

Urfvw, pin* 


mtM 99 * a.w 
Crypt* ^ Tfogm - 

brtdct lurArjr* tt 
lb* AhI lOMno HI 

BMn* lit in«d«, pliA 

KtUt »l*r ir«. h»« 

tiM bMt DIP ^et* 
Md oMn. JbtdWHi 



■SMIt fit • i3,t» 

rAtoiPtd OTP pr«h 

oiT th* c««*rtap* 

Sujvn' fiuMi b) aft 

Oil At twr T««r% 
fMW. mM^6«»- 
<wtv, D*fMtftn«f 
fMit, it te m«|; 
ftaport M a mA* 
mirt itoppim trip 
to FrwK*. ioMm 
tirMfty ivim. 

e«i*rt4«i«. JicMpw 

e«tour pmint H*« 
pill jind 0ra*'f»aft 

ifwciat t tfM ted 


kKi*« I'M. »645 

UK iMrfcw 


iMyw S5. «. 68. 71 . ?2. 73. 7475. 76 

of •!«« mt 


C»i you ^op hundr«(h Q< Knry HGe manvnih 
from (Sort* if!<«v«fce$ rt» I itjrts 0* MSy, bul 



can buy ttf /sa Afrntrad tC^ te one Oml ili 
Lj»d by the M Mtvisl lean), Ifs v«fy UtX ini 

htfBHt tit^ianAnc (ftJ Mi nwnfenwiOfrgin 
wil^ V* pfO^tm Cm bt 'mtrOa w« 

Lcmmlrvfi D'tik 



Ndtott Disk £19.99 aM7(0 


bus itiiKH* fi¥^ Jit an jftwrig pricfj 


K«9 yotf ifllueiJ AiT?j«di^ Action friag^jw «<- 
Kctqn tggeOler fi tn ^MkKA bright rti 
br^cf Eqtuly at ricmt on 3 brail, msndeti^e 
or ch« floor o< } drCir be4i4; b<uy 4 twfJer ind 

DMCf<«w Pre* Oder No Oewripbof} P'ne C^CterMo 

MInJ Office H C«i £13.99 A»IU£ One blfxlcr £5.99 AMI 71 
Mini Office 11 M^k £15,99 aMTW> Twebindtn £11-00 MJHm' 

( A HOTLINE 0458 74011 "a^ 





Postcode Pliofie number 

Meflwd 0* paymert fpitA^ c^cJe) Access * Vtsa * Ch^jue • PO 




Pl«a«e make all c:h«qij«s psyabte to 
Future Publiihinf Limtted 


• F«r«iitri«to4rdwiitMCUr«B«*ilorprkMMiMM 74011 
;EM> m$ FOftti TO: AiT»e^«(t AeStin fJtat 

I F«««rt4 f rt(M b *• IK, 


SiL^rtlng tKis mon'th, a n«i#ir 

Lae Rouane of A&hover is becomtng a regut^ 
character in &ws colymm (ev«fl rt he turs coi> 
tir(b(/t©d to the 'oUtef' Amstrad magazne, i*e si* 
lb<e himj. This month he has a t«) for Hefo pwsf: 
0*1 starting the game, get all your (Aaracters 
killed, d^ then go back to ttve main menu. 
{That's afl i've ever dc^te - ed5 Befofe yo« ptay 
the game, go to the character select ooton from 
the main menu and fecieAne aS the dead charac- 
ter$' names to ones of your own. 

Do tfiis for dM the characters, then setect 
game from the mdtm menu. 

Iirtlon for Hudson Hawk 
loads of Letntnlngs h«lp^.. 

On restaftv^, a! your ch^H'acters wiB b« abve 
agati, t>ut witfi a t)Ody point of zero. However, 
lead yoix <:haractef trto a boot>'/ trap or trap 
*or in the fk>Of and you now have irsfrute body 
points. Do t^ for M the characters and you can 
cany on as normal ar^d complete the qtiests. 


Christopher ABen Of Market Harborough sog- 
ge^s for the cartridge gam« Pang that if you 
wait on the title screen until the demos have firv 
is^d artd the title screen has come around again 
you get 4900 points... if you wart for it to go 
around twfce you get doi^He poii^s! v^m even 
longer and you get enough pomts for extra 
Wes,., (ha, you buncha wrnnps - fancy needmg 
extra Wes for Pang? - ed) 

Saies Wuke (doc) Woftg haw t left us for good 
after all - he's shlf hoterf uu m an emergency at 
Hoftiy General. He has come out of retirerDent to 
sort out the mastergame Le/mnngs. Apparently 
there is a bug « the program (^ di$k version, 
at leastj which means the codes above level 6 
are reported as irtcorrect. Anyway, Wong to the 
wes,,, err, rescue. If you have a Mi^ace then 
you can put rt right by poking A98C8 wrth &3C. 
The levd co<Jes are: 




More keypress cheats! 

At promiMd^ In In! 
inorill't Huit. m'v* ffft 

tfl* MCOnd WiVf {KHlfHr 

i«venf) of fctypm* ctmitt comn tt^m the amai- 
mg t>Mf*t9 oif K«ypr«t« K^ Pwf Harp«r, frotn 


rs; At Any tin* during 
tfM (am* hofd dMH tin k*yt AAN tQf|itti«r tor 

Sli^'flf l»y Riaywrs; At iny tirrw Airifig 
1h« e,»in« h«ld down Z «nd tha full stsji '.* o<n aw 
h«y^ to lievd tlM rmit t*v*l. 

WfMrfarw lpy 

: Prm SHIFT and P to p^tiu 
tb« fjme, ttwn !yiHi JASON. Prttsktg P wM Ftstwl 
the %smt wtO) inAnk» iv«. 

IVI«li«l»uclc* by Firabircf: At my 

tkne during th« k»iw hold down the kiyi "VT. '«* 
and '>* and pr«i any amor k«y to uw th« 

Toi-vtcjut l»y Ptay*rs: On the tltf« 
»cr«wi h(Hd down iho keyi GOAV ■(«) a ine«MC« 
GDAV BftUCE *pptan, thwi you c» iilay tlio 
T«mc«t fiptide down EAmtrsfla. coddHT}. 

N JWU (MM d0Mltft* fc«y« «£ain on tfw Ok ter« 

R*ail*n lpy Ffnblrdr At any Unit AlHng 
di« |Jffl4 hold d«wn !he kcryt SHUT fTAi) md Ff 
and yov mil cenvlctt tht g»n« - it domat do «y<^ 
IM(V atM, but dwr* ywi art, iilut do you nnt. 
Wood? \Yt*, yean - wfl 

StMlrway Co h«ll by 

■* m iii ■ ■ l n n>M»« J During the gam* pr#«~ 
rf^ cuftoc to vntflr th« ri«xt scr««fl and th* 
ctinor to go back a tcrMn. Each time you do ttt« a 
Hv« WW b* awardtd (o you. ^ 



[ 1T4B1 i^W^S I 


OctQtwr 199? 






44 HMDieMf^MEK 



56 BMniLFItFM 

they die dose to the object or tslktg. But keep 
an e^ on Qmbers as t^ have a habit af cfimb^ 
tig to tfiter own demise. 

Failing all tti^, Jamie Turfun oi Greystof«£ 
lacfoss the sea Ml irelaiKl) ttas 4iwc««red a 
keyofess HokJ down the keyi SHIFT. Z.E 
and X on the screen dtsptaymg ttie current 
tevd. and the levd wU increase. Do not 
extend it past 60 - it does not return to rtormal 

Ouf third and fmal wtxfge r/ 
Lemmings heto is from Gordon 
Masson ot t^n Here's iwtwl he reck 
ODf y» shoiid do ia#i your ivicidai bttie pals 

for Eratti CJim&efi and fkwters, cJ«Cfc in advance: 
t«ca4i$e rf$ ftarder lo cfick on lefr-^nnngs when 

Ifs posvbk 10 turn 
Blockers b»cM to 
Wa'Kej's i1 /ou get a 
lerr/Tung to diig 
&*t3y the groi^ he 
15 st^indng on. 

If yoy rijn out 

of BtockefS. dig a pit to ir^ 

tf>e othef lemmings then, vrfiiw 

the other task is finished, tnafce 

a f amo oiA oi the p<t atvi the 

iemmi(>gs can carry oo. 

coflt^nufrd oil pd^a 54 

Hudson Haifirk solution 

B«fl '^tfM^ of S«tAh«i9«m 
«ii b* i4irprH«d to t«« Mt 

h«r« In Octotwf't CAa«t HpuM ' I >uv« hwl it sine* 
Ftbfuary* B«tt*r 1^ th«n iwwr. tfi e^tn? 

1: At 1dl4 fUft. (tay «#f tti9 ^MMd 

at much » potiibii ml «nM ih« tktg. To E«t tip te 
the open win^o* uM tht tmo t^tXin «t growid lewd. 
Push til* nnt wi to efi« Jift «nd A« t«c>«nd to di« l«ft 
ef tlw door. Drop th* flrtt on to the ucood. ti««pins 
th« orM4 en ih« «cr*«n «t «l ikm*. Pwh tht 
aiXm. ^<K3K and pf9%% Up to cimb, th* tm onhw 
crate at a boost to pit to th« opan wMoWr Stind t^ 
tlM riii^ Of thv wftKkrw »nd pr««« Up tt> finlih. 

Svb^am* 2: Bo cv«M «f tfw pll|f>, Juinp 
cr^ftr th4M b#hw th« iliSrtin( tioard and crwM u(>d«f 
t$H>» stwve. lit« tho cf«t* to ctimb over the htglwr 
t/bitCU. 0«nt r«Mf 4n ttt« bU«l( and wtii<« ft<»»r 

Level 2 

£iil»9*MMi 1: Fal to tiM loft Md dbiib tht 
Aipt t» tfM i1|^ Go ptK the flrtt t«( of (totwi and 
cflmt tfi* uc«nd to At top. G« Mt eelt et tht 
moMy, ttitn rfflfit- KM fho bad guy by t|ffa( Atf wd 
ft f w rtB f yew btL JiMp ed « ttw «Mf mi dMi 

tffc* ■■-■■J-*-- ii-, ^—i~t- 

m ipBDpr conntH!]. 


Subfjan** 2; At ttw bt g ^ wiw t fo rieht down 
At 1h* Afft fLtnc6cin go up tho ladder to the very top, 
riffit Htm i«. Go (tft. i« ih*n acrvu tltt tigmrape. 
Beware of th* larf* drop foio*rtng, keep ffttittittg 
Rlfhl trtd tnttf t^ upptfmMt tunnfil, G4 down. 

di« ladder at tfw far figtt aod Jimv mm 
anomt. G& aloai to At and Htf Hamuli Ai iioli la 
th* floor. To kN ih* ihinsks* dwt d^ow boojtn. kttp 
dttiii at Hw tdf* of tht tcratn. ttny daar of Om 
pwwo * wtf way Hw* tjiplBvtd, bha throv ttflnt 
oan. HCvt nsn mor Bvt D*nw div pon ^r junip* 
Inf ov*r th«fn. G« right down a laddor, thtm Mt 
kMnf two «lh4r &ad(£*i, arxf 1^«n down a AirAar 
ladde>r. Aveiitf trtadng on A* no«r « ihH «tact. in* 
ih* bridu to mAi acre**. 

SwhBWiw t: ClfDb u^ th* Mftt, M«ldq| 


3: U» d>* sofa to boutic* over 
tikt bladt and ivhile floor mn. WaK fcir th« bUAt 
wMta (h* gun to mm utmnd, wtuftt litandk^ on th« 
pto of cr^et- Thtil throw a tui at him Dorrl fad 
domnth* hol« b«tw««n tht two cA«tt» ef dr»ii»r* or 
yotil bt t«nt bach te th* ttal «< tht gwn*. 

Uw th* bai to 
Md by baMit*. M the t«p to il#«. IP fit M Mtf 


Stebg anH * 2: FaR dem, but not too fv, 
then ^linib back u^ th* ahit fUOonm. At th* top, 
go left and onto th* tlgMmpa. Bt na i L i - there it a 
mofifeoy on tht r«p«, Go Mt til tfoim. and ruo Ml 
avoiding falling ob^cctt. CStrii up th« ftagai and (b* 
ladder Go ri|f«, iwoMbitiM plia*. lit* Aa cra*t to 
booM your Jinp la ohw v 


«: 5Urt bf g«kf to th* riighL 
Jump over d]« *l«ctrlclly Ak^fl** and watch ot/t for 
1lM«taaiTii pipe. Go up «nic« aad Jwnp onto the next 
ladder (if you frin y«ti gat frazztedj. To turn off iha 
fan touch th* fwlteh at th* bottofn of th* ilalira. Go 
a* (Mcldy n ptntM btcavat «■ of flit w ft ch * * 
an on a onaf < CaaoMia Bvoiipi< nn ba urani n 
tnt ittaffl pipat at (ha ew- 

F^ght and dmn acain, OHn right nto tiia banal with 
(pjket conifatf from tht nitor. To bim c# th* fan g? 
down A* taddar and lUck flt* fwftch. Aun at toon at 

Wolm wi^ gun» Lmi fM On your itonach and 
Urow bai» at tham ba^ort joa go put the laicr 

S: Fal »^*lght lo the vary bottom 
of th« fcraan. Jimp ovar 9m imk Mm kSttk fre^n 
if yott h*v* a fr**n KfMn) Ml Md tdi tfi* biddbet 
b iwi ai liW t ji abovt and ia front of y«v. AvoM al 
btiffib* #opp*d by the two paradwdita and fluen 
cUnrib back up ta ttia «thtr«pa. 

«i Avoid bte differerft cotoured 
■aar Uta, I* dowt and ihoM tb* baddfast. <ja do#n 

ftfn* 3z tofwr* A* fat man in wftti* al 
the fiart ^ to the far le^ and ctmb tha ittgat 
aMiOni tha tn*n^ oaa fly coiwiml nomntn n 
J itrait <fr*cti«fK, At th* very top, go rtfht and 
lump Into th* window to Mfh. Do not w* ttw Mt 

g e a t H I M i w 4: ?vtt) th* crit* near the top 
fitht todMMIandcmtotham. T^« M up two 
ttaS0t ufing th* Aftt, and then puth it off to the 
right Uf« it a« a boott to )vitp u^ and ftnWi, 

Sa*l>ea*»* S: Fal down and puih tha traia ta 
(TOtfid lairtl. Ptith it to th* tar Mt <jo rlfM and upu 
Fidt th* trm w^idi, Jvnp acm» and' ftf down It 
fit f« cryttal. Ttwow In tal al flia awMch in Am 
bottom rlgfit comor. ran qutCKly Mr, noc 1M twitch 
and cbinb tfn ladder- Go afroit th* tlfjKrop* and 
Jump acrou lo ep*n the door. Voi/vt dona M 

AJMSTR AO AOnOM ^(J^tiiO! ^'iH/ 



Covertape pokes 

Seymour (tap«)« Vurffy's 

Wb«r«ver wouW w« b« without our regular li»<1[«rs 
on Hw Hsrch fw th«s<i «kJ«ive poik^i? Wihout « 
poke t«cikm Uurfi wfiw«r (l'v» *ior|;otte*i hem to do 

Strett's GfiShafli Smrth (I was <tewFi M 
Glastonbury for a f«w day* in tJle wmmw, <Jf ay, tfkl 
y^ get to tfie tftstival?) ha$ wttipfKid up tofno tnof^ 
Up« eti^kert for ut in the fhaf^e of Muftfmiju 4, 
ivlikh g«u 500 h«jltii ptsinti for 1 ]:»o(ti«i of food 
«n ^H £ame$. Suipef S^oynour uvet tfte planvt • but 
only if h« ^ets infinite \rtei, aod Pi/f/^s Ssjfj mti 
an *Ktr3 dOS* Of enerjgy p*r portion Of famb, L;jit 
but by rv> m«ani l«att, ij th« Mifiij>l«l* AASO coy*r- 
t«p« polc«, trfing inflnitje liv«s on Siryk^r »ni 

»omo of the Un4en, a«l wen pm«t have been 
chanfed wti^ they wer« re-r^loaf^d on budget 
tMes (Aed Heat ft one of th« ca^afti^s - sorry to 
thoM wtM wrote). So.,, m do niy best, but cant 
ac^ally promt$< that Che pofce« will worK ort the ver- 
jion yov own. 

Anyway, t^Uy undaurit)^ by triviat^s, here J* 
tNj rnontht wealth of cheatery from the Cheat 
Mod« vauH (twder a bEai^et k\ my bedroom. 

• All |fec»l«*s f «»r tain* w«r*ions 

removet the K^ost» and maket Iffe la^ to much 

Andy Price haa be«fl hanging: on to thft tape poke 
for Bcmbfiiiion which redefintit iht hnt fouir )«v«U 
and givet inAnlte frvei. H« wrote in back In 1990 but 
it hatnt teen the \igfA of day until rHW (ntainty 
because I f orfot to pin it in!}. 

i]Wr« tifn« at tb« ComiMf School! 


Vour tettert for re^«stj have be«n fkwdtni^ in. 
Now, thn it whef e it gett very metsy! Mott of the 
poke* we have uied in ttte pact wer« written for the 
original tape gamei. Wi becoming apparent that 

Sap* your energy, being a seml'rttbotic cop 
- btrt iicrt with tfib p«i(«. 

"f I llob<»cop 

This was a pretty cJassy gstns in its day - thii pofce 
ttop( the energy bar from sliding down. Get 

2) Franlcenstein Jnr 

this is an early pol^o from AndolphO PriCOH h 

3} CoRil»art school 

BaOk in '88 it was printed in AA29, but one or two of 
the numbeff got swftctied (!}. So after oi^ four 
yeart here h the correctkm,.. The pofce dXo*% yog 
to tkn* the time*^H . 

4-) R-TV|»e 

Another Mike Wong poke from back around AM3. 
Tfw poke alto found ift way into the Ch$»t Mode 
f?#yen|fe book, but dOfHt M that put you off! $«4ect 
ttte cheait you ne«d inm Ae profram, 

5} Wonderboy 

A {good oW) C/aham Smith pofae from back: Jn AA60 
-^ iet supplies irrAnfte iivQs. , 

nnultiface lyiasterclass 


Ma&tertiackers Lee Rouane of Ashover and Paul 
Harper of Lowestoft dish ttie dirt on this month's 
batch of games... 

mn%% mi una 

Classk kfiitni 




lul. liflw 

Classic Hirtchtr 




Inf. litfts 





Inf. *n*r5!) 

EitJian Jd 




Inf. iiv» 

Sl^otVHiy Kid«r 




No. of Iiv« 

liorn«f (« jiill 




No, of live$ 

tjvi* rnA Ut Hi 




Inf. fuel 








Inf. liyfi 

In»ctor Ktoti 




Inf. tin; 



Inf. IJufi 



S& sJi^ti ptr ltv«l 



Ktvv lto«»j 




£e; lie)r» 





Inf, ]tv» 



Inf. bullets 

Op Thtrndfrbolt 




Inf. bullets 



Inf tredits 



Ui, ti«t 

Tht plst 



Inf. fu&t 

lir Ha Kog 






illooJrs door} 




ttll«)?i doers 




ffftl stirs doors 



Inf. life 

Fiirtislit 2 



UnloftJts doors 



Inf. life 



Inf. Br&och CD 



Inf. eaiTft «) 




M. jjtffj 

49 JS 


Inf. tlB^ 

ftui UiHrriktn Homty 



Inf. livti 




Inf. Citrflt 

Ttte IWHKrfface Way 

Go*d e/ief, whaf* aii thi* gibt>erj$h m this box, then? Weil, SfTf all make senj* to 
anyone Aho hat Orte of BemantJc Robof s Multifaces. These Irttfe bfack boias plut 
into the b9Ck of your machine and let you Ireete' g^mes and then cheatJ 

The {tjs and {d]s before the address indicate wtiether the poke was written for 
a tape or ti'nk game [ttiey might work on both, ifs worth a try). Just in case you 
dont already how to put in the«e BLACK BOX POKES, here are the st^» to 

a) Uad the gaine as norntai, 

b) Prets the RED button on the MULTiFACE. 

c) Pre** T for toof. 

d) Pre** "'to make svre you sefect the code, 

e) Pre** -W for HEXAOECiMAL inptrt. 
f} Pre** 'SPACE* for Input- 

g) Type in «]« ADOfif SS (4 character*, e.g. 3A7CJ 

b| Type in the POKE (two charaoters, e,<. A7} 

i) Pre** -RETURN" 

jj If diere is more than one poke goto (t) 

k) Pre** "ESC* back to the menu. 

1) Pre** ~R' return to the game. 

October 1 90? AMSTAAD /VCTIOM 


If you can't avoid a t^ap, compact a lot of (w> 
mkigs together ancl o<^ty 9 few wilt die when they 
go through a trap - lemmings die one by one, 


Lemmings can't lal too far, so when buikflng 
long ramps, boitd anoth^ ramp oaraKel so that if 
any lemming? fan from the mam ladder they wiH 
fad to ttie other one and survive. 


Frantfie Grieco of Wmidletfon Chase has a cheat 
fof Ocean's perfucious puzzler Puzznc, "Wwie 
you're playitg,' he says, Vess R to enter tt*e 
retry rrvenu and type HELP*^, Then press H at 
any tame to £^ip stages.' 

I. R ! 

Fad up «f b«4fig f tuck on tiw •wn* »ld sta9« 
In PI/213MC? Franhk CH«e9 kn^wt ■ war 

We ififairt 

NearV aH of the cheats, hints, tjps, sdirtJons and 
potces m this section we sent m by our readers. 
We pay £20 for each poke we use on the cover- 
tape, and £10 for the twst of the tips pointed 
k\iy^ the magazine. 

So what &re you waiting for?Mo*^s your 
chance to achieve farne and fortL«e ihey, easy 
on the fOftm^. - ^^mtvi pages of ^sfrad 
fiction. Send ^mt cheats etc to; 

W yo^f* «uck on t g*ni*, or if«u ««nip*)f qjnl g«< 

on t^ |}«ck oi an «Av«i«p«j to; 

■n*« t1«l|»lin* 

B*jiitfor<l Court 
SO IWl4n*»owtl» St w t 

Avon BA1 XBWV 

fpfd«rabily Of) diilc). Wl iwa{> with S<KC*f Star*, 
Wjr«(tiemaniid And t«^i of (HtlHifS. 

Would t4iti«on« with to do a twjp/}end nw £'y 
Spy up« or ^4lt. and I Mil ^m you two of tfKM 
Int. r«i'iMinjtof 2, IWllVf , Sfu<fow of th« Bttit, 
Bm Simtnen n Tht Space MutaitU (*a on Upt 
with ch«att| and Cofdm Ax« (diiitli. 
;^<, 021 7458841 

I tm trying td g«t » <^«fiy 0< Cam for th« 
GX400Q, I wV pay i^ Ite a uccnd-hsfld copy, 

Can anyone *oh« (aval 27 on Lemmingi fo« ina? 


Wanted: Worth amf Sou* for Sh^dsm Dmc^t. 
Srfwi, 0270 68969S 

How do f |i#t ttw p«airt in Mermaid MuSnea Ifrom 
Etecvic Oraams} wtttmR %!fivai\% trapped? 
PaU,02J 5000458 

Wanted; UnCwTt 54biF#4«; on flnic, 
Pete. 0621 ^4^3 ^tefSpm 

K«l]} ntaded on ^ffbot/nd Oiizf. ] can »M 
Dylan and Grin($ Diuy, but I cant g«i Aiy furthar. 
&**n, 087 64611 

Can UfTwona plaa» tell m« ttt>rre I can get 
nwnderlrM'cfi an di*li? Ti(» for $p«Jlfeoui^ IM«y 
VMM afu N helpful. 
«Ch*d, (^1859 1350 

How ifo you get p>a«t Eh* «hifrli in f v«fyoiii«'« * 
Wa«r ^lilu^ l«ttini Ull«^ 

t>ei<i«r«tely wanted: iRJcft Oangarwt 2 on dM(. 
0*^,02^41721 afteftixn 

Help needed on Sp^lbptMi Diiry. Horn to gel pa«t 
$ptfn on nrvttmf Where H Dozy? 
V^. 0744 63804 ^Spm Monday-Thn^Uy 

Wantad; DoubJ^ Dragon 1 and Sey^noiir goes to 
>Mr>wi>od tt»p* orjgiiia(»|. F« Jft^ Conwijartda 
and footbaff Manager and footbafl Manager 
MMti Clip Edictkm |tap« originatn, 

Wanted: £M« on dh^. WiU pay, 
0623 74734« afte« 6;^ 

Help wanted on Xenon, How do yoo defboy die 

frft Mctof guardtM? 

/*», 0344 776503 after 3;3C»)ni 

Desperatoly wanted: Shadow D^ctr on tipe, 
Matttew. 0942 727297 

WM«»d: Aardi T«Ai Of Ldfdi of CAaos tape/dblc. 

Thretm, 081 940 8877 a(fjp Spcn 

WMtodb D«n Dare for the ««4, 
Sl»»,0533 8'i4£46 

|ie%)i wwrt^d Qfi Pfdfdtin. I CAti ftot fkid my way out 
of the tufiMJ n«twvHi:> l»s aiiyone got a map?t 
c«n offer help with Diziy 1, 2, 3 ana 4. 
S«n, 0533 441386 

Hafpf In Spefft>oun>d Ditir. wliere v* tihe yottrfoNt 
P««>erat*ly wanted: bKiana Jones attU tfm Last ^^^^ ^yian wd Grand OI*zy, and how do yw 
Cnnadeof fif»ffJgMWipayuptof», res««*tb*ni7 

30 tVtot m ioMtti Str c ar t 

AwOfft BAf ^BW 

Ckxrt forget to irtclude a stafnped SAE if you 
want your material returned. With maps, remem- 
ber Ihat these pages are btack^ftdwtiite. so 
don't spend ages dra'Aing iri coSouri 

• Don't forget! it you desperateiy need spe- 
cific game poke, write in to the POKES 
REQUEST spot ^: Cheat Mode, Amstraii 
Action, 30 Monmouih Street, Bath, Avon 
BAl 2BW. There's aJu the HELP! cnlumn 
(OppOiitel for all your otfier queriet 9 

October 199? 

Desp«r^«ly n««d«d: ail KMt^^ce cheatt i«ru:e 
they ttatrtfrd. (Vou/nustlKJoAingJ - ed] 

Helpl Can anyone te«mvhowto|«towt«tth* 
first two room« In Kjirghtmard. Tm desperate! 

GaiYKi wanted- DotAte Dtagon 3. (ha Pun Evopa 
and others. Wlfl twap fficfc O^ngerous 2, 
Taiinmator 2 and others, 
Wayne, 07 i 700 0715 

Doet anyone Itnow wh^e the s«cret room in 

0ar»ei,020989O2&4 4«pm 

i need a cheat of poke for T?fe C/nfovcfiat>tes on 1 need tlw password to Level Two of 54fgon 
dt^, Cofnbaf (AhL 

S««,033e?W66^ Jo^, 0382 553567 4:30 -SflOpm 

Has anyone got a ««py of MMie Singleton's Lords 
0* WJdnigM for the 61 2«? Pref*raWy diflc but 
tspei** tta«. IfM swap or pay reasonably, 
fitoefswv. 0697 3Si032 ^tf 5^i *eeJ«%i 

li)$ anyone g4t a cfuat for Ai1t«wfd, at I cannot 
gel past Leiel 9, Help gjwfl on Saigon Combat 
Ufiit [hey, rnn£ tfw £4i>y atovti - ed}, S«tman (he 
Movto and Pfriy II 5. 
Stil^ 0381 510609 


r ^ ^ k 



SX4. (Mpytv itm tie« %<Mm mwtgm 

)9B ID fW 4)M ef ST cef^jMtof vd 
Mb fJN » 0«^tt * ^HjJtK^ •* r^ "*« S^ 
ftflt -ail nm $T pa) fr. •* *rf^ m p^ if 













* •«• » ais* «tei^ tivAM iiihHown- WKixrr . — tfut 

rvJMO^ »Outfiv» !>!■••■>«»? pace** to tojinaow** 10 «»isi*i«»i* '#»(«* 

■•y i« to • feA* «« i« i«rw M iM^ 2se n ■Ave 

1^ m yev *i«^ is^^im wn 





520 ST 


FREE brochure; 


The perfect 

introduction to 

home computing 










iiCV t COMPUTin 

i4rtMUi - iwnirjUMiniiwr. 
.r y>pf FRQii noiiOT uowtciq 





t* t{XA<«i«uaHtKita«r 


tKK* l>MCe' QTfW 












mm PHI no« nucai 

f«t£tv 1 mi I AiA 

«UM Pt&et: tMtjM 

'ttr«i M 


. 040ST-E 

AM S-T >uvnie>9" PaduUt 


«■«■ PjKldudMM PKk -.^ t1MJ7 

11 lltCKTS l)S»^^S«>¥ ctosta 


ilUCk MMCf . QMuOO 




*t,*iV H 


— C1I040 



•j/^ t^fxtvi trnA 

4 <'-'f--,- ■', ■,,■ '-:,';■ 

• 3V I 444«Oe(Cl»Sd«0 


• Smmt^m PCM S«^ 

a ^nff$*C«Pl«4uA4yP»Ck 



• ue R) tin p «»nH0Mcn 

♦ f i 






• f/t££ ovEftmoHT oeuv£ffr: Ot. i( nw^MW* v^tn ittfpvi A flit UK nmnmi 

• ruCMtiiCAL SUPP<fm HElPUHt: T«Vfi. of HctMiOi «3V«rtl 4l yO* HnKW 

• PWCc Wji )'<^#f v<« '«c:^ iiiBicr: wwpw i w t on • 'Sent proAS - &*iih pf^ mm 

• BUSINESS 1* f^OVCAftOtt * HHY&tmiimMT: V^iftfTm (MkwW HalKHi H1'3M«Mft. 

• s>4C9iivnocMif5r Dp«mnlo» nd nnMg tiortu ii our London c Smicw Ixwidw 

• THf. fuU STOae fUMOe: AI i^ pw imi^gtmmm Ironf ont k«cIw. 

• FffSe CA TMjOOVO: VM M rrniK) tD yw Mil i«n mS HfhMm^iwKihv* Ma«t 

• jOA YUVfJ: By caih, dw)u* md « mt/st cM^t ««* 

Bi#a«i jnu OKiM t/hm » tvy vcv >*■ Mtn StearttptMr. ■* tugoMi you *wiL vtrf eii^^ •uu 

IMHE^ \fiutfifft. CtimOti i*m K ml b« 1k« • i«w nioi«i« Ac euy*^ yw St, whWi rou nw|r 
i«9^f« •Mtort^ pwi^Mt mA Vitmm. v rw^ •rd aAw* wtt four rw* puKtwH And, wi Vw 
oomptny tr^ Buy inn urttd |Ou ««i iliialt el fvir pfsdueti'f Ai sict 9{^^ 
vi >«•«• mvi#ig to Miiy jftotH Wt nm* bwn ii Mt ii fn ij to aur fj )Mn.«ni nlpuf vwh «*i^ 
ti£«iWK« ipnd tiwiH, m* can mm dam 19 nwc ojf amigmvi' mqjnw u t ai bM «n 
,r\Oittardr$ ii/htt\ a *««nd « 'WW Bti dsn^ imI 1tt« (tf void (v il Co^pMl •nj' rM#n tv 

O*' Lr«t Qp«* Ifcfc^l taaufct 

^ ntf Mm. HiiVllV FU, SdOCl, KM. fiAK 40K 

SWCUP iMlft 


m tjt ny« Opf| f«j »*» iM ipi 4^7 

ri Ftarv Otdord Awe Ijocttn, WU fAS M 171-01 IJil 


Htfitiliv M. Si«i«. 

fai Ha M«-l»«iT 


081-309 till 



At last there is goin^ to be a reaNy 
huge show with everything you could want 

to see together in one^ilace! 
Vbu've never seen anything like it before: 

• Games! 

• Bargainsl 

• Meet the AA team! 

irr^ _ Jiiiss the best ever computer games show! 
Show facts 


A A/10 

When? November 5-8, 9.30am'5pm {4pm Sunday) 

Where? Earls Court, heart of London 

What? Amiga software and hardware plus Sega, Nintendo, PC, ST„. 

How much? £7 adults, £5 Under 14s (but see Save time and money) 

Who? Everyone who's anyone including the Amstrad Action team 

Save time and money 

Get smart. Getting on for 100,000 people are expeaed to attend the 
Future Entertainnnent Show. You know what that means: Queue City. 
So avoid alt the ioot-shuff Jing, hangmg-around-for-ages start to the 

' noney! Bit of 
hen regret it 

ies and save 

i I would like to order advance xkketi Ifor the Future 


I Entertainment Show and save £1.05 per tkket. 

We*5<e iend me _ 


I Total Paynwnt £. 

3<i\ji\t tidcets dl iSSi each 
, under- 14 tickets at £3.9S 


Method of paynrwnt 

Ple«e make all cheques G Agchi 

payable to: H Owque 


Card riiimh*r. . , . .i t 

' J ' t 1- t J.— ji 

ij « ■ I 

Expiry Date i_l. 




.Post code. 

Send ttii* fof m to; ruTURE ENTERTAINMENT SHOW 
PO Box 2. ttleifnere Port, South Wirraf, LGS 3EA 

FOR ^lM+/4fr4+/GX4000 



Klax. .....£24.99....... £14.99 

Pro Tennis Tour. ..£24.99 „„,„- ,.£14.99 

Batman .......£24.99 

«* i it* I Hi*-t*f*M »fe< 


Operation Thunderbolt .£24,99 ......£14.99 

Barbarian 11 ....,..,..£24.99 £14.99 

Navy Seals. „ .£24.99 , ,,.,.£14.99 

Robocop n ....,..,,.......,.£24.99 .....£14.99 

Pang.,...,.. ...£24.99... £14.99 

Switch Blade ....£24.99 £14.99 

No Exit ......,.....£24.99 .£14.99 

* Special off en: 10 C/nboxed gwne* (nil different} £100.00 
Amstracl GX4000 Games Conaoleft 

with free game i;59.99 
Aiii«trad Paddle Controller £S.99 

Amstracl MF3 ModulaUjr/'IV 'J uiier, 

for use with CTM644 monitor .,£29.99 

Amstrad CPC464 cassette mechanism wllh 

tape head and motor ..£29.99 

Amstrad 464 head ah^imenl tapes..,..,.... £9. 95 
Tape Head Demaj^etl^cr .........£9,99 

Prices include VAT, postage and packing 

All orders by return: Cheque/Visa/Access 
Trade<In'Po>t, Victoria Roadn^ 
'*«**.1 Shifnali Shropshire TFli SAF 
Tel/Fax C99$z) 4^Z13S 



E)tpen©fiCft Me m the aJley with I 
this ten pin trawling ^mulattonj 
up to 6 pfay^rSi champion- 
shjps, differerit ball weights -| 
and much' more! 

The ultimate betting gamel 
liVin, place, lo/ecasi, tote A I 
booki«&, form/paddoch ^ukfes, 
Play friQrxJs Race flfaphics 

The PinnacKi of motor spoil isl 
bf&ught to you in this featurei 
packed gaiTtQ. 16 teams, &\ 
trBCk&. ram, spins, pits, 
ehampiofiship system etc, etc 

Conirol a vasi Heel of spacel 
crafi. attack, evade, InviSitbleil 
aaft.dittefent characteristics 
speed/w$apori$. Can you| 
save/tJestroy Earth? 


£349 E549 


For a catalogue I 
send your name, 
address ar>d a 
2t>a Cla&s Stamp J 





Editor AA03 

Crow-h AA83 

U 11 Island AA64 

Zap Em Academy AA34 
Oown The Drain AA84 
Mu&tc MastftT AAS4 

Please make youri 
cheques/ R0^& payable to J 
Mf R. F. Taylor 




RQMIXJ?! XL lik ttuf 'UlliDUk- di^k i>\n.'t^Uiin s.)^hm U'l tU AiiMfiiJ i.i'i. 
aimpmtjv li is the OMY (tel apcntinn ^^^^ i^ui *^ cit^jJc y<iu lo have 
fliWK prt (btk on-hntr itm tan tv iBcd undtt ^tatUn awt t3W I nliki- tMhet 
rtivtvit N\<ttm. t (J()cs wn need m\ mk :>flnl swlclir^ atF.CJi <H'l DiVM. 

fFR^rr. BT_\FOR 


* tn huill FOlLMATrHR alkm-s 
SiOOK disk %ftace with cither 
1 2» or ,Z56 dirtcti^iry tnirics, 

* In bull! nil, COPIER fniffl A 
U> K A t(j B. B til K or R lo H. 
Copy ^Infink' ftks, tJii* wh*>lc 
dkt( Of sekxlt^ fiks. 

* In built niREfTORY FJ^fffm 
aJl4»w> fill' Jtiributc^ lo hr 
aJicrt-d RcnaiiK,-, Fmst. 
T'ricraM' cic. 

* ^jmpk- tu mm. UKiudc;* 16 
pa^t-* nunual. 



mmhoi) only *29,99 

R().UiH)S XL cartridge (fAw^ 

onto cxpaftvion portj oniy 

RO.MIXIS XJ. and 6 vxhn 

RA.HD()S./R(}.MIX)S OR M.S8(W 
f^hottc f*tr (ieiiiih 


RaiiKlcft A7*.99 
Di*k Drive wffh Romdm Xi 

Disk Drive with Rcimdm XL 
cartridfj^' J199.99 

D»k Drive with Romdo^ XI, ami 
6 Mckct rombcm i 1 09.99 

464/464+ FntST 

/'^efls^ uddl$.f)0 postage 

and packing. 

Please state computer 


PKT of m 5.5' dbL% ONLY 110,00 
PKT oflO 5" disks OMY ir.Mi 


Tt'kpJwmt ofdcm "rt 

06l 724 7572 

Fax ft6l "24 4»9,^- 

Majl <»fdct% toSiftn lioftwart, 

Willori fli^UMT, bury Rd. 
BMkliffc, MancJiesttT HUd DLK 

Eumpe aatfSr 50 Pg-P 

Jffeif ifjthv unrid 




Our :$tyIJ«ih j.5' disk drives are th« only onir*« 

availabk' (hat come c<«npktc with all iwcew.ary 

kadi^t power supply and *»fiftnarf to eriabk you- 

to u$C ltO(JK p(.Titi.<^k witiiout the ricc'd to chan|^' 

any pianuaJ ^ide x^kti •twitch. 

odier driM-<< on thi niarktt will only aElow you U) acct«» iOOK al a 

lime, whereas our superior dii^k driven come complete with 

RAM IX n (If ttk' mn ROM LK>S XL that alkm;^ the full HOOK to be 

3cecsM;d ci en under <jH.H1 

Our f»ONY di»k drlvcit come complete and ready to pJut; In. 

Included is a full 15 P^K^^ u^er tnaniiai and a FRI:F, l>I^K 




464/464+ DISK DRIVES 


it are new sclttnjj iht 3 V disk drive along wrih our own DDl-1 
interface The packajjc inrlwk-s a .V5' di<k tkivc, F)I)M jmieffatc, 
prwer supply, caWe and xjftwarc This k (he only di^k drive being 
prtxtutt-d for (he 46t,i64*. AvaiiaWe tmt pna^ il59.W iplus xrm 
postage ;tnd pockiiifeL 




T«l: OZ2S ^^TT-T^ 
Fax: 02aS 4H4«Ot9 


fltoff Writer Ad*m P*t«rt 

C«ntfihwt0r% SbMft Whyt«. PhH H^wofd. 

Jerry Cltfiwright. RiclWrd F»irtiMr«U 

Tim BUcfcboiKl 

Art Edhor U«ni T«ng 

~SMl«r Ad S«l*« Sxncuttvc Jl^kifl fUrfOfd 

PublUli«r Cdln Campbell 

t^rwmotiom Nll*n*p«r Kict)«4« Harrif 

Pratnotlofrt HiiJitoiit Taflura ttar4 

H^ublKhlrm OfMKtor Gilif Ifnctum 

F rad uctioM Tr»cy 0DomMN 

ftubKHptlmrt Cllfftalln* Staccy. 

Cifc045t 74011 

a#ci«la«lMi iMi*e«M Sua Hmfttf, 

t^. 0Z25 442Z44 

• Itw i iitr c«||«: W« I'nirtt if* iiw* to rtttri^ 

qii*ff«i tr* b«tt »«At In Isy poft, m M (|««t us 

« Jhrtiir* PtiMMiiMs Ltd 1«»3 AnMrM) 
A^fan It Ml M«p«n<ttm ptMcHteti The com- 
pviy prediKinc it - f utur« IM)i«Mp« Lul^ lu« m 
conttetbn wtt Amttrad ptc. We cannot fuarm- 
t«« ie rfftsim iru^erial wNniltvd Bo tn, iw OM «■ 
Mitr iMo ptriodil CtinrMpiomlMM. W« Ok* 
ptMl can t» Miwr* that «h«t «• piMrti K ««4^ 
ritt, ttui t»iM b« fiaM (61' «flr mUttktt or 
iriiiifhiH Ho Bvt of fl^ publ tJ tl c w mav ba 
raprwluead in any fenn afehoiit our wxftkM writ' 
lan parfntMtHi. 

TMt flufazin* cemat frwn Fuara PliUtfilnf. a 
eaapMjr kmHtd Jvat •« rem no. bat irfMi 
1MW MM nWft CM^puttiF masawm nait any 
otMr pubHabar in Bntain. Wa «ffir 

■ caiHriwpii cy d' 

. Vw ami hM Mtn«a«i l*it S« «■# 

tiMMiy teMc HMiaM fMlicriatif «c. 

«f«#*«# f ihx^iK * Ai Fin*, «Aon i p ir i n aiiir IM 



iaiititHiii. Ml arns laooalr «• nMlirr 

. Mm yicH. btnar ^di^r 



PtMT ^ T4UI « la^ Pmt *iH|p SMiaw M H* 

•Mm w ' Caftan np • Ai» riii •«Haiia«« Cq» 

r ; 



bII His Issues In 
things Just had !«» 

money, money 

Wi never funny in a rich nwii'* world 
but yooH l« raoehing an tf,« *ay to tf» j 
frank with our spec«| gotd* to maNiog ^ 
m«i«y wrth your CPC. Whether rfs pro. 
fi'anrming. *rit*fig, publishing, typing, 
•ccouirting, maif.otftt, ©r j PO library 
ther*-, m<K,iah to |>« made Find out 
how HI AA rwxt month... _« 

II «h« worl«i, these 

Ik Into next m<»nth'$... 

iJ:'£; 3JJJ ^-^J: 

After our tf)re« part DTP ««rie«. Hofd tfw 
Front Page, here comes a three part art 
series, fft art Art. Written by AA't art 
expert, veteran Gaflery conttritHftor Tim 
Black bond, the series will prcnrida you with 
all you need to know to beconte an artist 
par excethnce. Part one next mofTtii,.. 

Jl/JSjJ.^^ ^l^JJJ^ JJlj-J^^i 

Checked out our certtre images music fea- 
ture yet? Wt OK, jnnit? The feature's not 
over till the f?t Eddy smgt, t^w0\, and neKt 
month a fat lady (or ahemativety. Adam| wHt 
be singing on our covertape, Inude the 
m^g, fu)l detaiJs of how ttie CPC w»t u»ed to 
produce the song.,. 


It's probably the nfost hyped CPC game of 
all time, as a resutt of having be<»n the b»it 
of our H&w a Game it Made series (which 
finished this month). But is it any good? 
Nejit month we've got the hjti, objective 
review. No holds barred, no compromises 
made. Don't miss it.. 

Don't miss it! 

AflKCad Action ^ made afldrely trom nqrcted ioktt, and at tudt pr an ffd no &ttt on Ifie earlh't 
ratourcat, To lufipon Mt mbta cauu, cut out Ow coupon and grw it to your nawtagaftt 

Dear Ntwugant, I dont know anougfi lwrribl« )olc« yet. h p4*#H raf«fV« Amttrmd Actiett fw ma. Oart- 
iitf irfdi ltt« NovtnitHir itH)«, nitiidh wii b« Wt on Thuridjy IBtfi Oct^tar- 

My addlrtti , ,... ,...„.,..►,.,*,...„,.,.,...,»..„..„..,„,.,.,- 


AMsmnAO Acnont octoh^r 1992 



Supptf^rs o/D/scouHl Sajtware since 19H4 


AH pnc«* nciu^ VAT i OtSimy 

S&x) c'les;*^ w so:t;; v<v^"> t;«J<; ^^i^M to: 


Unrt 2, The Arcries, Icknieki Way, Letchworth. 
Herts, SG6 lUJ 


EdbCMlonaJ Bo<b». LtKSl Autfto«1d», Govt. 
fA;!US0HO162 6?0301 



5 fOf . 
20 ter. 



xmt«f 0* leia fonts £ dp art Cfe** 
MiC PRICE j£34.»S 


MAC mouse AitotC A* crOtrum c«Hr ind 
MJC PRICE £64 95 


Two (frs^ d ^xUa fonit^ and cfp yt 

for use wfltv Stop Prtss. 



I STOP PRESS sonwwE aus 









We fww t^/ft CPC i«c* and 

CPC HOU«£ » IKTEftFACE t3*.*5 
fPlus owrtAft pt»a«r ult)' 


Pfin»f 12 5 

Dll»2S)0CV3OO0, ,3,00 5,50.12,00 
**ww »q(?JCtWia03,%. .7,00.,15.(» 
CAW ISO^.. .,„.... J.»...?^1S,00 

SW UMOUsw 3,9S,.. 7.00 .15,00 

S«»LC^4^lO. A95 .9^.20-00 

Pnnon; »»P']12''4 3^ .700 

SarlDlOCattw 5,%,U,00 

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pf«*H *«l( for furttwr detmit. 

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M^ PRICE £?1 95 

ProteM...... i9,95 

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fMnx SsfffiAfcheet Plus 29.95 

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Uontf Uatasef (hoine daouM£}.,.2l .96 

Nrvana <*s«< copier , .,14.95 

Mfttam As«rrtter. .....„.,„,„ 1^.95 

*AftOrt(ce2 ......,., .„.,„., 14.9S 

A()yanc«3ArtStudi(Hl2SKj 17.95 

Adrtficed Art Stixfe 4 AMX fflowse 49.95 



C«>Wm C(jteclKifl 1 7.95 

Gary Uneker ColKlsofi ..10% 

Ho^wood CofccWi.. U.% 

M*ga Sports „.-..... ..17.96 

Soccer Stars „..., 1 3-95 

5up*r Hcroej...........^ ..H 95 

Suofe' Sega Cotec&yi 17 95 

TMT?.. ...13-95 

V<r1u^W0ridi., 15.95 


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L*am to Read tufehPnif (Jtf* 4^) 

ANew<«ame..,. 14.96 

Part 2; ProfLookjatWydS- -- 14.95 


LCL Pf^Ttary Mafiis 13-123 ,......,.19.95 

La iitoYi M^ (U^SE) 19.95 

LCI ttcro Enelrt*H«*CS£) -,,,19.96 
UX Mega Hath'. 'Me.-eO 19.95 


fftncii Mamst 12 ta adtA. ,15.95 
German (Master 1 2 e» MUr ...... 1 5.95 

Spamh Tutor l2(o«Mr 15.95 

ItaianTwtor l2l0 3dWt.- 15-96 

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500 leritr^ M(mM^ ««sboin .. 1 a95 
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Ari&mel!ci6to 11 ye*s> 7.95 

Soefcig (6 to n ye*s) ...7.^ 

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Pirtyf«^C*t2-5jrt> M-95 

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lAllface 2 Pkrt (f« q^........ £»l 

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8 bcprmler port (inc. lead] .,34,96 

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464/$! 3a mon«or/fe«y<»a(d 

duncowtr^ 7,96 

«Am^ Pte dust CMTS J.95 

(Spi»a«« state «9[acf mKArtfr . c«(/iMOAA} 

Q»c3tjoyPytfi<»,... .9.96 

Conip^bcn Pm 5000 .,,..13,96 

BXMitar JflysWt.......^.^ 19.96 


At Ust Ptji... .,„..... ,24.95 

Supti'Mlc 2 . ...,.„„.,„.,.„...,„. ...39.9* 

rtsoft Pa5C3i 80 ..„,..,» 36.96 

rtsoftCCom(*f... 36.96 

\tfktft Craiti course TypAg 18,95 

lariuty Two Fiftgers Tyi>ft| 18.95 


H P'<« *«etl* tjW*. f«>5fl. VAf, p9',lM» 

^ ftaciaru. (W^ unsce «fa^[at)te. add £S. 


Sw'i new ttfttasas* tv ihf totdar 

panasonk: Kxp-n70 

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£159 95 


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good cfuMy p"«Ag iQr a 9 [M> pntar. 


STAR LC-200 

The Unt; c^slour eiri««r (rtfr. Siir. Not edy 

KCry ifll M ofVf JW* p«p«r tanAx 1c^ 

fern, BKt vNvtfcr mooty, W: Pnvt 

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FWiASOfiC KXP-1123 

P«VH<inc s way liMt 24««t. |>M| a 

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p#! 4 CQ ibrt* a«J Jen* f«wB 


STAfi LC24-200 

thirv 9* 24-10 *« isw rr»fi5«d wet* 


uctieit kit «!«%, toU «*!% mar 

naodMeaed ca«rai panti. ftowmKH 

ih4d^ & ««i»» tWkH, 7 LQ tatt and a 



MJC PRICE £2S9 96 



Fui School 3 {2-5) 

Ftfi School 3 (5-7).,., ,„ 

Ftn School 3 (over 7}.... 

Firt School 4 «2^),..... 
Firt School 4 (Ml>. 





'* Vj 

Maicam 464 

FW>te)rt4$4..„..^ ,.,.„ 

l3S«wj 464 ....„„. 

Mr3<^c«d Vt Sitidn (1 290. 


Card holders can order now on: 0462 481 1 66 








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iHMMtTM C 1 2.ftf ) 

200 O 



• Thr Miir U '/'Ml ( Abritr I'riTtirf fwM M>ly pmnta to llMir4AU«r (^uliiy fttrMiff^ubu' Jfib* hul tobo 
jiiiiiiii .ml J III jiti Hill 1 1 fi mil Mif '^ifiitiiL I in. , iii j'lwiiiii.ftllmiT ^^.^.--''''^ 

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■TjUl LCSM COtH^Mtl PfU«iT« fH» CM«.«« 

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MOflMALLT C327,»e 




• Strmpk- pluji Ui mrtiKfy ifXpnnnJon ii|vr» IrwUuit txit* memory. 

• Ff^iurrs iMnk ttviHifhlnsi sofcwaiv for «4ay use by the prosffioamer 
or ifor xtae a* a data ^tcrai^p ^rea. ' y r / \ 

• JvlMiJ for uwwimtbrCPM 2,2 rtft * \ V ^ \ 

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• (Mrik »Hi1irhlrtit rkurir BiilimHHlcatlr by aofrwarr |caji«nt« 464J. 



ONLY £49.99 mAKFOfl4e4 



I O^TffL iOHDOL ,..i^P 


STI2ftS,£«GUWO.F*Jt(J7|a7«a9!2T£CHHICALCUSTOllERS€flVICE0782744324 LOHtXJH, Wi, t£L.07i ^e0«4^